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  1. The Professionals

    Hey @Jimmy Wilson You will have to find us Icly and try to join the gang Icly as we don't recruit OOCly anymore. Try to find us in game with the information above.
  2. The Professionals

    @Skipper You gotta contact us Icly, as you said you know Tekashi, it's easier. Just tell him and he will forward that to us. But all ICly.
  3. The Professionals

    Updated with new information. (( Discord has been added and information was updated. Any question join the discord and ask. Keep in mind that we do not recruit OOC. You will have to find us In-Character. https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC ))
  4. safe parking at NCZ's

    That makes no sense,PD and MD is a NCZ, you can't commit crimes there, that's why this should be implemented. Also PD has 4 lockable garages and I think PD has me than 4 officers. That should not be implemented as sometimes people such as detectives use boy pins to search cars
  5. safe parking at NCZ's

    Main idea +1
  6. safe parking at NCZ's

    @Albatrosgaminng PD AND MD are NCZ , that's why.
  7. The Professionals

    @LostCrypt You can't apply OOC for the faction anymore, you'll have to find us ICly :) Ask around for The Professionals leader. You will find us.
  8. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    After reviewing the situation, you were not the one telling I was a joke. Xavier_Anderson was the one saying it. I might have miss read it. Sorry. Appeal Accepted
  9. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    Pending a reply from @BallinByNature.
  10. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    @TheJoshuaH Please show what's before the admin message. That's where you told I was a joke.
  11. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    I don't have any evidence. But you're manipulating yours, you can see on the first and second screenshot, you only cut the part when you say that I am a joke.If you have nothing to hide please show us what's before the message with the admin punishment. Also, this shows you are hiding something. You can see that you've scrolled down and cut part of our chat.
  12. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    Please show what's before this message
  13. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    @TheJoshuaH I will ask again, please post the whole conversation, you know you called me a joke. I am not speaking about that one. You literally said, " You're a joke". This game isn't about won or lose, it's about to have fun without breaking rules. I don't care if i arrest you or if i lose you. That's not what I am here for.
  14. Josh Savage - Staff Disrespect Appeal

    You didn't share the whole chat. Here's the proof of you confirming that you call me a joke: