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  1. +1 This is a restriction on terms, not on roleplaying a racist. I have had many an interaction on GW where people have been racist towards me without outright saying offensive terms and I've never had an issue with it. Feel like the only time I hear people using terms like stated in this post is purely for shock value and no good roleplayer really uses the terms outright in my experience so far.
  2. This one has weapons visually on by default even if they're 'decomissioned'
  3. +1 I'd personally like to see all vehicles added to dealerships at some point including the supercars but some of the main ones would be: Winky Vagrant Jugular Stock Imperator (Non arena version) Stock Deathbike (Non arena version) Comet SR Revolter (Has weapons mods but won't show as an available mod anyway and don't show visually by default) Viseris (Same as revolter) Savestra (Same as revolter) Hermes Deluxo (Can disable ability to fly) Toreador (Submarine ability can be disabled and same weapons mods as revolter) Stromberg (Can disable sub ability) Paria
  4. (Co-authored by @Riderz and @Maccy for Jackboyz faction discord. Edited by @Maccy for general usage) Character Development: How to develop a deep and believable character OVERVIEW A lot of people talk about RP standards and improving RP standards but most don't quite understand how to do that. This guide aims to help with the key component in increasing your own RP standards; your character. When creating a character, you should always aim for the character to serve or have a higher purpose when it comes to RP interactions and for those interactions to be as believa
  5. +/- 1 Whilst I understand the sentiment, it could quickly get out of control. One thing that public robberies between gangs used to invite was big shootouts in public because of members defending their fellow members. It's also important to look at it from this perspective: Why do criminals find robbing people so fun? In my experience that fun isn't from the RP, it stems from asset/financial gain. The former I definitely would like to see accommodated, but the latter is a mentality we're trying to avoid. I've only experienced 2 robberies I consider to be 'fun', because it was obvious
  6. +1 Whilst I like that a lot of scripts require player to player interaction I feel like this would be a good compromise for when there are no players available for that roleplay and it's hindering the person waiting on it from roleplaying themselves.
  7. Can confirm with stock wheels having no hydraulic sticking issues anymore, any wheels other than stock seem to be the root of the problem
  8. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    The Next Friday...
  9. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    Block Party As soon as the Freeman family were all back at Momma's house they'd established a clear vision of what they wanted along with G.W. The Jackboyz wanted to show that the hood had life back in it. With the recent reappearance of the Ballas and other hood sets such as 67 popping up, now seemed like a prime-time to do something big. A Block Party. There was only one location that made sense to host all the sets in a neutral setting and to invite regular citizenry of Los Santos without them fearing too much, BJ Recreational Center at Davis Community Park. It just so happened that De
  10. As far as factions go this is super unique and the thread is simple yet stunning, best of luck to you guys and I'm really excited to see what you can do with some Scandinavian characters wrapped up in century old traditions.
  11. Also had this issue, from my experience, stock hydraulics seem to work without issue but any upgrade causes the wheels to stick to the ground sometimes. I'd also like to note that when using hydraulics if the car drops and hits the ground in any way (bumpers) it will take damage and thus it makes it nearly impossible to do any hydraulic movement beyond bouncing the car on all 4 lest you end up severely damaging the car
  12. Looking forward to meeting you guys ICly for some good modification RP
  13. I'm a strong believer that factions are not forever, especially those of a criminal nature. However the mentality that in order to win an overall conflict one faction must be pushed into disbandment or into leaving the server is not the way it should go down. I definitely agree that official war declarations should be utilized more frequently and defined victory conditions should be set. I also believe players need to start thinking outside the box in terms of conflict RP, do something interesting that the faction you're in conflict with will enjoy on an OOC level. If your character is ge
  14. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    Community Outreach Being on a different schedule to the rest of the Jackboyz meant G.W had to do things mostly by himself during the earlier hours of the day. Being the social butterfly that he considers himself to be though, this wasn't so much of an issue for the man. Over the course of the past few days he's made efforts to introduce himself and the Jackboyz name to some of the larger or otherwise friendlier sets in the city, making sure they know which block belongs to the Jackboyz and how anything outside of that small corner of paradise is not of concern. After some
  15. Maccy

    Jack Boyz

    Gerald Williams, educated, religious, bisexual. Everything that your typical gangbanger is not stereotyped to be. While his father was never in the picture, he had as good an upbringing as his mother could give him. Smart enough to get grades good enough to go all the way to university despite deciding to drop out in the first year. Once out of university he spent a lot of time at home cooking up beats on his laptop attempting to make it big. Eventually, after getting sick of having to go out to his dealer at least once a day, he decided to begin growing in his house. After a while and some re
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