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  1. Like I always say if you aren't just making this up, provide evidence and the names of the people doing this so they can be punished for breaking regulations. A lot of the time a unit will call in a high speed unit or helicopter for habitual evaders: if you evade from police a lot expect to have built that reputation and have assets deployed in advance to chase you.
  2. Current rules already support this via the kidnapping rules: "A property" also includes a bank, many people wait for someone to walk in and then hold them there while they rob it. In my opinion this is already very generous because these types of hostage situations happen daily and it's getting to be too much speaking from a law enforcement perspective even with the 1 OOC week restriction. As for the impound lot, unfortunately this goes back to situations like the hostage situation. When we're drawn into a massive situation that requires a lot of officers we simply can't s
  3. I can reproduce this using the PD /fl command, and adding a weapon like a shotgun. Presumably there's an issue when you first pick up/add the weapon to your inventory: it doesn't show on you. Equipping the weapon in the wheel then putting it away again circumvents the problem.
  4. This thread clearly shows these situations are not fun anymore: nobody has voiced their enjoyment surrounding these situations so far in this thread, including the people that initiate them. Police come down like a hurricane to dissuade people from using this tactic because if it becomes effective it only encourages people to keep doing it. It makes no sense from a law enforcement perspective to purposely allow this tactic to be effective because it encourages more crime and for the same situation to happen again. Not one suggestion has been put forward on what police should do to about thi
  5. Nah, it used to be 1 to 4 hours conversion, but it got changed to 1-to-1. 1 day is 1 day. In my country if the cops nail you for "stunt driving," described as 50kph over the speed limit you get: 6 demerit points (they go down by 2 per year, at 15 you're suspended for 30 days) 7 day immediate licence suspension 7 day vehicle impoundment and they make you pay for the impound fine of $2000.00 licence suspension of up to two years upon conviction imprisonment up to six months If anything the punishment you get is realistic, and you only get suspend
  6. I don't recall ever seeing an option to get an exact time on the floating text interaction but if that exists it's got to go.
  7. Wait for officer to dismount car and be next to your window. Press W. By the time he calls in a pursuit and is back in his own car, you're gone.
  8. So they should all jump out of the car while the officer has backup coming, and spending even more time stationary? Makes no sense. Drive away.
  9. They did this over a $500 traffic ticket. Do you think that's ok?
  10. Do you think officers would "realistically" allow pedestrians to walk into the line of fire in a situation like this? The area is clearly blocked off in the video and no one is around. During situations like this LSPD gives loud and constant instructions to leave so people that aren't involved aren't at risk which is why officers get so angry when people run into a crime scene. If you have suggestions about how to handle situations like these that doesn't encourage people to take hostages (i.e. making it profitable to do so) I will be glad to read your well thought out reply.
  11. My emphasis. PD is not a raid boss for you and the boys to get loot from. All this would do is tie up everyone in the faction because every single man, woman, and child would want a piece of the action so that means all hands on deck. This would only give me even more IC rationale for better equipment and frankly you don't want that.
  12. Long story short... we have had extensive experience responding to these and they are extremely dangerous calls. "All hands on deck" is required when we know there is a good chance of 3-4 units will be overwhelmed and killed on a call like this. People rob banks with their biggest guns, and responding with 3-4 officers is more or less suicide when we don't know exactly how many people are inside. In this case it was 3, but it could have been 30. We don't know that until we're on scene, and we don't know how many people are hiding in the vault so even if we only see a couple people in the lobby
  13. Such as people waiting for someone to walk into a bank so they can be taken hostage. Or ignoring the hostage rules altogether. It goes both ways. I have asked @jameswilliam100 what he thought the officers should have done in an effort to see if anything can be done to improve things because I'm in a position to actually make change. Like usual, I was ignored.
  14. Please tell me what you think the officers should do that doesn't involve just letting you go (which encourages hostage taking even more).
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