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  1. Really good looking thread, super clean and some nice graphics. Hope you guys can bring this level of effort to RP and get some civ RP going!! Good luck!!
  2. +1 My own touch on this suggestion would be to do a complete handling overhaul and balance vehicles better by stock, once a complete overhaul to the handling of cars has been performed you could then fine tune using your suggestion. The only drawback is on the dev side and I'm sure there'd be a way to get around it such as creating personal client-side handling.meta files for the owner of the vehicle, however as the stats you mentioned are all stored in the handling.meta I assume it'd be a bit of a task bringing these server side so that anyone getting in the vehicle would feel the b
  3. I agree regarding the Sabre Turbo Custom however the other 3 are vastly different variants of the stock models and I believe that they wouldn't detract from the already existing market for them
  4. The RP scenario with the D10 is when we became aware of the compatibility issues with the current /modview. I +1ed the idea of adding new vehicles however I realistically expect Osvaldon to add the WI and Modview compatibility to the new cars once the larger GTA Online expansion drops later this year (As per the R* newswire post that went up just before the summer update)
  5. @ITZ_THE_F0NZ They've already publicly announced they're working on a new /modview menu that will bring new customization options as well as fixes for the performance and visual bugs that have been persisting, rest assured they've been working on this for a month or two now
  6. Good luck, thread looks nice and I like the idea of an anarchic group considering your IC reasoning
  7. Ever since his first memory of being sat with a steering wheel in his hands, and feeling the power of the engine course through his body at the turn of the ignition, Maccy Kentworth has adored all things with four wheels and a motor. Perhaps stemming from his need to understand the inner workings of all things, he has educated himself on vehicles as much as humanly possible. Whilst he may have come from a bad environment and his past may be strewn with bad choices, since meeting his now wife Bez Kentworth he has turned his life around and started completely fresh. A now fully legal man living
  8. Maccy

    The Firm

    Good luck Hugo bossman
  9. +1 For regular maintenance and repair kits, the issue with repair kits originally was that traffic for mechanic shops and tow calls would be drastically reduced however if people needed regular maintenance for car locks and engines this would balance it out. So less tow calls but more maintenance and works at the shops themselves. Combine both for a much more involved system when it comes to looking after your cars and for crims to be able to much easier steal cars that aren't well maintained but assess risk/reward more when thinking about taking one Edit: Perhaps slightly increased chop
  10. Maccy


    YOU USED THE PICTURE WE TOOK! Good luck with this, I'm expecting great RP stories from you guys
  11. +1, This was something I thought about eventually making a post about myself. I have no issue with the chop shop system myself but I do think there needs to be some proactive system instead of a purely RNG based reactive system like the one we have currently in terms of vehicle pick-locking. People should have the option to fully RP taking care of their vehicles and have a script to support that, making it harder for criminals to steal those vehicles and go through more scripted steps. It can be balanced for criminals by making it easier to steal cars that aren't taken care of to the point whe
  12. +1 This would help clarify what exactly constitutes the area in which you can't return and clear up some of the vagueness surrounding NLR
  13. This, the issue is predominantly when heading southwest, and becomes incredibly frustrating when doing tow calls at Bayview. I've noticed that heading past the spot at high speeds (160km/h+) does not seem to trigger a crash and that you seem to be more likely to crash the slower you go
  14. Interested to see how you take the GTA cult and add an original touch, good luck!
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