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  1. Sorry we're not interested in accepting any appeal of this nature at this time.
  2. It's been about 3 months. @Matriks is there anything specifically you'll change besides understanding the rules better to avoid causing a disruption to others RP?
  3. @TheBigET As Osborn mentioned this is your chance to come clean, so hopefully you are being truthful and forthcoming. To be certain, you're stating the only interaction you had with Claude Speed regarding killing people with weapons at the bank is that you radio'd in for heavies and you did nothing else that could involve you in the situation?
  4. @Tomvd682 Care to elaborate on what you were "just chatting" about before you were banned?
  5. Pending asset removal from the above players.
  6. Punishment will remain as the several actions refusing to cooperate with RP. No further explanations given. Thanks for the appeal.
  7. Appeal does not contain any effort or explanation on how things would be different next chance & also fails to understand the severity of ruining others RP experience refusing to RP.
  8. Ban will be reduced to 1 week. Any future attempts at using software for unfair advantages will be met with a ban that cannot be appealed. Please ensure you have read the rules again before connecting.
  9. Last chance. Welcome back and thanks for the appeal.
  10. Player will be given another chance. Please re-read the rule book before connecting to ensure you are able to follow them while playing. Ban will be reduced to 72 hours.
  11. If your forum account gets banned you don't create another one and appeal.
  12. This is an IC question. Archived.
  13. Please be patient we will get to it asap! Thanks! See you in game soon. Archived.
  14. Please wait patiently. Thanks! Archived.
  15. Please wait patiently. Thanks! Archived.
  16. Please wait patiently. Thanks! Archived.
  17. First of all, you registered here less than 3 months ago. Serthon has played here for 2 years. So you see there is quite a difference between your "completely clean records." Now, sorry you didn't get verbal guidance. Feel free to appeal. Did you admit wrong doing at the time of the report / investigation? Did you apologize? Did you offer to refund any losses on the spot after taking the time to look at it from others point of view? If you had and you still got punished i'd definitely like to see that in an appeal! Here are examples of "simple users" receiving verbal guidance and other players having the common decency to agree to verbal guidance for DM within just the time you've played here. If you'd like, we have 2 more years of examples. I'd also like to point out the third example is Serthon himself giving this same type of punishment to an average player. So in a sense, you're asking for him to be treated harsher than he treats you and other players.
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