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Found 18 results

  1. Apartment is at Weazel Plaza (apartment 2/7 on gps) on 25th floor. Rent: $25k per month. The apartment has 2 floors and a lobby, Upper floor: a living room, open kitchen, dining table Lower floor: Bedroom, wardrobe, bathroom Lobby: an extra room 1 Garage, for 2 garage extra $5k per month You can add/remove furniture, you will get access for 2 person only. $3k per person per month for access I will check my bank balance for payment, every sunday at 12:00am UTC. If interested text at 3-779-303. Name Rishab Jaiswal. We will sign contract at apart
  2. 2G LUXURY APARTMENT AVAILABLE FOR RENT Contact now to enquire: 3413488 Prices: 1 Month - $20,000 ((1 week IRL)) 4 Months - $18,000 per month ($72,000 Upfront but you save $8,000) ((1 Month IRL)) 8 Months - $16,000 per month ($128,000 Upfront but you save $32,000) ((2 Months IRL)) Features: 2 Private garage parking spaces for your cars 24/7 Security monitored lobby Right next to bank Modern and high end interior Bedroom with walk in closet and suite bathroom Massive living area Private office and armory to store yo
  3. Mudar Smith's Rent Company ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does renting work? When you get the car lent to you it would be fixed and full of fuel. You would receive a vehicle key copy. You would be responsible for the cars damage and fuel, to get the car fixed you must call me and ill be there at the shop of your choice ready to repair the vehicle. If the car gets lost you must contact me and i will be retrieving it and the
  4. Hi! Im looking for a house/apartment to rent for 10-15k a month[week]. Im just trying to get settled in and figure everything out. Location doesn't really matter but i would like it to be decently nice. Please email me at QueenOfMisfit#9032 or text me 3719140. Thank you!
  5. Properties for Rent - Across LS! #3797036 2-Garage Property || In-City || Roy-Lowenstein Boulevard https://imgur.com/a/FLrr4yf - Property Located Across Impound Availability: UNAVAILABLE 2-Garage Property || In-City || Boulevard Del Perro https://imgur.com/a/dXnTfqr - Prime Location West of LS Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage Property || In-City || North Archer Avenue https://imgur.com/a/hkUkUHi - Property Located Close to LS Bank Availability: UNAVAILABLE 1-Garage
  6. I am looking to rent a 1g house, near LSB, and has extra parking.
  7. Hi, I'm S. Moore and I'm renting out the next vehicle: >> Novak << - Brakes 4/4 - Engine 5/5 - Suspension 1/4 - Transmission 4/4 - Turbo 1/2 There are a couple rules that must be agreed with before this car is being rented: 1*. Impound fees are paid by yourself. 2*. Mors Insurance fees are paid by yourself. 3*. Getting the car broken down means you will get it towed to LSC yourself and all the fees are paid by yourself. 4. Not following-up with the rules stated above or not paying on time means you're not following up w
  8. Looking for a 1G/2G, cheap preferably rent to buy Emanuele 5163953
  9. I'm looking to rent or buy any 1G/2G house, I dont mind about location, any location will do. Just send offers to this thread, thanks!
  10. 4 Garage Vinewood Hills I like to know the price for rent, if worth it I will rent house per week. I dont want to sell this. Contact: 533-8107 - Elina Gilbert Email: [email protected] Social ID: Quiet#[email protected] Address: Vinewood Hills close to a small lake for fishing, Whispymound Dr.4 Offer would be Open till: 2020/Feb/15 Features that might get your attention: 4 Garage Nice view for chilling at night Close to Lake for fishing after you wake up in the morning Swimming Pool Good looking balcony Having two
  11. I am looking to rent a 2g or 3g in any location please contact me at 383 5361
  12. 2 Garage In Mirror Park I like to know the price for rent, if worth it I will rent house per week. I'll sell this house if I get good Offer. Contact: 533-8107 - Elina Gilbert Email: [email protected] Social ID: Quiet#[email protected] Address: East of Mirror Park Behind Tavern, Close to Gas station and General Store. EAST Mirror Dr.12 Offer is Open for Rent or Buy till 10th of December Features that might get your attention: Big spot for vehicles and bikes Nice place with nice people Close to General Store and Gas station havin
  13. RENTING Description: This beautiful 1 Garage Home is located in the heart of Los Santos. It comes with a nice garage that you can safely store your car. Inside the house it has a keypad entrance for extra security. The house comes with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. What does this property have to offer? Near Bank, Postal, Gun store, and Suburban clothing shop Private garage Nice area Keypad entrance inside for added security Nearby highways make it easy to get to your destination and back home. Rent Price: $15,000/month ((1 ooc week)) R
  14. I want a 3G house to rent very urgent. Contact me on #3762972
  15. Price: $15,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Large Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 3 Vehicles Agent: Jace Moore Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Jace Moore Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Family Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Luke Price Price: $10,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Beach Side Home Status: Leased Garage: 2 Vehicles Agent: Luke Price Price: $7,000 a month (Weekly) Type: Small Apartment Status: Leased Garage: 1 Vehi
  16. Hello there, Stefanie here! Renting is completely closed for the foreseeable furture. Greetings, Stefanie Huth
  17. Hello prospective renters, Looking for that quality home that is located in the beautiful Vinewood Hills suburbs? However you cannot afford the higher price tags? Been spending it all on those car upgrades from LSC or Bayview? Then do I have the solution for you! I currently have a home available for rent in area of Vinewood Hills. #12 South Mo Milton Drive. Features of this beautiful house include: > 3-Car Garage Parking, > Spacious interiors (enough for 2-3 occupants), > Full extra storage for your extra belongings, and > Short travel distances to LS
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