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    County Lines

    After James and Jimmy arrived back to Los Santos, they go straight to work on creating a path for where they would like County Lines to go. While the past couple of weeks had been slow, they were productive. With the help of Christopher, James started building a mini lab to start drug productions in Los Santos. James had received some info from back home and was told a shipment would be delivered to one of the docks, the shipment contained 100 bricks of cocaine, this would prove useful as Los Santos seemed pretty dry of drugs currently. James asked Chris and Emma to meet him at the location to
  2. UKSeanJ

    County Lines

    James Salamanca and Jimmy Highland made a trip back to England to meet with the leaders of County Lines back at home. There were long discussions about: money, expectations and leadership. James and Jimmy made it clear, they would be running the operation how they want to run it back in Los Santos. Agreements were made and it was agreed that regular updates would be given to ensure the operation starts smoothly. Once the organisation was up and running communications would then be kept to a minimum to reduce risk. Information was given on how County Lines works back in the UK, information that
  3. UKSeanJ

    County Lines

    County Lines originates in the UK, being one of the biggest drug trafficking practices known to the country. REDACTED and REDACTED had always been brought up in a bad environment, but there’s nothing like home. REDACTED and REDACTED were contacted to expand operations in Los Santos, an offer they couldn’t refuse. This would bring in tons of cash, something that can be hard to get your hands on in such a big city. With Italians in the family and tons of gang experience, County Lines within Los Santos is born. REDACTED and REDACTED had been contacted by a County Lines boss back in the UK
  4. UKSeanJ

    Dark Army

    Actually a really unique idea and look forward to seeing more. Like that you got some Kali Linux in there haha.
  5. Nosotras Somos Familia (We Are Family) James Salamanca AKA McPuffin, wanted the family to get together at their HQ. He wanted the members of the Familia to show that they are dedicated and faithful to one another. James wanted everyone to show that they could trust each other with their lives, so he decided to carve the letters "LFM" into each one of their chests. This would not only be a test of their commitment but also a test of strength. James asked everyone at the HQ to line up against the wall, apart from High Command and Higher ups. Everyone was asked to remo
  6. +1, Personally I find myself typing /do's to check anyone that's conveniently walking along multiple cars. A bit NRP to be trying trunks on a row of cars and people do it because they know there's no indication to them doing it.
  7. Agreed, I think a better solution would maybe to reset the AFK script timer each time a game input is given. IE When fishing. If someone is actively fishing it should be resetting the timer. Generally just some extra parameters that reset the timer would be a huge improvement. As Alexalex as said a 60minute AFK timer? - This is 60 minutes for someone to contribute absolutely no RP what so ever to the server so why should they be on the server doing nothing for 60 minutes? There may be exception where this would help but i think the cons outweigh the pros by making the time 60mins.
  8. I like this a lot I've heard some stories ICly and hopefully we cross paths at some point to back them up haha
  9. Player(s) being reported: ID 80 for DM and ID 52 for assisting him along with circling back. Date of interaction reported: 13/11/20 (UK) Unix time stamp from HUD: 1605235274 Your characters name: James Salamanca Other player(s) involved: Jimmy Highland Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a pla
  10. Hi, James Mcpuffin here. This reply may be longer than expected due to the build up of events and how the whole situation had escalated. I did save most of the situation and if any extension of footage is required please ask as I do have more but it is simply just unnecessary chasing of the vehicle itself. The rest of the following individuals, please provide any information or footage that would help explain this situation further and the reasoning to it. So the begin with the whole situation began because LFM member "Pablo Salamanca" (ID 87) was killed by the following indivi
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