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  1. Umbracato

    Whats business like?

    Off-Topic: Were you talking about NGRP "god rest that server's soul"? *wink wink* Anyways, the thing about Eclipse is, there's a slightly tweaked version of a Turf/Point system which gives gangs $$$. Before, as far as I know, they have literal turfs in the game but removed it ever since, but right now there are several things that Illegal Factions could benefit from that has "Turf-like" aspects to it. 1. There are Drug Labs and Farms to RP-ly take over which gives you really good amount of cash if utilized properly. 2. There's also, like what Elisabeth said, extortion & protection that an illegal faction could utilize inside their IC Turf. 3. Robberies, a lot of robberies. 4. Selling High-powered firearms.
  2. Umbracato

    Los Santos Triads

    They're nailing the outfits right now, alright. In terms of RP though, if these guys doesn't do Kung Fu like Wu Ming did, I'm outtie.
  3. Umbracato

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Making deals with the Blip Lord
  4. Umbracato

    Los Santos Triads

    Finally! CHINESE CRIMINALS! I'm hyped! Black Hand Triads nostalgia from SA:MP days. HAH!
  5. Umbracato

    3 ID and 43 ID ( 7.2 DM, 7.1 Fear rp )

    EDIT: Oh silly me, I didnt saw the first pic. Anyways, yeah, confirmed, these peeps are fake. We don't wage war OOC-ly. Cheers.
  6. Umbracato

    3 ID and 43 ID ( 7.2 DM, 7.1 Fear rp )

    Speaking on behalf of Vice Lords, just to stop people from getting the wrong idea because of the title, these 2 are fakes. Cheers.
  7. Account name: Maverick#3381 (Humberto Umbracato) Character name(s): Ricardo Umbracato Admin who issued punishment: N/A Date of punishment: N/A Punishment received: N/A Reason given for punishment: N/A Your explanation of what happened: I dont know what happened, last time I checked I can't post anything at Discord Gen chat. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Cause I do not deserve the punishment, never even got a warn for it. Post any evidence or further details:
  8. Umbracato

    [Auction] Warehouse

    Are there ample space to put furnitures inside?
  9. Umbracato

    Hello :)

    Welcome man! 🙂
  10. Umbracato

    New to GTA V RP

    Hey man, welcome!
  11. Umbracato

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Rancho Vice Lords: The Final Chapter The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth The following events happened 2 weeks ago...
  12. Umbracato

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Cheers man!
  13. Umbracato

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    A Normal Day