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  1. Resfiel420

    Ideas for future content to be added in BB

    I have a bunch of ideas, will post later.
  2. Resfiel420

    L'ultima Famiglia (WIP)

    We do need a proper mafia, good luck.
  3. Resfiel420

    (Los Santos Emergency TV) Quick Getaway

    ** DOC issues a statement in response later, Damon Bando speaks in front of DOC. It is aired on the channel ** It is recommended by the personel of DOC to not exit their vehicles while the vehicle is moving, it is also not recommending to exit the vehicle into another moving vehicle. Thank you for your time. (( And for the record, I never hit him on my screen. ))
  4. Resfiel420

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    1 man 20 man/woman escort.
  5. Resfiel420

    164, 155 (Deathmatch)

  6. Resfiel420

    164, 155 (Deathmatch)

    Player(s) being reported: ID 164 and ID 155 Date of rule breach: 1/11/2019 Time of rule breach: 7:40 PM roughly Your characters name: Damon Bando Other players involved: John Robertson Specific rule broken: Deathmatch Evidence of rule breach: I atempt to avoid their vehicle as they're on the wrong side of the road, we collide.. they begin to open fire at me for no roleplay reason. It's also worth to mention they shot and killed the officer next to me. (no audio blame shadowplay) https://streamable.com/3eyq4
  7. Resfiel420

    Let's make CASH an INVENTORY ITEM!

    Reconsidering this idea due to the volume system.. +1
  8. Resfiel420

    Forum username change

    If possible, can I get dR. BANDO as a forum username(yes exactly in that style)? idk where else to post this.
  9. Resfiel420

    Damon Bando - (397,000)

    Character to be refunded: Damon Bando Date and time of incident: Over the month of December. Requested refund(what and how much): 397,000. Description of incident resulting in loss: SADOC's faction did not receive faction paychecks until our update, I accumulated 53 paychecks during this time and did not get anything. Evidence of loss: Comments: 7500 times 53 paychecks is 397,000.
  10. Resfiel420

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    Moments before disaster strikes... a fucking linerunner.
  11. Resfiel420

    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    I left the prison for 10 minute (been on duty for like a week IRL) to assist my member in buying a car at a dealership, robbed instantly by Kulans.... 👌🤣🤣🤣🤣