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  1. Account name: Xeater Character name(s): Mason_Smith Admin who issued punishment: Osvaldon Date of punishment:10/Nov/2018 09:47 Punishment received:RWT Reason given for punishment:suspicion of RWT i guess. Your explanation of what happened: Person Reason, I'd like to DM the reason as i did to @BallinByNature Why should your appeal be accepted?: I know what i did was wrong, but i had a reason. I'd like to DM you and explain me. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  2. xeater

    [BUYING] Contender

    He sold his already
  3. xeater

    [BUYING] Contender

    Hello, I am looking to buy a contender. Contact: 4478117
  4. +1 Better hang around a restaurant to socialize than hanging around a mechanic shop.
  5. xeater

    The Professionals

    Hey @Jimmy Wilson You will have to find us Icly and try to join the gang Icly as we don't recruit OOCly anymore. Try to find us in game with the information above.
  6. xeater

    The Professionals

    @Skipper You gotta contact us Icly, as you said you know Tekashi, it's easier. Just tell him and he will forward that to us. But all ICly.
  7. xeater

    The Professionals

    Updated with new information. (( Discord has been added and information was updated. Any question join the discord and ask. Keep in mind that we do not recruit OOC. You will have to find us In-Character. https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC ))
  8. xeater

    safe parking at NCZ's

    That makes no sense,PD and MD is a NCZ, you can't commit crimes there, that's why this should be implemented. Also PD has 4 lockable garages and I think PD has me than 4 officers. That should not be implemented as sometimes people such as detectives use boy pins to search cars
  9. xeater

    safe parking at NCZ's

    Main idea +1
  10. xeater

    safe parking at NCZ's

    @Albatrosgaminng PD AND MD are NCZ , that's why.
  11. xeater

    The Professionals

    @LostCrypt You can't apply OOC for the faction anymore, you'll have to find us ICly :) Ask around for The Professionals leader. You will find us.