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  1. Tony Calavoni

    [Selling] 1 garage House near Taco

    I can give ya the 85k
  2. Tony Calavoni

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    how much is this going for?
  3. Tony Calavoni

    Whats business like?

    "Hi, I'm a NGG Refugee, how may I help you?" I love that my man.. I feel I should have the same thing under my name hahaha.. Thanks for the 2 responses.. really appreciate the input!!!!
  4. Tony Calavoni

    Whats business like?

    Hey I'm wondering what do gangs or factions do to make money? I remember back in San Andrea Multiplayer(SAMP) there were turfs to own and take over. since there isn't turfs anymore what is the main focus for gangs to do? I'm knew to Eclipse and I have tried some of the civilian jobs and thats great and all but is there more of a criminal aspect once you join a family?
  5. Tony Calavoni

    Hey Hey

    failed the rp test 3 times.. can't get past the first multiple choice questions lol.. looks like I wont be seeing ya.. I was excited for a min. cheers!
  6. Tony Calavoni

    Hey Hey

    maddox, now thats a familiar name... bbs lol
  7. Tony Calavoni

    Hey Hey

    Hey whats up... I'm Tony Calavoni. way back use to be on NGRP on SAMP. had many names. last 1 was Anthony_C_Lyve!!! looking to get into some fun and make connections.. hit me up if you use to be on SAMP and perhaps you remember me!
  8. Tony Calavoni

    Arrived Today

    My name is Tony Calavoni, I have just landed in the city. Looking to make some connections.