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  1. Syntexas

    Syntexas -Charles Kennedy (Ban Appeal)

    @MusketDeezNuts How long does it usually take for admin to respond ?
  2. Account name: Syntexas Character name(s): Charles Kennedy Admin who issued punishment: Toony Date of punishment: 21/Oct/2018 12:56 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: VDM | Offence #1 | Extreme Your explanation of what happened: I drove a bus into a group of people wanting to get profit and release anger and forgetting the most important thing in this server- RP Why should your appeal be accepted?: First: I would like to apologise for being Roleplay disturber and to people harmed in the accident for ruining their RP and whole community because i was an asshole. Second : I realised how i loved this server and servers community after not playing for a month because of the permaban (It may not seem a lot ) and i wish to play here again because i visit this forum daily and browse through the discussion and it saddens me not being able to be part of the community even though i was the one who ruined it for myself. Third : Because i realised how i love this server I would try my hardest to follow all of the rules of the server and forum and RP to the full extent (RP realistically of course) because i would fear being banned and losing this amazing community . Thank you for attention Syntexas
  3. Syntexas

    Syntex -Charles_Kennedy perma ban appeal

    - Why did you think this was acceptable? I dont think that VDM is acceptable and it was an accident i didnt turn around and try to do that again .Even a cop was taking me to jail for killing innocent people in a vehicle accident  - Why do you feel you should be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because it is my first VDM offense which was an accident and i think it should be an temporary ban or a hard warning and in the future i will try do drive as carefully as possible to avoid accidents like this @Toony
  4. Account name: Syntex Character name(s): Charles_Kennedy Admin who issued punishment: toony Date of punishment:21/10/2018 Punishment received: Permanent ban VDM.Extreme first offence Reason given for punishment:VDM and extreme nothing else Your explanation of what happened: I was getting driven to jail by a cop for ACCIDENTALY killing pedestrians in LCS but i needed to log off due to OOC reasons when i logged back on i got permabanned for first offence of VDM Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i got the ban without any warning and it was my first offence done with VDM
  5. I just saw a dead guy and i looted him until i found out the guy i was driving with killed him by accident i wanted to give stuff back but i didnt know his id and couldnt pm him