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  1. Off-Topic: Were you talking about NGRP "god rest that server's soul"? *wink wink* Anyways, the thing about Eclipse is, there's a slightly tweaked version of a Turf/Point system which gives gangs $$$. Before, as far as I know, they have literal turfs in the game but removed it ever since, but right now there are several things that Illegal Factions could benefit from that has "Turf-like" aspects to it. 1. There are Drug Labs and Farms to RP-ly take over which gives you really good amount of cash if utilized properly. 2. There's also, like what Elisabeth said, extortion & protection that an illegal faction could utilize inside their IC Turf. 3. Robberies, a lot of robberies. 4. Selling High-powered firearms.
  2. They're nailing the outfits right now, alright. In terms of RP though, if these guys doesn't do Kung Fu like Wu Ming did, I'm outtie.
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Making deals with the Blip Lord
  4. Finally! CHINESE CRIMINALS! I'm hyped! Black Hand Triads nostalgia from SA:MP days. HAH!
  5. EDIT: Oh silly me, I didnt saw the first pic. Anyways, yeah, confirmed, these peeps are fake. We don't wage war OOC-ly. Cheers.
  6. Speaking on behalf of Vice Lords, just to stop people from getting the wrong idea because of the title, these 2 are fakes. Cheers.
  7. Account name: Maverick#3381 (Humberto Umbracato) Character name(s): Ricardo Umbracato Admin who issued punishment: N/A Date of punishment: N/A Punishment received: N/A Reason given for punishment: N/A Your explanation of what happened: I dont know what happened, last time I checked I can't post anything at Discord Gen chat. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Cause I do not deserve the punishment, never even got a warn for it. Post any evidence or further details:
  8. Are there ample space to put furnitures inside?
  9. Rancho Vice Lords: The Final Chapter The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth The following events happened 2 weeks ago...
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