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  1. https://youtu.be/xfaDPpLPpMU Sorry for late response, I wasn't at home @Dalvichan
  2. Just wanted to say that one of the officers used their panic button when they arrived and they saw two armed persons with a hostage inside. Here's proof i didnt have the keys on me https://ibb.co/q9Jt61c https://ibb.co/YPqhSYc And here's moderator stating u cant raid twice https://ibb.co/djmCjk4
  3. Jasmine said: We determined that the act of locking his door once inside was not powergaming, as there is a scripted time frame for this action to be completed. So you shouldn't really raid the house another time. I would need a confirmation from the admin taking this complaint to refund the stuff they took and the cops took.
  4. Again, I have nothing to do with cops coming, the house is owned by Jason Morrison and you failed 6 or more times to unlock his door and everytime you fail he gets a warning , so he called the cops for his house safety, you took my radio and phone battery and I never used them. I have sent you the screenshot for me hiding the door keys in my car over discord and I have that on video, it took a while because I didnt have discord online so I had to wait until it opens up and send you the ss also when i said ill alt tab to send it your friend kept RPing with me until I said will you pause the RP to let me send the ss? I won't reply again before admin asks me to.
  5. first of all, Lets not talk about the other complaint here. You raided me twice for the same reason and the ss shows a moderator stating that you cant do it twice for the same reason, If i was rule breaking in the first senario this does not give you the rights to perform another rule break and raid me again. for the metagame please make a complaint against me for that, and ill say what I said, I have nothing to do with that, its Jason's house and owners get notifications when you fail to bolt cutter their doors so he called the cops. for the insults, calling me a motherfucker is not acceptable for me and I didnt accept your apology. for the powergame you asked to frisk me and take my stuff, you still need to rp taking off my mask and clothes, you rp'd frisking my stuff, you never mentioned taking off my clothes and I warned you oocly and you didnt give a fuck. I am not replying again unless admin asks me to.
  6. I have 1 hour video started from the PG Screenshot. please let me know if you need any part of the video.
  7. Player(s) being reported: 42. 49. 117. 400. Date of interaction reported: 23-5-2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1590194710 Your characters name: Terry Morrison Other player(s) involved: Jason Morrison Specific rule(s) broken: * Raiding a house twice for the same reason ( I couldnt find the rule in the rule-book but I confirmed it in /report, mentioned in the evidence) • Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context. Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions. How did the player break the rule(s)? * [Double Raid] They raided my house 2 days ago, and they raided my house again today, with the SAME RP. Both times, they called me to buy my house, they send someone to view the house and agrees to buy, we get out of the house to find 4-5 guns aimed at the door. * [PG] One of them frisked me, its fine. but he took off my clothes without RP? Never RP'd taking off my mask or short or shoes? just right click drop? * [OOC INSULT] When they were in the prison, they kept talking shit about me and insulting me OOCly. * [STALLING RP] They kept losing our time in /b while everyone asks them to stay IC Evidence of rule breach: 1 Double Raid OLD ONE - New one will be seen in the next evidences. 2 PG - As you may see there's no any RP after he frisked me, never attempted to take off my mask or clothes. SCREENSHOT 3 OOC INSULT - SCREENSHOT
  8. Anyways, gonna clear few things before someone asks me to do. 1 - You think I powergamed and lyed in /do because I didnt give the door key. https://ibb.co/q9Jt61c Here's evidence of me hiding the keys in my car, and I already sent you this SS when we were RPing. 2 - You think I metagamed to call the cops. Im not the house owner, its Jason's house and you used the bolt cutters to unlock the door and failed more than 5 times, and if you don't know, house owners get a notification just like when someone fails to unlock one of the doors in their property. So he received a notification, and called the cops. I got nothing to do with that. 3 - Stalling? No, when? I tried to answer every demand very fast because I know you already gonna follow-up in this complaint. Anything else? Im not replying again before admins ask me to do so. have a good one.
  9. You You said lets get that mother fucker banned. any kid would know you mean me, you were talking about me already.
  10. Hmm? When did I metagame? fearRP? powergame? lying and stalling? the hell I did all of that? show me your evidence buddy.
  11. Its not my fault that you raided my house once and couldnt take anything from it, its counted.
  12. Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context.
  13. Gonna report them for OOC insults too. https://ibb.co/4Jtcs60 Im sure im not a motherfucker and I dont like to be insulted OOCly just like that.
  14. So im reporting these guys for raiding my house AGAIN for the same reason, and made me lose a lot of weapons and stuff taken by them and the cops. and to make sure that they CANT raid twice for the same reason, I reported in game and they said NO, they cant raid the house twice for the same reason, and here's the evidence. https://ibb.co/djmCjk4 https://ibb.co/YPqhSYc Also today I had the same lag I had before while unlocking the house (which is something @Dalvichan asked me to provide, if you see in the video all was going fine and no lag at all and suddenly I tried to /showvehicles and got no response, so I tried to /b to check the lag and got no reply from the server, and I hit it like 4-5 times so i can have the same action happened the last time with the "k" key, which proves I wasn't stalling the house unlock. https://streamable.com/314i6t
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