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  1. Hello! William_Styles here, I was directly involved in this situation (ID 102) Here you can see my beautiful character firing shots I was told to save pov, and I did! https://streamable.com/qwdnik "While we were doing the RP, clowns suddenly appeared and started shooting at us without any reason." Not true, we gave you demands, as can be seen in my POV. We even took the liberty of shouting demands at you before I myself engaged on foot as gave you all VOIP demands. Shots were not fired until a lot of your members ignored our demands, or pulled out their own firearms and started
  2. As I am being accused for things, I would also like to say all of this was IC as well. Feel free to make an IA report, you have my badge number.
  3. Player(s) being reported: Blake_Kingg Date of interaction reported: 25/11/20 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1606316013 Your characters name: Logan Nathan Other player(s) involved: Kevin_Shard, Tim_Havlicek, Amir_Sultan and many more PD units. Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash rep
  4. Hello this is Logan Nathan, the other officer involved. I won't dwell too deep into the reasoning we decided to arrest you, but the general idea was that myself and Tim were patrolling the HE. We do not interact with the player, until he shouts FTP (fuck the police). We drive over to him and ask him to repeat what he said. Player then ICly gets very aggressive towards us, hurling insults upon insults, expecting nothing to happen to him. We drive off, doing our best to ignore him, until he continues shouting even more insults towards us. We decide to give the man a nuisance misdemeanor of distu
  5. Thanks for everything boys
  6. Actually the person who placed them down stated that they did it in the "heat of the moment". There was no mention of how they did it to stop vehicles "warping" or anything. They are also support staff and a part of an official faction, so I think that their quality of RP should be higher than the average player. The fact that they justified using the wooden barriers with 2 layers by saying that it is just a petty excuse in my opinion. This post was made because we as criminals find that PD/SD get punished less harshly than we do. If a criminal were to break FearRP because it was in the "
  7. @Cyrus Raven Curious on your opinion of this: https://streamable.com/n4ffne Another situation where the wooden barriers are used almost as a roadblock and completely stalled a car going 240. I have no issue with them being used personally as long as they are used in a way where there is some way the evader can get past them, but in this example you can see 2 layers of wooden barriers. Even if the driver did manage to break through the first layer of barriers with some stroke of luck (which I don't think he did), the impact force of the first layer would cause him to stall on the seco
  8. Great find @Rowze!
  9. Date and time (provide timezone): 04/11/2020 15:47 GMT Character name: Jonathan Wellers Issue/bug you are reporting: Essentially I was buying a BF400 off a player and was told it was maxed. We drove to lowend where they listed the bike up for 30k. I thought it was an easy flip so I decided to buy it. Before I bought it, I checked to see if it was maxed. It showed the bike to be maxed. However I did not notice that the player had chosen the max mods for each of the parts. Despite this, it still showed the bike to be completely maxed, and this bug was exploited in order to make me buy
  10. @PhenomenalX very nice story, i enjoyed reading it!!
  11. Jonathan Wellers Life after Murdablock was rough for Jonathan. The war with council, although short, left him both financially suffering and alone in the streets. He had no one he could turn to. That was until one of his close friends, [redacted] gave him a call. "Jonathan." The voice on the other end sounded elated that he had picked up. "Hop on this radio frequency now, we need bodies for a fight thats about to happen." is what was said down his phone. He had no idea who or what they were about to fight, but Jonathan was quick to make his decision. He grabbed his last .50 Pistol ou
  12. Getting your vehicle chopped basically just reduces your motivation to play the game for the 4 hours. Without a vehicle I just log off for the 4 hours and do something else. 4 hours just seems like a long time for your vehicle to be taken back out of mors. I understand that it was to prevent people from abusing the chop system by just taking their vehicle out of mors, giving it to someone to chop and just repeat, but the new chopshop system means you pay exactly how much the vehicle got chopped for. Some players I know have bought 2 drags just as a solution to this I feel like the time sh
  13. I feel like this feature gets used a lot to metagame whether a player is someone or not. I myself can frequently tell who a player is by looking at their exp after scrolling down the player list and finding their ID. Even when I am in completely different clothes, not using VOIP, members of opposing gangs will tell me to take off my mask, most likely seeing how much exp I have in the player list. It’s just blatant MG in my opinion. I think it should just be completely removed off the player list. Ping should be left on there, and maybe something else can be added to fill the space th
  14. Hello @Shimo, thanks for taking this report. However, the player has indeed reached out to me and he will be giving my items back. You can close this report. Thanks regardless.
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