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  1. Again, I ask: what stops people from being abusive with this feature in place? I can engage in all the passive RP in the world, but this does nothing to stop half a dozen cars rolling up on me when I'm trying to RP, putting me under fear RP, and taking my weapons. There would be active incentive to do this if people thought they could get free weapons out of it. More people would start doing this if there was a reason to do so, and giving people weapons for doing it is that exact reason.
  2. My concern is it would provide even more incentive to kill officers. Right now people hold up police officers at odd times of the day for no reason other than they're bored and want to take an officer's radio, with absolutely no reason for it IC. People do this during low server population and honestly it gets nutty as hell. What assurances do I have that I won't be abused constantly if I decide to play at certain times of the day, especially when there is active incentive to do so because people can gain weapons?
  3. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/3-decision-appeals/ Good luck!
  4. I think the criminal community would be healthier if there were more things to actually do. From my experience as an officer, a lot of criminals fall into the same patterns of activity with little variation beyond what color their clothes and cars are. Almost all criminals cook drugs or are involved in the drug trade in some capacity, because it's one of the few ways to actually make any kind of significant money. Selling guns is partly successful, but this is very limited due to official factions having a monopoly over imports so if you aren't an official faction you are permanently forced
  5. You used to be able to play songs using youtube videos with a codec value of less than 200 (viewable in "stats for nerds" on a video) however this workaround no longer functions. Some videos appear to work after a significant wait, however it doesn't play for anyone else except the person who switched it on.
  6. What worries me about this suggestion is going back to the old ways of not being able to even gas up your car without risking all of your items being robbed, your car stolen, and your hair cut. Those sorts of robberies are frustrating. You shouldn't have to have an armed escort to put some gas in your car. I think it's fine to adjust the rule to reduce the amount of OOC whining, but at the same time criminal roleplayers need to realize their own actions caused the rule to be introduced in the first place.
  7. I'd rather this change be entirely reversed and they never disappear. Cars beaming up to the mothership, only to reappear inside other cars if you log back in just ruins static locations, especially Mission Row.
  8. The high-speed interceptor is limited to pursuing a list of certain specific cars, otherwise it's against policy to deploy it. If you want police to stop using these supercars, stop using the vehicles it's needed for.
  9. The LSPD Investigations Bureau already investigates criminal activity and charges are regularly placed on players when a detective closes a case. Ask criminals if they've ever had SWAT hard stop their vehicle for no immediately apparent reason. Many people have had this happen to them and it's almost always because they were investigated and charges placed on them and SWAT came to collect. The reason you don't see "big newspaper headlines" is because Weazel doesn't report on it IC. Criminals already suffer significant financial losses both through fines attached to every crime they've
  10. If an officer in real life has you at gun point (in terms of the server, subject to fear RP), if you start reaching around in your pockets to get a radio to talk on it or change the frequency, 100% of officers will shoot you.
  11. +1, it would be nice to have civilian input into government functions. Right now at least in terms of LSPD, the final boss in the chain of command is the Commissioner's office, when in reality it would be some form of elected official like a mayor or governor. Having said that, there should be some form of ooc corruption rule similar to PD and SD to prevent abuse.
  12. Notes: You begin pulling money out after typing /grabcash and it gives you the packages of cash, however the alarm is tripped immediately. Pointing a gun prevents the alarm like normal.
  13. Attention all property owners, The Los Santos Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics team is putting out a call for property owners willing to help out the department with our training sessions. We're looking for furnished spaces such as night clubs, restaurants, and business offices to conduct training sessions in during these businesses' off hours. SWAT uses simunition and tasers for these trainings so the risk of damage to your property is negligible. Please contact Lieutenant Victor Einhart via text at 3256988 if you're interested in assisting the department with this!
  14. I really, really hate this trend. I've started saying "What does that even mean? You sound insane," in response.
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