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  1. Am looking to buy a small property for cheapish could be anywhere. email: (sammy#0151)@LS.com Phone: 3301981 Send me your offers
  2. How much are you trying to over charge
  3. I know they where 180k for the small ones to buy what about 250k i can pay you later today
  4. Save room 6 please i am the owner of room 2 i will take them both
  5. Selling my lovely Dominator GTX had it for months and it has been a great car for losing police in the city but time for an upgrade. The car is maxed but needs one engine upgrade which is $8,000. If you have any question email Sammy#[email protected] or text me 3301981
  6. I will sell for 200k in the city text me 3301981 or email me (Sammy#0151)@lifeinvader.com
  7. I will sell for 200k in the city text me 3301981 or email me (Sammy#0151)@lifeinvader.com
  8. I will sell for 200k in the city text me 3301981
  9. I think having different fines should be a thing based on XP so its fair for new players. I have had a few new players tell me about all the tickets they have got and its way to much to pay off so they just speed all the time now and dont care about the cameras one said if the prices where lower they would pay them off but now its over 100k. This is my solution New players < 5000XP & >75kph = $250 < 5000XP & >90kph = $500 < 5000XP & >120kph = $750 Normal players > 5000XP & >75kph = $750 > 5000XP & >90kph = $1500 > 5000XP & >120kph = $2500 This would allow new players to pay them before they get out of control once they get a around 5 fines that adds up to around 10k that is a lot for a new player they will just give up and not pay because it would take around 2 hours to pay that off with a normal job with this system it would be a lot affordable for new players also for normal players a small adjustment.
  10. send a request to your email
  11. Looking for a 1 garage house in or near Los Santos my budget is around 150k send me a text me @3301981
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