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Add radio sounds/noises to your in-game radio for free

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Mentioned links:

Voicemod: https://www.voicemod.net/

Sound files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CySIM4Ar_XRmxeG-ik-l7cY9e1rjXI3h?usp=sharing


Notes and answers to questions:

Will it be possible to use "Soundpad" instead of Voicemod?
Technically, yes. However, Soundpad reads the keybinds in a different way, causing sounds to trigger if you hold a keybind while also pressinng other unrelated keys.

Can the volume be adjusted?
Yes. Simply click on the sound in the Voicemod Soundboard and you can drag the slider on the right side to adjust the volume.

Does ECRP even allow Voicemod?
Voicemod provides features for voicechangers and also a soundboard. 
I do not recommend using any voicechanger while playing on ECRP. It is allowed as long as the voice is still realistic, but it should not be used to gain any sort of advantage. This is the same for the soundboard. Do not use this unrealistically! It is your own responsibility.

Would it be possible to create some sort of script that automatically does the start and end radio noise for you?
Yes. I've looked into this and it is possible using another AutoHotkey script for example. However, this would add another application/script that you would have to run and I currently do not believe it will be worth the effort (unless people prove me that they would love to see this).

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