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  1. Killah

    Delete it.

    I can get it for 400 stock
  2. Killah

    Delete it.

    I would pay 490k for it
  3. Killah

    Delete it.

    600k? Way expensive for it.
  4. Killah

    Delete it.

    Drop your offers here, please. I would prefer the maxed out Kamacho.
  5. Killah

    Delete it

    Still on sale. I would like to hear offers
  6. Killah

    Delete it

    Sent you a private message.
  7. Killah

    Delete it

    Lower the price to 270k
  8. Killah

    Delete it

    Still on sale.
  9. Killah

    Delete it

    Do you have an offer?
  10. Killah

    Delete it

    Still on sale.
  11. Are you interested in massacro?
  12. I will trade maxed out Massacro with some cash for kamacho..
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