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  1. Hi I'm new still waiting on a verification email

    what email are you using? gmail yahoo hotmail? Also did you checked in your spam or junk folder?
  2. Eric McTavish is in the town!

    Hello @Eric_McTavish and welcome to EC community. Hope you will enjoy your time on server. I would ask you on which samp servers did you roleplayed? And another question is, how you heard about this server? It would be nice to hear the answer. By the way, if you need any help during your time on server, you can always contact me on discord karpalak#3611 If you are still not a member of the discord server, here's an invite link -> https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg
  3. Stormy nights

    I think 2 people of 19 read the topic completely.
  4. Robert Forkman - Aka Mr. Blue

    Welcome to EC community. Hope you will enjoy your time while on server. I have one question because I'm not really sure. The contect is IC or OOC? Because we use this board for OOC, but I'm a bit confused, you are psychological professional in real life or no ? P.S. If you need any sort of help hit me up on discord: karpalak#3611
  5. Newbie Introduction :)

    Hello Vasillisa and welcome to EC Community. Hope you enjoy your time on the server. It's very easy to be a 'good roleplayer' if you know the basic rules and the meaning of roleplay(simulating real life). Some tips that came out of my mind atm: - There are a few public places where most players gather, from beginners to veterans, like Pier, Mechanic Shops, hospital, PD, and maybe a few other places.. - Keep your money in your bank(you can always withdraw them at any ATM), because there are a lot of 'criminals' around who are waiting for new players and robbing them, so if they catch you and try to rob you, you will be forced to roleplay. Another reason is, if you die you will also lose all money that you had on you. - Use the first money on the beginning for stuff that are necessary, like phone and some other things. - You can always check the F5(/help) menu and find useful things while on server(like commands, jobs explanations, factions explanations and other). - If you want to get money I suggest you 2 jobs - trucker and fishing, and you can take loan as well if you need urgent money - You can check the factions(criminal&government) on F4. - If you have some question while on server, or you need any sort of help, or you want to report a rule breaker, you can use /report * Just to know - The server is in the development phase and is a beta edition, which means that at the moment there are several bugs and some crash zones on the map(we call it Bermuda triangle xD), so I will ask you to be tolerant and patient, because the dev team is working hard. * If you find any bug by the server, you can always report it here BUG REPORTS YOU CAN CHECK THE MAIN COMMANDS ON THE SERVER BY CLICKING ON THE THIS LINK - Commands list *** Feel free to message me on discord karpalak#3611 at any time if you need any further help, I would be glad to answer you. Greetings!
  6. you have money at the moment?
  7. @DDevastatedTV Yes it is. Give me your number
  8. Hello

  9. Actually I bought it for 112,000$ a few days ago, and if nobody wants to buy it for that price, I will keep it untill I'm alive.
  10. Nobody was going to kill you if you accepted to finish the roleplay which you started by trying to rob one of the employees at DCC.
  11. Eagle Eye Security [Private Security Company]

    IMPORTANT: Contect taken from official Eagle Eye Security.
  12. It wasn't crash, he was running and he stoped, then immediately disconnected. We were waiting him around 20mins to come back, but he didn't. Also when he was running there was one guy on a truck(he was there all the time, so I think they were together) and when this guy disconnected the trucker left. Then he was constantly passing and by my opinion I think they were friends and he was telling him that we are still here.
  13. Player(s) being reported: Mask 2261_4278 Date of rule breach: 19.5.2018 Time of rule breach: about 01:00 AM Your characters name: Marcus Brighi Other players involved: Charlie Haymitch, Andor Rootman, Jonny Chang Specific rule broken: "6.3. Combat & Roleplay Logging" Players are not allowed to disconnect from a roleplay or combat situation that could have negative in- character consequences. If your game crashes, you must reconnect to the server and inform the parties involved with you before the crash and ask them if they want to continue roleplaying the scenario. How did the player break the rule?: He tried to rob a member from DCC, so he called for help on radio(M), we showed up there for about 15secs and we saw the guy who tried to rob the DCC member running and carrying a gun so we pulled out our guns and when Andor was close enough he pointed a gun at him and he disconnected. We warned him several times to stop using VOIP, but he continued running. Evidence of rule breach:
  14. (( This is like an introducing part and announcing a new business/organisation. Please read the OOC section at the bottom. If there are positive opinions, the business/organisation will continue to develop and the topic will be constantly updated. )) SECURITY SERVICE IN LOS SANTOS If you need quality security service in Los Santos you can count on the professionals at Eagle Eye Security. As a seasoned security provider, our aim is to make sure that our clients and their properties are safe all year round. We're here to take care of all your security needs. As a fully licensed and insured company, we make sure to employ highly trained and qualified security personnel to serve you. We pay attention to details and always strive to make our clients fully satisfied with our work. You can come to us if you're in need of: Corporate and Private Security Event Security Security Guard Patrol Armed and Unarmed Guards Commercial Security Services Warehouse Security Service and More Our protection is customized to fit your needs and we are committed to providing you the best service. As a client you will receive a comprehensive security solution that is uniquely created to strengthen your business. Allowing us to secure you or your property means you will be safe and guarded. We mean business! ☆ ________________________________________☆ ________________________________________☆ EXPERIENCED SECURITY PROVIDER IN LOS SANTOS ABOUT EAGLE EYE SECURITY We provide effective, efficient and professional security services. Our management and security officers go above and beyond to meet all of your expectations.The CEO, Marcus Brighi has over 14 years of security management experience. He has also served as a law enforcement officer in his community for over 6 years. He has completed specialized training in areas such as: terrorism, gang awareness and drug investigations. This experience has helped CEO Brighi perfect a community-involved approach to security concerns. CEO Brighi is also a Los Santos-certified firearms instructor. While training security officers in how to perform their duties, he also instills the ideals that are vital for the community to achieve a safe and secure environment. WE SPECIALIZE IN .... Apartment Complexes Construction Sites Industrial Facilities Loss Prevention Marinas Special Events Private Parties Healthcare Facilities Homeowners Associations Hotels and Resorts At Eagle Eye Security, we welcome each client as a partner in a long-term, mutualistic business relationship. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your security needs, no matter how unique. We believe that a professional security presence on the site of your business can deter crime, as well as provide a comforting atmosphere for your customers, residents, or employees. EAGLE EYE SECURITY, INC WORKING TOGETHER & MAKING A DIFFERENCE ☆ ________________________________________☆ ________________________________________☆ ☆ ________________________________________☆ ________________________________________☆ (( OOC PART - PLEASE READ: Firstly, I do not know if the other players will understand what are we trying to do, and "accept" to use our services later. I am aware that most players want to be "mobsters" and "criminals" and they are barely waiting to take out their weapons. Also, server public events, where we can really be helpful, are very rarely organized. The only benefit we can have is in providing security at parking lots where most players leave their vehicles or securitying public places with more players where there are more chances to get robbed from the ''criminals''. On the otherside, I am able to create a site that will be totally in character and a special discord server. The organization will be completely legal; before entering, you need to complete a full application and there will also be a background check for each individual in the organization, not only in invitation process, but also from time to time. Every individual will be trained to properly and professionally do his job. In a word, I want to say that the organization will be at a very good level. Aand of course, employees should get money for their job, and I am aware that if there is no a lot of interest from the players, the boss will only fall into minus. At the moment, I do not own any big property that could be the seat of the business, and I do not have huge money to start paying from my own pocket, but I am ready to take out a loan if I notice interest. In any case, an official partner is required who will be committed and will give his best, and a management team that will also contribute to the business. All suggestions are welcomed. And I'd like to hear your opinion? What do you think, could something like this succeed on the server? ))