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  1. We were RP having a bbq and some guy comes up with a green off-road bifta (i be leave a bifta) and after a while we told him to leave Pavels property. We set up some chairs and shit about to have a bbq i could see in my eyes that the guy was hanging out around the property still so I hoped onto the shed to watch him. That was when I seen and notestes the guy. you can clearly see in the chat that I have said, :Hey Shred think its a dead guy up here. then pavel and shred and the other guy came up onto of shed. Shred could not see the guy so he asked were he was not able to see him on his screen then pavel checked for pules and he was alive. pavel pulled out his gun so I did also. he put his hands up and was saying dont shoot we were not going to shoot him just engaging the RP for him to leave pavels property. Then when the guy said jeases criest. there was bullets flying by me not knowing were they were comming from and seen shred died. I shot at who i can see and got off the roof and tried to run for cover. I am Tyler Fitsback (???) in the game. I was the guy with the black and the tie.
  2. so many fails and so much of them thats a good video man
  3. actually in Canada on the 407 toll roads they take photo of front and back of the car and no flashes. and if you are at night they can clearly see it properly also if 1 of your 2 plates are covered they will send you a ticket for the toll road and a ticket for obstructing your plate. people put the covers on them to hide it but they can see it easier that way. also they can identify who was the driver of the car at the time of snap shot also. and if you were speeding or not.
  4. What I think should be done is have a training server. Or a 2nd server were we have a selected group of people play on. Just to make totorials. And how to roleplay videos. There is already someone doing it. But have some really experienced rp people make the videos like had to hand roberies and situations. Have people watch them. And say this is the standered we like to see. Now we all know some of us are not that good at RP but it gives people a chance to come up with stuff that's realistic. But it will slow down on the killing and slow down, hand up search kill leave and have a proper scenarios. I do beleave that when you die you should be stuck in the hospital for 15 min. And tell the "dr what happend for a record on how you died." And it will help people calm down.and if it was breach of rules a admin that is there can say ok. Post on forums your evidence and your report number is (what ever number) that way there can also now be some organization.
  5. Its a cool idea. and yes. you can evade it. but when in getting robbed by I dont know gangs in the game there are 2 or 4 of them and you cant do this and all they what to do is give me or car. and start a count down. so you cant ask or do anything and then if you dont respond in there liking they just shoot. or you say /do reaches in pocket to grab keys /me drop keys by accident (pretending to fear for life and then by this time I get shot because im stalling the RP situation) then they take off now if they said something like /do I pickup drooped keys (then yes I would of unlocked the car for them because I droped keys on ground but I am at hospital and they just used bobby pins anyways)
  6. So i am taking it you go 100 kph in school zones when kids are crossing the street, Or drive 100 kph though a intersection and hope no traffic in your way?
  7. well thats the thing it sucks but I do beleave it should be a 2 man operation like in the stores. When are you ever going to pull someone over when they are on a fast highway. and if you think of it the highways Would probly have other drivers on it so you will never rob someone on it. When I was younger 18-20 when we robbed people we stocked them. we see a rich guy traveling and then we followed him around until we seen a opportunity when he was alone on a back road and stuff. or if we went into a dead parking lot. then we hop out of are car then pointed gun at the guy. NOW If you are smart you dont jump in front of the car because some people will just hammer the gas and run you over. Its the fight or flight. or they will pull a gun on your right away and shots may be fired. Then cops may show up so you say ohh well (but Fword) it and take off. Me and 3 others were good to go for 3 years untill we tryied it on a under cover cop (er did not know) and then we got busted. I understand how exciting it is. BUT as a Role Play situation if you putting your self in that aria were you may get killed RPing as a robber. thats why if I decide to do criminal activity. and I do get the chance to rob people I am not really going to take there stuff because if they are still new its hard to get up there. Also its better RP when you get them into a back ally take there phone batteries. and then you tie them up in back of car and talk about it and hide him for 1 hr or so then drop them off somewhere in town close enough to a taxi or transit system. that way they are not killed they are not harmed you got that hostage situation you liked. yes you did not gain anything but some good RP. and you let him go. Now if you are dumb and not paint or car or change clothing ya there may be a bolo for you. but thats the risk of it and not knowing if a cop will see you after you get the guy in car or not. and its harmless fun. (we done lots of this on a different server. when people just kill the people it was frond app-on you needed a really good reason to kill, so we kidnapped. then let them go. you get more fear in them that way and they dont get mad and leave the servers. Also we had a (/panicbutton once every 1 IRL Hour) when that was typed in chat. that is said when about they think they get killed when the NLR we had after 30 min and you get your car back from the insurance if you were able to take photos screen shots you were allowed 1 photo. or 1 min of recording. and you were able to bring that to the police to make a police report. that way criminals were able to get caught for stuff. but the police report is only active for 12 hrs IRL after that it was considered unsolved case.)
  8. no i played on other role-play servers. and voice was mandatory and chat was only for actions. there was and there was no scrips no auto this auto that. /fuel /quitjob. when you were at a store you talk to the store clerk and when done buying your stuff. it was role-played as I pass over your 4 apples in bag and 2nd bag has your 2 drinks. but you never really got anything. or get pulled over and a cop ask you for your ID. you tell them your name and what they may find on it. and if you had gun. it was just basic map with lots of people on it actually rolplaying situations out. There was never massive gun fitghts or robbing people because there was no point in doing so. Also when you die you half to wait 30 min in a hospital and talk to the DR. witch was a admin to let them know why you died. and you had a recovery time. in the server dieing is just ohhwell i lose all me stuff. wait 30 min and then lets go do it again. also this is getting off topic from the original thought. the point is this server can have more better roleplay eliments and people should understand when driving something you can talk from car to transport let a lone take a sports bike to try to pit a Washington or to use a super car to rab a tanker truck. that would never happen in your favor.
  9. Tylergo20

    player 1 NORP

    @Varakai I don't mind waiting. but its has bin more then 24 hours for his reply. Can you maybe message him on the forums or in a different way.
  10. this is the first server that I have played on. that has chat text as IC and ooc. most other servers that i played on and admin on was voice was mandatory. and text is for the occasion use. and anything that is ooc or actions was in text
  11. So instead they can do /me rolles down window. /Me sticks gun out of window /do gestures to pull over There you go. Geuss what that is now a RP situated pull over. By other rules you cant shoot at highway speeds anyways. And before you say what if I'm alone. You need 2 people to rob store so you need 2 people to rob someone. Also the hole highway around the map should be soft ncz modified. You arnt going to see people roobing people in a highway there SHOULD be loads of traffic and lots of whitneses. Criminals that are robbing for cash they would do stick ups people around in town bring them into back alleys and then rob them. (Like I have actualy done in irl. Thies people doing this are 2 bit and would be killed in irl or missing)
  12. That's why you roleplay at the bank a mic check and say hay .an I just got my voice back is it ok?
  13. The crime rate is way to high. If you watch others like on DOJ. Or other things ya there is crime. There is no scripts it's all text base. If you dont have voice your kicked or told to fix it. Text chat should only be for ooc ONLY. and voice needs to work better.
  14. They ate so backlogged on reports the first one I did that was .ore serious then this has never bin lookes at yet @KnoxVegas
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