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  1. Sorry but we are not interested in considering your appeal at this time. You may not appeal any sooner than 4 months time from the date of this post. Sharing quiz answers isn't taken lightly, and you did share them. They were not similar they were exact. In your next appeal you could start by telling the truth, or it will be denied again.
  2. We do not unban for cheating & the logs are clear your HP was modified via a program while logged in that day. Sorry but we wont be allowing this appeal at this time.
  3. The action taken will be voided / reversed as there does not seem to be more than 10-15 seconds of potential stalling and the player had sufficient back-up overseeing the area already which caused the attack to end up poorly, not the stalling of RP. Thanks for the appeal.
  4. Please be honest about your health and armor if you want any chance at an appeal acceptance.
  5. On 9/28/2018 you used ammo & teleport hacks. Among several other dates while we were monitoring you.
  6. @gey any updates perhaps?
  7. @gey from 3:50 to 4:10 there was no typing , what were you doing during that 20 second period?
  8. Player will not be given another chance at this time. May not appeal until 3 months from the date of this post.
  9. Player will be given a second chance. Any similar behavior will not be taken lightly. Thanks for your appeal & humble position on the matter. Enjoy.
  10. The fact that you think being banned for toxicity was somehow solely for you saying something is trash is so beyond reality that it's actually hilarious. That's not why you were banned. Strange you post Lewis convos instead of ours where you were asked for weeks on end to cut out multiple and repeat attempts to be toxic toward the community, its management, and other players. Did you think trying to blackmail me with "videos" that you allegedly found of me on the internet but never actually shown was going to work out for you? If that's what you'll try to snake over on me why would I let you interact with other players ever again? You aren't welcome here anymore, you've proven even when promising up and down to try better, you are subtraction to the community and offer little to no positive experience to those you interacted with. Hope the other communities work out better for you and you learned something from your time here and how not to treat other people. Appeal denied.
  11. You have 5 deathmatching punishments - how do you plan to play differently that you can assure us that you will be positive to the RP environment of the server?
  12. Punishment will remain in place after reviewing the video. Attempting to play that off as a "small jump" is rather silly.
  13. We will not be accepting this appeal. Player may appeal no sooner than 4 months from the date of this post.
  14. Player will be unbanned under the agreement that it won't happen in the future. You may express disagreements without being offensive toward others, please remain respectful. Thank you for the appeal.
  15. Player downplays ban evading & that he gloated we'll never catch him and he can just continue to buy GTA copies to evade. Enjoy spending that cash and getting re-banned.
  16. Thanks for your understanding. Punishment will remain in place but the ban will be reduced to a two week ban. If you take the next couple weeks to re-learn the rules and re-think how you will return to the community then we will welcome you back at that point. Thanks for your appeal.
  17. I understand your position on the DM incident. My question is more geared toward the past history 24 admin logs and counting and you are still trying to say that you are new to gun fights & criminal activity when you have 3 DM punishments. Where do you think we should draw the line and when do you think we can expect you to understand the rules inorder to follow them while playing?
  18. It seems that you are aware you broke the DM rule. With the amount of admin logs & having been punished for the rule twice in the past you are expected to know the deathmatching rule at this point. There is no excuse for not knowing it when you've been punished for it twice. This is clearly not a first time crazy scenario at this point. You cannot chalk up 24 admin logs to learning. Why should we allow you back and believe that behavior is going to change when you still seem to be making excuses of not knowing after 3 punishments for the same thing?
  19. Player Tysean Williams First talks back 2:09 after being told not to and reminded that you have a gun to your head. Talks back again at 2:14 and says "fuck you nigga " while walking directly toward someone who has a gun to you. Gets told again that if you dont shut up you'll get your head blown off at 2:20 You continue to call him a bitch at 2:25 , and a pussy at 2:27 Gets warned a 3rd time you'll be killed. You tell the person they should kill you (non-RP / Fear-RP breach) This is clear and blatant fear RP. The idea that the only alternative was to beg and grovel or "cry" for your life or stay silent shows lack of creative RP ability in my opinion. How about trying to reason with them for your life like a normal person. Comply instead of asking to be killed. Punishment remains & appeal denied.
  20. Lack of effort in the appeal so it will not be considered. Policies on mentioning other communities is clearly outlined in the rules. Please feel free to appeal again with more effort in the future.
  21. @MarcoD Please forward me the video for review. Thank you!
  22. We do not unban for hacking. Sorry.
  23. Far too many admin logs in a short period of time. Player will need to have more time off before returning as the amount of logs show there is little to no intention of playing fairly or by the rules. Please appeal no sooner than 3 months from the date of this post. Thank you.
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