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  1. karpalak

    VInewood hills mansion 4(SOLD)

    can you send me pictures?
  2. karpalak

    [SELLING] Rapid GT Classic #URGENT

    The vehicle is now available at High End Car market for only 625,000$
  3. As we all know, at the moment there is only one spawn place at MD citybee. Very often there is a parked vehicle or sometimes it happens to spawn 2 citybees at same time (by two players), and imediatelly vehicles are flipped or stalled. There a lot of parking places, so I think it's better when one parking spot is busy, the new citybee to be spawned on free spot (same as PD / taxi vehicles..)
  4. karpalak

    [Suggestion] /anim list

    After the output message was moved as hud, at the bottom of the screen, all animations are not displayed. So I suggest adding command /anim list which will display all the animations in the CHAT box, or to remain /anim but display all animations (hud or chat)
  5. I think this bus stop should be removed because very often bus drivers are stopping here on 5 seconds, and PD members can't get out with their vehicles, because the spawn is next to the stop, so the bus is blocking almost all spawn places. We are loosing precious time waiting for the bus to move..or we damage our vehicles.. Thanks.
  6. karpalak

    Hello, from me ^,^

    Welcome to ECRP, Braga. Which company do you own? Поздрав.
  7. karpalak

    (Unban) Abdu

    Thats not true. I never said anything about arresting on radio. 🙂
  8. karpalak

    [SELLING] Rapid GT Classic #URGENT

    price is negotiable !! post your bids here
  9. karpalak

    [SELLING] Rapid GT Classic #URGENT

    you can always take a loan :d
  10. karpalak

    [SELLING] Cognoscenti

    Selling : Cognoscenti Details : I am selling this georgeus, luxury and elegant Cognoscenti. It is not fully updated. It has white neons. Price : 250,000$ Name : Marcus Brighi Phone number : 5187650
  11. karpalak

    VInewood hills mansion 4(SOLD)

    whats the price?
  12. karpalak

    [SELLING] Rapid GT Classic #URGENT

    Selling : Rapid GT Classic Details : The car has gorgeous look and it's fast, max speed is ~210km/h. The car is almost fully upgraded (except suspension and Turbo). Stock Price is 585,000$. Price : 649500$ Name : Marcus Brighi Phone number : 5187650 Picture :
  13. karpalak

    [SELLING]: Beautiful 4 parking House

  14. karpalak

    [Buying] Modified Bati 801

    You can lock the topic, I am not interested anymore, thanks.
  15. karpalak

    Buying RAPID GT Classic

    you can lock this topic, I bought.