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  1. Hi Nelson Moore here, there must be a mistake I wasn’t there must have wrong id. Thanks
  2. Hello Nelson_Moore (49) here, I believe Adam and Symere have summed the situation up well. Can you please explain your side of the story for this situation? Please explain why you can be seen giving demands for them reporting party and the driver of the cruiser to get out of the car and only allowing 1-2 seconds before opening fire, not giving enough time for them to comply. During the shooting, the reporting party can be heard saying to stop in an attempt to comply and you continued to shoot. Why give demands in the first place? Please provide any and all POV of the situation at han
  3. Hi! Nelson_Moore (287) here, this started from a backup call from Kevin and Ivan as SD was trying to get them out of there car. They delayed and I pulled up, after a few moments Kevin and Ivan got out there cars with there heavy weapons and gave demands to the two officers, the police car at the back (Colt Daniels) stepped out as I was running towards him to give him demands too as he was stepping out. As I give demands he pulls out the smg (ACTING HOSTILE) i open fire to ensure my safety of me and my allies. Here is my POV https://streamable.com/7ptxy2 (I would also like to add fr
  4. hi there the reason the footage is cut up is because i spammed the record over the entire event, so its gonna line up but with multipul clips, this is the "missing" 20 seconds, here https://streamable.com/kosi7y this clip should line everything up from what footage you have https://streamable.com/e3aoaz
  5. Hi the only reason why the footage is cut is because I clipped it multiple times I can give more footage if need, the reason there is no audio los is because it was a complete computer freeze not just the game therefore the footage skips basically speeding up I don’t know if you have ever noticed this before. Why would I lie? The fact is, if I could have driven away I could have because why would I put myself in that situation I wouldn’t you only had the chance to give demands to me because I was frozen and I couldn’t move, I only move from the situation because I was at a ooc understanding of
  6. Hi Nelson Moore here, this situation happened because I was lagging really hard, for me I was trying to drive away as soon as one of the goblins approached me, but I couldn’t as I was in a lag spike and was completely frozen, I let it sit there for a few minutes for my pc to catch up to itself and when it did I started to talk in /b after explaining in /b that I was c0ing hard one person (99) said in the /b chat all good. I though I was good to go as the entire situation happened because I was able to responded to fearrp and the whole situation happened because I was frozen and unable to move.
  7. Hi I’m Nelson black, I don’t have POV of this event, I would also like to add this happened over 48 hrs ago. I would also like to add I never shot at the men in the initial confrontation I was just trying to be scary towards them as they was running from a lab they was claiming to be cooking weed at.
  8. Hi nelson black here (131), I don't understand why I am breaking dm rules, you can see i only open fire when they start shooting at Connor. This gives me the right to shoot back as it is now active situation. I don't have pov as I wasn't asked to save it
  9. Hi I'm Nelson Black, I was in a car with 3 other of my allies and there was about 13 more on radio. We got a call out on radio that there was people inside the active chop shop with guns and we decided to go there first we scouted the wall before driving in and getting out the car and giving demands. Shown in the footage you can see me run round with my ak I didn't have the intent to shoot straight away, my first shot was fired as soon the he pointed the gun in my direction shown in the footage so I decided to fire at him and he fired back. I felt that if I didn't shoot he would have shot me
  10. This is my fault I saw it coming in a different way I wasn’t trying to twist peoples words. I had no other idea there was another shootout because the Russian that died, died and the only three that survived went to city and stored the guns from the fight so I don’t think it was Russians at the chop but I could be wrong.
  11. h i just want to quote this, "But this beef between lost MC and Russians has been going on for a while when they decided to attack stab" you say this but everyone of the lost mc died at stab city with no evidence it was the Russians (lost mc had NLR) there was 0 beef after the fight as everything went on as normal we had a few chill chats with lost after, so im a little bit confused why they all of a sudden they want to hit us as they don't have a ic motive unless the mg the YouTube video or broke NLR. please correct me if im wrong
  12. Hi thanks for the response. we was cooking at a lab where goblin came, we had a friendly interaction and exchanged names, we left the lab after them and headed to sea labs where we bumped into a large amount of lost mc, goblins and the people in the skull pants. we left with no words being said at least nothing hostile that I heard/ no demands where given, we all left and went to a different lab where 3 mins later the people showed up, we all got back in our cars and we was going to leave but we was waiting to give freq to a friend who saw us which i seen in the video when he asked for the fre
  13. Player(s) being reported: id 98, id 338 Date of interaction reported: 18/02/21 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1613690109 Your character name: Nelson black Other player(s) involved: Name(s) benny lopez, tyrone sands. Specific rule(s) broken: Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostil
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