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  1. maybe add it to yellow jack so it gets used?? +1
  2. reeceobz

    Los Zetas

    A meeting with a few of the family and friends The Russian Grandpa Look When the fish feels heavier then usual When the enemy has to be put in their place action is taken Sometimes gang shit can be stressful and you need something to relive you
  3. another uk member. We are taking over 😎
  4. why should you be rewarded for killing a cop? Its not a dm server O.o
  5. Account name:Reeceobz Character name(s):Reece Curry Admin who issued punishment:Archaeah Date of punishment:17th Febuary 2019 Punishment received: Non RP #3 Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened: I was with a friend trying to show him how to rob someone and to see how he had developed his rp to join our gang when we pulled up on this guy on the bike. The situation went as unintended and the feller didn't accept my demands of getting off of his bike and drove off which we then gave pursuit to. The guy on the bike then ran to a ncz where i hit him off his bike resulting in his death. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Its been a few months now and i have came to realise that ncz's expand a lot further then right in front of the building the so called cameras are protecting and have updated myself on the whereabouts of the ncz at the pd. At the time i was trying to block the guy from running to pd to get protection as i turned to the right and back to the left in the rain whilst driving the v12 which we all know drives like shit in the rain especially when turning. Once i had realised what had happened and that it was in the ncz i immediately said in ooc "ffs" as i knew that things had not gone as planned. I hope all can be forgiven.
  6. Selling maxed Carbonizzare Located at High end Stock Price: $262.000 Selling Price: $310.000 The Carbonizzare is a hard top convertible suitable for all occasions. With a 7 speed gearbox with great shifting speed the car will get you to your desired destination faster then any other car within this price range. The cost to fully mod the car is well over $100.000 so by grabbing this car you will be saving yourself a fair bit and wont regret it either. Grab it at high end whilst it lasts.
  7. you better pick that hat up
  8. that recording software tho. where can i get that
  9. The only time our voice channels are used is mostly when the servers down and we go play other games. If we have communication problems in game like being unable to hear someone we would just relog. Also how could you say it’s the “whole zeta squad” when we have 61 people within the gang?
  10. What about when we die to dm and desync. People still take our shit and we have to go out and find it, we dont have the privilege to spawn a new one. If the server really does promote realism then why does this happen on a daily basis?
  11. reeceobz


    So we are supposed to go to war with every other gang because the new ones dont have a chance? We have made good friends with our allies both ic and ooc so why would we want to do that?
  12. reeceobz


    if i got in and drove off i would understand where your coming from by reporting me but your taking a incident further then it needs to go. Harry knew i was not actually attempting to steal his cruiser as he has had many experiences with me in the past where we have had a bit of a laugh with each other also he would of tried to arrest me for attempted gta. @Devvo Innit
  13. reeceobz


    Me and Harry Davis have a good friendship ic and he well knows i wouldn't of stole his cruiser nor would i of drove off if it was unlocked. your just trying to report anything you can out of zetas, Do you have some kind of problem with us?
  14. house was sold a while ago
  15. but yet you get it as soon as you join pd? a cadet - PO3 doesn't sound like anything luxurious
  16. reeceobz

    Los Zetas

    find one of us in game and you'll get passed onto a recruiter if your worthy 🙂
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