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Russian Mob

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I seen you guys IG so far looking good but you know in this town there been like 5 + times a Russian Family and always they end up in a month .

So I hope this time there is a future for you guys .

I not sure if the leaders are same or new one but still good luck to survive in Los Santos ! 

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37 minutes ago, Chris Bluestone said:

I seen you guys IG so far looking good but you know in this town there been like 5 + times a Russian Family and always they end up in a month .

So I hope this time there is a future for you guys .

I not sure if the leaders are same or new one but still good luck to survive in Los Santos ! 

If you talk about the Russian Mafia from a year ago, then yes, most of us are from the same group. Next to that, this faction exist since october last years 🙂

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1 hour ago, fumkop1 said:

If you talk about the Russian Mafia from a year ago, then yes, most of us are from the same group. Next to that, this faction exist since october last years 🙂

Yea I was talking about the old Russians .. 

Ow good to hear that than you guys been here that long but yea I would like to see something good out from this . 

Just one suggestion so you 20 people not look same and boring make some more outfits so people looks really in they Story 

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   Marquis Willie                  

Marquis Willie was born and raised in the crime-filled streets of Moscow. He had a rough childhood growing up and at the age of 5, he lost his mother due to a violent outburst from his very own father. His mother had cheated and his father in a fit of rage shot her in their home. Marquis was horrified and was left mentally scarred by this moment. His father was arrested, leaving him to be raised by his aunt and uncle. They raised him well and made sure he was always in school and staying out of trouble. His father wasn’t a nice man and Marquis wanted to be better than him. At the age of 18 Marquis left Moscow and moved to Los Santos in search of wealth. Marquis was looking to create his own business and be his very own boss. Marquis however needed to save money in order to invest it into his business adventures. The local taxi company “DCC” was hiring and Marquis was luckily enough to get a job. The pay wasn’t good however he was able to put some money aside in a savings account. he decided to try his luck and went to play some poker at Tequila. Whilst playing poker, he was introduced to a man called Ramon. The man at the poker tables also appeared to be Russian. He was also very mysterious and that Marquis liked that a lot. Ramon and Marquis became quickly close with each other and began meeting up and hanging out with each other.



Months went by and the two became closer and closer to each other everything seemed to be well Marquis had never really had a close friend whilst growing up. Unfortunately, Marquis was left without a job after being made redundant by the DCC. Ramon was left hopeless and was in desperate need to get cash in order to pay for bills. He told Ramon about his predicament and offered him a job to work for him. Without hesitation Marquis accepted Ramon’s offer. Ramon would frequently call Marquis to pick up packages for him at the time. He had no idea who he was involved with. More months went by and one evening Ramon called Marquis and both gentlemen came to an agreement on how they would work together. however he did not anticipate what was about to be asked of him, Marquis was asked to help hide a body. A dead human body. He was scared, felt his stomach turn up side down, but followed through and helped his friend. At the end of the whole ordeal Marquis asked Ramon who he really was. The mysterious man told him about his family and the kind of work they do. Suddenly Marquis had become fully aware of the world he had entered. It hit like a bomb, but not an unpleasant one. Ramon was leader of the Russian Mob. Ramon welcomed Marquis into the inner circle of the family where he remains to this very day.


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The Russians took a day off and every member could spend the whole day according to what he wanted.

Dimitri was playing poker with his friends as usual, while he received a call from an unknown number of united states.

" Priviet Dimitri, I hope you all are fine "

 ( It was Ramon. his elder brother )

Dimitri was shocked by the voice, that he did not hear for a very long time.

" Priviet bratan, yes we all are good what about you, did you arrive safely ? "

" Yes my journey was good, pick me up from the docks in Los Santos! Our ship will arrive soon "




Finally Ramon was back from  Russia with a huge cargo ship, which he bought for the future imports and exports. Dimitri took out his Mercedes Benz G Class from the parking garage. Dimitri reached as Ramon was coming down the ship form the stair case with a briefcase in his hands. However he was looking tired as he had the first ship journey from Northern Sea Route to Bering Strait. 




After the meet and greet, Ramon asked Dimitri to go to the Mob's safe house as he needed to store some important stuff. Dimitri was thinking  what It could be, while Ramon said: " I Brought you all guns and some ammo from Russia but remember we are not using these guns to hurt/rob innocent people of this town. These are just for the safety of our business "




 The briefcase had 11x Pistols with a metal box full of ammo which they stored at the safe house.


deagle-fixed.png          Weapons.png



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Marquis didn’t stop there....

Each day, Ramon was teaching Marquis How to act and deal with the Russian criminal activities as Marquis was new to the criminal life. Ramon faced small difficulties teaching him, but he understood eventually.

After four months, Marquis has experienced the criminal life ranging from trafficking drugs, shooting, trafficking guns, etc.


The boss, Ramon, saw that Marquis showed his loyalty by trying his best to help the family to pass some difficulties that they faced, so Ramon decided to rank him up to Serzhant

                  Marquis is a Serzhant

Marquis started working harder trying to do his best. As he is a Serzhant now, his mission to control the relations and politics. This also means that he solves the conflicts inside the family and has to lead the beguns and soldats.

to be continued...


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Russians were slowly and gradually increasing, every Russian in the city was interested to be a part of the family. Igor Petrovitch was also back from Moscow with a few Kalashnikovs which he brought for the family. A meeting was called by the Boss, It was about discussing the future goals and steps ahead. Each member was strictly told to not harm any civilians in the city. As well as each member was given a goal of their activities.


Strict rules were implemented towards the family lore, Ramon wanted every member to stick with the vehicles such as Mercedes Benz G Class or BMW vehicles.



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It was a dark day in Los Santos, the sky was grey and it felt ominous. Dimitri looked up to the sky and watched the clouds pass by. It was cold and it rained heavily, splashing the top of his fedora. He got a text from Ramon that he had to meet immediately with the other high command. Dimitri began thinking what it could be. However, what came next was more unexpected than ever.


Ramon, the boss, started telling them that they worked hard on the mob, without seeing a result. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the last weeks were rough. Ramon followed saying that there was a proposal from a strong gang. FSO high command contacted Ramon with an interesting, but weird proposal. The boss told the high command that FSO wanted the Russian Mob to join FSO in exchange for acces to the cartel. Dimitri was in for good terms with FSO, but that was not what the proposal meant. Dimitri’s stomach turned upside down, when Ramon said the words: “One of the conditions is that we disband”. He started getting dizzy and started feeling heated. How could they ever do such proposal? 


The vote

Even though Dimitri considered this an absolute ridiculous request, the mob has the habit of voting on every request and proposal. Marquis directly stated that he was in favor of the proposal and wanted the mob to join FSO. Ramon quickly followed up by saying that aswell. Dimitri could not believe what he heard. He looked at Stephen for any form of support. Stephen Black has always been loyal to Dimitri and also this time, Dimitri could count on him. Stephen went into detail and laid out some pros en cons of joining FSO. The conversation started to get heated and Dimitri felt betrayed by the comrades that he used to call bratans. The two guys who have been with him for the whole ride, inseparable. These two guys wanted to leave to join a gang, which they had no connection with? Dimitri felt that this was all about money and guns and felt disgusted by their decision. The bratans that he considered as family, stood by their decision and in no way or shape could Dimitri talk them to different thoughts. Dimitri knew that they already made up their mind before the meeting even started. The two comrades who he shared his culture, his roots, his joy and his life with, abandoned him. Dimitri was speechless, sad and furious at the same time. He tipped his hat to Ramon Mikhailov and Marquis Willie, before he stepped into the black dubsta and drove off with squealing tires.



Dimitri felt broken inside, but knew he had to continue. There was no way he would give up after all he had been through. He informed all the other members and (not to his surprise) they all supported him and Stephen. Dimitri knew that remembering where he came from and staying loyal to his past, was the right way. There was no time for sorrow and he looked up into the sky, while raindrops splashed all over his face, before he made a promise to himself. Dimitri said to himself that he would keep working, no matter how hard it will be, so that hopefully one day, he will get connections to the cartel to prove the fallen comrades wrong. But for now, he loaded his kalashnikov, stepped in the dubsta and did what he can do the best; hunting for revenge.



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On 2/9/2021 at 12:18 PM, FieldyScop said:

Семья Головков
Golovkov Family


Россия, Сергиев Посад – 1993
Russia, Sergiyev Posad – 1993

Vova and Andrei were born on the same day. They lived in a caring and loving family, but the outside world was tough. Growing up in Russia is not easy especially if you don’t have money. Life was tough, their parents struggled with money, they could barely feed them. The Golovkov’s became tired of eating cereal with water instead of milk. So naturally if you live in an environment like that you would become a criminal. When they became a little older Vova and Andrei began to steal from grocery stores, but they didn’t only steal for themselves they also gave some food to the people in need.

The store


Третий брат – 2003
Third brother – 2003

The Golovkov’s parents were given another child. That child wasn’t their biological child, he was adopted. So, when Vova and Andrei reached the age of 10 they got another brother. His name was Ivan. Ivan was 2 years younger than his older brothers. He was a bit shy, but he knew that he could trust his new family. Ivan quickly became like a real brother to Vova and Andrei. The three Golovkov brothers trusted and loved each other. They were inseparable they always did everything together and covered each other’s back.

Темные времена – 2013
Dark times – 2013

The brothers knew they couldn’t just keep stealing from the local grocery store. They needed more money. It didn’t take them long to find someone that would help them in that. His name was Nikolai. Nikolai told them that they can make easy money. All they had to do was sell drugs that Nikolai provided them. Nikolai seemed like a good guy that they could trust. The brothers were earning good money, but one day everything changed. Nikolai called the brothers and told them that they could become millionaires. It was a simple job, all they had to do was drive a truck full of drugs to a specific place. Ivan was chosen as the truck driver because he had the best driving skills. Ivan told the brothers that he’s good enough to do it alone and that he didn’t need their help. Vova and Andrei wished good luck to Ivan with his job. What they didn’t know was that Nikolai expected them to go all together. Nikolai sold them out to the government for some money. Ivan was arrested as soon as he arrived at the destination. Ivan called his brothers before getting arrested and told them that this was a setup and that they needed to run. Vova and Andrei were in shock they couldn’t believe that Nikolai had betrayed them. They quickly explained to their parents what happened and told them their goodbye’s.

Грузовик с наркотиками
Truck with drugs




Новая жизнь – 2014 to 2021
New life – 2014 to 2021

For 5 years Vova and Andrei laid low in Germany. They were doing honest work and tried not to stand out. They were simply waiting for Ivan to be released. He was sentenced for 7 years in prison. They quickly became tired of waking up and going to work every single day. They knew something had to be changed, but they also didn’t want to be betrayed again, so they kept lying low until June 2019. That’s when they heard about Los Santos a city where your dreams come true. They grabbed all the money they had worked up and departed to Los Santos.

Приезд в Лос Сантос
Arrival at Los Santos


Upon arrival, they decided that they’re not going to go big in this city without Ivan. They only had to wait for 1 year until he’s released. So, the only thing they had to do was to get some money so that they could afford a house to live in and a car to drive around. A month before Ivan’s release Vova called his father to tell that Ivan should come to Los Santos when he’s released. Upon Ivan’s arrival they knew they had to get into the Russian Mob. The problem was that they didn’t know who the Russian Mob was or if it even existed. They decided to not waste time looking for the Mob and went to do some dirty jobs. Store robberies were their main source of income. So, they kept hitting on stores around the city. One day after another successful robbery they were hiding from the police. That’s when a man in black came up to them. His name was Marquis, he told them about the Russian Mob and if they’re interested in joining it. That’s how the Golovkov brothers became part of the Russian mob.



Really good post Golovkov bratans! ❤️

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