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  1. Account name:Gringo Character name(s): Marcus Brighi Admin who issued punishment:Triple Seven (ex. admin) Date of punishment:06/Sep/2018 18:15 Punishment received: 48 hours BAN Reason given for punishment:VDM #1 Your explanation of what happened:I came ingame late, and I got the teleport dialog (the server restarted earlier), so I teleported to Mors Insurance. While I was taking my vehicle out, I saw 2 players robbing another player (they held the player at gun point). I drove off across the road, and I stopped to call 911. One of the robbers was using third person camera, and while he was standing behind the wall, he said to his friend "This guy is probably calling the cops, lets go!". This is PowerGaming, on the video below you will be able to see the situation. Few seconds later, they approached to me, and I was then finishing with the 911 call. They saw the text layout above my head "Robbery in progress behind Mors..." - and they used that ICly. This is MetaGaming. I am in the vehicle and they weren't able to see my phone at all (I already hang up, but the layout was still there, so it was MG). Alright, I started driving and they started following me, obviosly. They tried to overtake me multiple times, their bikes were faster, so I started driving right-left and I wasn't letting them to overpass me. I just saw two people robbing one innocent guy (at gun point), so I don't know what will they do next, my life is in immediate danger (adrenaline hits also). I must say that I hit them multiple times, but they didn't lost control (it was desync according to their video). Another thing, they are driving next to me, with 120km/h and it's not dangerous for them? On my screen they were ramming me all the time, my vehicle HP was at 700~800 (I didn't hit anything else during the chase). Finally, I was on 50 meters from NCZ, when that guy rammed into me (I didn't rammed into him as he said). To be honest, I though someone else hit him, because I was paying attention to many details. When I saw that he is flying, I made U turn to check if he is injured (I wasn't going to loot him, finish him or simillar), I was expecting /report. So, when I made that U turn, he was already on the ground, behind the bike (the pole wasn't destroyed for me). If you watch carefully the video, you will see how my vehicle slowed down, right in front of him (thats when I've hit the bike). Also the bike for him is almost on the sidewalk, for me it was on the middle of the road. When I was on the intersection, yes I used third person camera to see behind and I couldn't locate him because I couldn't see his name tag (and because he was behind the bike). There is no reason for me to finish him/kill him. There was no OOC or IC reason at all. IC'ly I was valuated officer, and I was on 10 meters from NCZ (bank) and I didn't wanted to loot him. When I tried to stop (after I saw his name tag red), his friend got off the bike and I was expecting him to open fire, so I made another U turn and I continued driving towards the bank. 2 seconds later I came back and in that moment he made /report, and for 3-4 seconds (maybe less), his report was accepted by Noah Baxtor. He asked what happened and he started explaining first, then after some time it was my turn. Serthon came also, he was only spectating. I was still explaining and suddenly Triple Seven came, and this guy sent the video to him (he finished with the rendering when Triple came)... So I started explaining to Triple from the beginning, I wasn't done and he said, this is VDM, you will be banned for 48hours. Serthon and Noah were there much longer, but I understand Triple was older and more experienced admin, but anyway I think his investigation quality was low and he rushed the whole situation. He said 2-3 times, post Ban Appeal if you want. I am not sure if it was personal issue (I think I hadn't any problems with him in the past)...Also, I can't understand how I was the only person who was punished in that situation? - Again, it's admin's mistake (but I wouldn't say anything even if they weren't punished and the situation was cleared). **Both players were constantly spamming in OOC "This is leading nowhere, can we go rob someone?; can we leave?" - While I was trying to explain what happened. Other thing, I am writing this in the end because I almost forgot. On the video you can see his /me /do and instantly /mug the player, without waiting him to respond at all. From this we can see low RP abbilities (somewhere it can be considered as PG also), and poor RP simulation. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I am playing for a year and this is my first admin punishement. Honestly, I can't afford myself to play with admin record. It's not about the reputation on the server, it's something more then that. I have big RP experience, I understand all the server rules, and I adhere to the rules. I spent a lot of time and dedication to the server (whole community). I was part from the Support Team (with good opportunity to progress in that field), and it was all ruined for less then 2minutes. I don't want to tell how I was doing my job as Support, because that's not the main reason for my appeal to be accepted, but I must mention, I tried hard to get that chance to be part from the Staff Team, and when I finally got it, it only last too short. I hope that my appeal will be detailed reviewed and I hope for positive answer. + *** There are few things more about the whole situation confidential informations (about the events in the staff channels), so I hope I will get chance to explain to head administrator (voice/text). BIG THANKS! :) Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YApWPubLiLg&feature=youtu.be
  2. This is actually a great idea!
  3. Hello @Syntexas. Please use /report while you are on the server and ask for admin to change your dimension. They should set your dimension to 0, and after that everything will be fine.
  4. Hello @PluralSpy and welcome to our server. I would like to ask you what was your nickname back in the days on LSRP? By the way, If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord karpalak#3611 I hope you will enjoy your time while on the server.
  5. Hello @Darelis and welcome to ECRP. What was your nickname on SAMP. On which servers have you been playing? By the way, If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord karpalak#3611 I hope you will enjoy your time while on the server.
  6. Hello @DarienDragon and welcome to our server. I guess you already managed to install RageMP and you are already on the server 🙂 Make sure to read some RP guideliness and I am sure that they will help you a lot. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord karpalak#3611 I hope you will enjoy your time while on the server.
  7. Sorry for the delayed respond but welcome to our server, @LeroyTB. I hope you are already familiar with the server and having fun. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord karpalak#3611
  8. Hello @Resfiel420 and welcome to our server. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on discord karpalak#3611 I hope you will enjoy your time while on the server.
  9. karpalak

    Mafia RolePlay

    I am wondering if there are players who know how to properly simulate mafia? I mean serious players who already have previous experience of SAMP or have enough OOC knowledge. Recently, I started thinking of starting a new criminal faction (a mafia) that will be at a very high level and standard (of roleplay and simulation), and you will not see what you are seeing at the moment - robbing shops and other players 24/7 and simillar. Many things will be according to the real mafia. We know that at the moment none of criminal factions is functioning as a proper organization, family, mafia, which is made up of professionals, but otherwise, they are all amateurs who end up in prison every day and they only want to kill cops. If there is a promising interest I will hurry up with the preparations and believe, it will be one of the best organized factions on the server.
  10. I am looking to buy super car for a month. I will contact you whenever I am available. Thanks.
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