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  1. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Barry Moody Character to Transfer To: Miles Moody Requested Transfer: [Vehicle] Manchez [Vehicle] Dukes Reason for Transfer: My original character (Barry Moody) is meant to be more of a rough-ish biker, and he's already in an MC. I got a bit carried away with having "nice things" while playing Barry, and now that I've come down from that, it doesn't make much sense for him to have a Manchez or a Dukes. However, Miles Moody (alternate character) is meant to be a risk-taker (perfect for the Manchez at the dirt-bike tracks), loves expensive items, such as nice cars, and more. It's more of a clean-up of roleplay than anything else, as the items requested being transferred are perfectly fit for the second character. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Having a friend sit at low-end with me, as I log into Miles, purchasing the vehicles.
  2. Hey there, I'm buying any house at all. Just send a photo of it, location, and I'll throw some figures at you.
  3. MattHasMunchies


    I firmly support your roplaying and doing stuff with other people
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): Global (UTC) 3/4/2019 4:47:47 PM Character name: Barry Moody Issue/bug you are reporting: If the parking lot has not loaded completely in before you attempt to park your vehicle, you will be teleported to a random waypoint on the map. So far it's happened to me three times, once to the farm at the very north, once to Mor's, and once to the DoC parking lot. Steps to reproduce: Drive to the public parking lot. Test to see if your game has fully loaded in by holding 'N' and seeing if it shows that you're talking. If not, do /park in the lot. Once your car is parked, you will be teleported randomly to a blip.
  5. Hi there! I'm looking to purchase or rent a modest, at least one garage space house in: Vespucci Canals Mirror Park La Puerta La Mesa or similar area(s). Please contact me at: Phone: #3617441 Email: Barry Moody
  6. Hey! I'm looking for a Rancher XL, as my maxed out Nightblade is too fancy for me and I want to be able to drive my friends places. Is anyone selling? I work at Bayview. Just ask for Barry. Phone: 3617441 Email: Matty#8797 EDIT: I've ordered one from a dealership.
  7. Party has been delayed until further notice and it will NOT be held at Bayview
  8. Celebrating the new house I'm in, and hopefully the job I'm getting! Come down to Bayview today, February 9th, (OOC: 7:00PM EST, 00:00 GMT) for a car meet!! Then, we'll all head to my place at 9 Kimble Hill Drive, up in Vinewood. And if I get the job at Bayview, ABSOLUTELY NO LABOR COST WHEN I SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE!!! Once we're all ready, we'll head to my place for the rest of the night. Included: - Free beer, vodka, tequila, and whiskey - Food - Pool - Music THE PARTY HAS NO SET TIME TO END, SO EVEN IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT TO BAYVIEW, COME TO 9 KIMBLE HILL DRIVE IN VINEWOOD ANYWAY
  9. Will bicycles be provided to those that don't currently own one?
  10. Hi there. My name's Bart and I sent you a text letting you know that I'm interested in both, and would like to schedule a meetup some time, or a call. You can reach me at Phone: #3617441 Email: Matty#8797 I look forward to hearing back!
  11. Me and a player I'd just met were robbing a store. I was under 1000 XP, while the other was over 1000. During the robbery, a few guys came in and starting robbing us at gunpoint. I tried to comply with their demands by asking how to put my hands up (they asked in VC). They gave me 10 seconds. Even after asking, they did not tell me how and shot me anyway, taking my items. They didn't take any of the money on my player, but is this still against the rule considering I'm under 1000 XP? I understand that they killed me, but I'm reporting them for killing me while I was asking how to comply with their demands. The one that killed me is the one hovering over my body in the second screenshot (Mask 4278_7788 (128))
  12. Resetting IP didn't do anything. This is strange
  13. My brother used my PC to play, but he has a separate login for Steam, Social Club, email, etc. I asked him and he's never applied to Eclipse but he's used Rage for other servers.
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