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  1. Its just our characters vision into a few words, even though we know Zetas are a much larger group than us we'll still face you because we don't give up. A few fun RP scenarios, It's the best war we had sofar because its againts a group that actually knows how to roleplay.
  2. "Niggas came up on this side, now they on the other side" / "If I fucked up, I'ma be downtown"
  3. We were expecting a calm night when Tyrone notice his car's alarm was activated, so we all ran to Jamestown and we saw them running away in a red Elegy Retro, when they saw 11 of us chasing them they ran away to central MD, we waiting for a while and they left, we chased them down but they went to LSPD. They were waiting for their backup to prepare an ambush near the garbage drug selling point. Trey notice something wrong was going on, and told everyone they were trying to ambush us and he was right. We could clap them all sadly we lost one of ours. One of our boys asked Triads to get him some new toys, so we headed there and had a fun and business time with Triads. After this, a few of our boys headed to grove to meet WCA, and have a talk about other gangs behaviour. Trey received a call from Lambo asking for a ride at MD, but Lambo was taking so long to get there, so Trey gave him a call and he said he was in a citybee and the guy didn't want to take him to the meeting point, when we found the guy he started trash talking about us so they surounded and scared him. We also gutted made some body out of gutting some bodys.
  4. Trey here, was the guy by the elegy. I dont got the footage because my software wasn't activated. You guys did rammed me more than once aswell. Can't you provide a longer footage of it? I can ask around if any of my friends got footage. But if you got this footage im pretty sure you got the footage before this. You're also Metagaming in your own video "he's low" ; "Thats twice" (you mean VDM) But sure. I'll ask them the full footage or you can post the longer version, would help me out.
  5. Trey, Leon and Bily met with Jay, from Zetas, and Vince, from Triads in order to pay the monthly fee. Trey and Tyrone were driving around town when Darnell told them that he was about to get robbed, he gave us a location, we arrived in less than 2 minutes, but it was already late. Darnell was laid on the ground bleeding and we found it he was dead. We notice that somebody gutted his body so we drove all the way up to the meet selling point and made an ambush. Same situation happened near the parking lot, but our guy got away and gave us description so we shot the guy down, gutted his body and hid it in some bushes near the parking lot. After finishing this guy off we went to rob some people and got into a few shotouts. After robbing a few store, Trey's Novak got spotted by an Off-Duty officer that called the cops on him, when Trey got pulled over he managed to held the officer at gun point. Things didn't go as they wanted and an helicopted spotted them and they had to flee. Trey was able to Eric and then Billy making him the main target, after a huge chase Trey ran away on foot and got away. Ballas also got to meet with a few other gangs. To chill things off the boys drove to grove street and took some nice pics there.
  6. Trey received a call from a gang member, Ates said Leon was shot at and robbed by an old member of Ballas so he took care of the situation. But this guy claimed he was part of a big gang, WAY BIGGER than Ballas, so Trey and the boys met this Guido guy at Grove Street. Guido gave Leon things back, and claimed it was everything Leon had, as we waiting for the medic to care of Leon. When Leon arrived he told Trey that the guy didn't gave everything. So Trey shaved Guido's hair as revenge. Guido started with a bad attitude so Trey had to put a brake on it and returned the 15 rounds he robbed from Leon into stabs. Trey got his knife out and hit Guido 15 times until he stop breathing. The boys went up for some cooking where they found a guy and robbed him and made him take a picture with us. Later, that same night, at another lab we had company, a guy in an Elegy retro kept rolling around so Trey followed him but this guy withdraw a gun and start shooting Trey so he gunned the guy down. When they ended the resources at that lab they went robbing some stores. Tyrone and Trey took some LSD together and took some weird pic. We met some Triads friends before meeting with Zetas to pay our debt and we ordered a few things. When we were at the parking lot doing some business a random guy came up to Trey and ordered a hitman job. Trey asked for the whole information in a text message and took care of the situation in less than 10 minutes. Tyrone texted Trey about an old member getting back into Ballas, so they called up a meeting to make a vote and investigate the situation. We search over his phone as he claimed he declined an offer from other gang to join them. The meeting was positve and the member was let back in.
  7. Nice topic, hope to see y'all in game.
  8. You're also metagaming by being 1 inch inside of it but ye I'm laughing at you cuz I don't think I broke any rule you broke multiple rules.
  9. Idk where you got that screenshot from cuz there was no city bee bike anywhere near us
  10. Hello there, 183 here. So to start hings off I had a hitman job on your person. So I did everything i could to get you out of the camera area. You went there to sell me a gun, so you're saying you're Inside a NCZ to sell me a gun? I think somebody is breaking the NCZ rule I texted the guy who order the hit to meet me there and he saw me and you and pulled by us, as I was outside of the NCZ, as you can see on my video, I held you at gun point. Other than this you combat logged and broke Fear RP because when you were under gun point you tried to run into the bank zone, thats why I shot you. Provide the video of you breaking the Fear RP and Combatting log? My footage was cutted the second you started OOC because I saved it there and it didn't record any longer. Hitman contract: You admitting you combat log: http://prntscr.com/qtt9wy Video that proves Im outside of a NCZ and you're breaching it by running into it after being held at gun point .
  11. [sold] at high end market
  12. What mods on the elegy? Elegy retro or RH8
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