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    G.W's Street Edumacation: Lesson Three
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    G.W's Street Edumacation: Lesson Two
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    G.W's Street Edumacation: Lesson One
  4. Maccy

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    A Case of Mistaken Identity... After a photo and video shoot with Cheng Izumi from Los Santos Drift, G.W and Precious were spinning the hood in a borrowed Retinue, celebrating P's new promotion to Double OG. G.W was attempting to get a nice video to use to show off his driving skills and potentially be used in a music video in the future but he just happened to pull a drift in front of the notorious Blix. Blix pulled them over and instantly called for additionals over the radio, as he had quickly made the assumption that this blue retinue was 67 affiliated. And thus, G.W spent the night in a cell for a 96 km/h drift, but at least he made a new friend.
  5. +1, I need wheelchair (also clothing for amputations would be cool too) Edit: I think the easiest way for them to be approved would be for MD to be able to give them to people. Therefore they'd have to go through the appropriate surgery RP or visit pillbox and give their backstory for new disabled characters. Would also work in temp cases like criminals who are severely injured and MD can assign a temp wheelchair to them which DOC can despawn once the crim decides their injuries are healed or have logged off.
  6. +1 (With some caveats) I think the premise is great, any extra scripted activity will always have a +1 from me because there is no reason for us not to add side activities that have no affect on other people's roleplay. However, I think there's a potential something like this could cause people to get lax in proper escalation outside of the paintball arena. Whilst in the arena DM rules don't apply since weapons are non-lethal, but people could potentially begin taking their arena mentality to the rest of their interactions (kind of already like this sometimes but that's a separate topic). Provided the wider community would utilize an activity like this in the correct and perhaps creative ways it'll have my support.
  7. +1 This is a restriction on terms, not on roleplaying a racist. I have had many an interaction on GW where people have been racist towards me without outright saying offensive terms and I've never had an issue with it. Feel like the only time I hear people using terms like stated in this post is purely for shock value and no good roleplayer really uses the terms outright in my experience so far.
  8. This one has weapons visually on by default even if they're 'decomissioned'
  9. +1 I'd personally like to see all vehicles added to dealerships at some point including the supercars but some of the main ones would be: Winky Vagrant Jugular Stock Imperator (Non arena version) Stock Deathbike (Non arena version) Comet SR Revolter (Has weapons mods but won't show as an available mod anyway and don't show visually by default) Viseris (Same as revolter) Savestra (Same as revolter) Hermes Deluxo (Can disable ability to fly) Toreador (Submarine ability can be disabled and same weapons mods as revolter) Stromberg (Can disable sub ability) Pariah Comet Safari Ardent (Same as revolter) I could continue the list but you get the idea. Anything that's too unbalanced could be adjusted via slight handling adjustments so that we can add it for visual variety.
  10. (Co-authored by @Riderz and @Maccy for Jackboyz faction discord. Edited by @Maccy for general usage) Character Development: How to develop a deep and believable character OVERVIEW A lot of people talk about RP standards and improving RP standards but most don't quite understand how to do that. This guide aims to help with the key component in increasing your own RP standards; your character. When creating a character, you should always aim for the character to serve or have a higher purpose when it comes to RP interactions and for those interactions to be as believable as though you are talking to a real person. It is imperative that you never stray from the rules and morals you have set for your character into straying the line between your character and your real self as not only does this cause your RP and the character to break down, it often spoils and breaks the RP for others. There is nothing more jarring than being in a group of people and being deep in character and one person makes reference to their real world self, often times using slang to hide the fact that they are MIXING. If you're striving to better your RP standards you do not want to be the one who breaks character. (Side note: Whilst people don't often get reported for these light mixing comments, they are indeed against rules and you should never be using any slang terms beyond 'Going to sleep' to indicate you're going offline) THE BASIS The basis is the beginning of the journey. It's important to note that depending on your ability to RP you may be able to get away with having a very shallow basis and developing it through interactions and adding details to your story; but for most people you will need to consider these following things before you have your first interaction: 1) Where did my character live prior? 2) What was my character's upbringing? 3) What experiences has my character gone through to get to their current point? 4) What is the story of my parents and their names? 5) What morals does my character have? 6) How old is my character? 7) What is my end goal with my character? These are important questions to seek when developing a character as it gives a basic mold for which to base choices and future decisions. Even guide the allies, friendships, and enemies that are yet to be developed. An end goal is key to any development as it uses your character's past to set the start marker and the end goal for which to base all your choices to get to that point. Keep in mind an end goal should feel impossible to achieve as to prolong the character development as long as possible. Easy goals = end to story arc. WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF AN END GOAL: EX: Becoming the Main Supplier of all drugs in Los Santos EX: Owning the largest house in the entire city EX: Becoming the best street racer in the scene These goals feel like they would be achievable but push the character to make choices that guides them in that direction. Thus giving the character purpose and reason. Also additionally understanding losses in situations are a part of character development and should always be treated as an opportunity for further RP and story development. ADDING DEPTH So you've got your characters background and story, good stuff, this should help you decide how your character should approach different scenarios and interactions with a variety of characters. But perhaps you're struggling when things are settled down and quiet, struggling in mundane social RP. Adding depth is a super important part of creating your character if you want to raise the standard of your RP and increase peoples interest in your character. After all, no one likes a backstory exposition dump out of nowhere. 1) What does your character do when you aren't actively roleplaying (When you're offline)? These can be simple things that enhance your character to the next level. What music do they listen to? What shows are they keeping up with? What movies do they like? Thankfully here on ECRP real world media is allowed to be brought IC and it's often easiest if you pick things you're already interested in on an OOC level (Though doing research and choosing things you aren't interested in is also an option and something you can do if you want to hit that next level of character development) 2) Whats the current familial situation? When your character moves to Los Santos, their story doesn't just stay contained to the city. If your character still has relationships with their family and old friends, what's their ongoing story? Adding little flavors of new and fresh family stories adds depth to your character and can often inform how they may make decisions differently from how they normally do. 3) Give your character a hobby When you're not actively doing criminal/civilian/job activities or RPing with your faction/group, it's important to have something to do. This could be a scripted activity or simply RP but it can inform who your character decides to make friends with on a personal level. It may even develop into a faction/group level relationship but it's important that you are able to RP outside of your normal circle so that when socializing with your usual friends, you have things to talk about. 4) Letting personal story arcs affect your character long term development When you're in a faction/group, that isn't just what your character becomes. They are still an individual with personal relationships and personal morals that may differ from the overall faction/group slightly and that's fine. Nobody is interested in cookie cutter faction members who are 100% identical. Allow yourself to be taken into story arcs that don't involve your usual friendship circle. Also allow these personal arcs to affect your character and their morals, perhaps not in big ways but in small ways at the very least. CONCLUSION Nobody is going to create a perfect character right from the start. Those who are just getting into roleplay may struggle to have the foresight to add details that make their character feel like a real person. But if you use this guide and perhaps note down answers to each of the questions posed you should quickly find that your interactions with others start to become deeper and more meaningful. It will allow you to continue to have unique and engaging roleplay with characters you interact with on an almost daily basis; and most important of all you'll encourage others to raise their standards to meet yours. Every unique and believable character makes the world of ECRP feel that much more like a real place and I look forward to seeing if this guide helps some people to make characters I'd enjoy interacting with!
  11. +/- 1 Whilst I understand the sentiment, it could quickly get out of control. One thing that public robberies between gangs used to invite was big shootouts in public because of members defending their fellow members. It's also important to look at it from this perspective: Why do criminals find robbing people so fun? In my experience that fun isn't from the RP, it stems from asset/financial gain. The former I definitely would like to see accommodated, but the latter is a mentality we're trying to avoid. I've only experienced 2 robberies I consider to be 'fun', because it was obvious that the robbers were looking for the RP and not the actual items I had on me, unfortunately the majority of other robberies I've experienced feel very rushed and just teetering on powergaming with how rushed they are simply because the player is after items. So whilst I agree with relaxing rules, I think instead robberies that are rushed and don't allow for interesting RP should be looked at from a much stricter perspective and if someone is found to be doing multiple robberies with bare minimum RP it should be met with a 'Not here to RP' punishment
  12. +1 Whilst I like that a lot of scripts require player to player interaction I feel like this would be a good compromise for when there are no players available for that roleplay and it's hindering the person waiting on it from roleplaying themselves.
  13. Can confirm with stock wheels having no hydraulic sticking issues anymore, any wheels other than stock seem to be the root of the problem
  14. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    The Next Friday...
  15. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    Block Party As soon as the Freeman family were all back at Momma's house they'd established a clear vision of what they wanted along with G.W. The Jackboyz wanted to show that the hood had life back in it. With the recent reappearance of the Ballas and other hood sets such as 67 popping up, now seemed like a prime-time to do something big. A Block Party. There was only one location that made sense to host all the sets in a neutral setting and to invite regular citizenry of Los Santos without them fearing too much, BJ Recreational Center at Davis Community Park. It just so happened that DeMarcus had tagged up the spot just over a week ago, and the Jackboyz name was plastered right where the party was to be held. This held two purposes for them, one to show that the hood is alive and is the same type of community it always was and two was to get their name out there to the general public. By the time the date for the party rolled around, the Jackboyz had already been pretty successful in making themselves known thanks to the efforts of G.W, DeMarcus and the rest of the Freemans, but every little helps. What DeMarcus and G.W weren't prepared for was the events of the day prior. Large scale conflict outside of Daichead Gadai's legal establishment had left the entire city in limbo. It presented a challenge for the Boyz and almost pushed them to pull the party. But G.W had put too much work in to let this go easily. He'd spent the past week and a half tirelessly going around socializing, spreading the word and rolling blunts up north in preparation and nothing was going to stop him from at least seeing who would turn up. He'd even gone so far as to gain the respect of Daichead Gadai who he'd initially run into issues with due to some of their more puritan white members thanks to saving two of their members lives. Lola Devalera assured him that even the Irish would come and support as a way of thanks. The time for the party rolled around and G.W went to the spot and begun to play some music from his Primo Custom and handed out some of the Boyz signature 'Blue Crack' to The Firm who'd shown up five minutes early to show their support. LNF, 67 and Ballas showed up pretty sharpish too and DeMarcus was a little surprised by the turnout. Little did either of them know exactly how the party would snowball... Each of these sets had in turn radioed in to their members or called friends from outside their sets to come down. There was a crew calling themselves the 'Pier Gang' and many individuals showing up with friends. Even Daichead Gadai eventually showed up, despite Lola's unfortunate inability to attend. The party had grown massively and the car park was bumping with good music and socializing. The 'Pier Gang' had a man named Billy Boe show up and he performed stood on the top of a Rumpo Custom much to the Boyz and Ballas distaste. Not all was perfect, but everything was in line with expectations of a ghetto party. There was a couple of fights, drugs being passed around and obvious tensions between Irish and 67 however nobody was shot and everybody at least had a good time. However the party was going so hard it caught the attention of the one set that the Boyz didn't want in attendance. The Police Department. They had just finished a raid in Jamestown and were rolling 15 cruisers deep when they spotted the party. Unfortunately this spooked nearly all of the attendees and they scarpered quicker than the cruisers could get turned around. G.W's heart skipped a beat when they dismounted and begun to walk towards him. The container containing the blunts was still in his pocket and there was still a lot leftover. Thankfully smart moves made earlier by himself when interacting with the Police meant that his word was all that was needed to turn them around. Church approached G.W and said they'd received a call about illegal substances at the party to which he replied 'Not at all bruv' and that was all they needed to hear. Since the party was over and the 'Blue Crack' was still secure DeMarcus and G.W saw an opportunity to begin a symbiotic relationship with the Ballas. Knowing that a dealer lived on Grove, G.W made a call to a friend named Fury and informed him that they would offload the 'Blue Crack' to the Ballas so that they could complete a deal and pass the cash back to the Boyz. Whilst they were meeting to do this, DeMarcus made clear the boundaries that the Boyz and the Ballas would have. Their beef is their beef and our beef is our beef. It was simple to understand and the Ballas wholeheartedly agreed. DeMarcus then took the opportunity to head back to Brogue to sleep and G.W spent the rest of the night shooting the shit with Fury, Tanisha, Ty and Troy.
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