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  1. Same thing happened to me and a friend 8 gone from mine and 10 from his we tried a to do a refund request but sadly there is no way to prove they just bugged out.
  2. Hi Rajj Ameen here, thanks for taking the time to review this report @Awazki and @Dalvichan As @KronosBronx said they have been chasing allied members with the intention to rob them, so we set up an ambush to save them after they drove into the scene demands were shouted from multiple people and you can hear them in @HDKSamurai POV and you can see he tried to flee the scene in his car and then on foot at the end of his clip. I agree I might have shot a little early from my side but I seen bullets hitting the car and it was the heat of the moment. In my POV I waited a little to shoot and none of my shoots even connected meaning it would have not changed the outcome of the RP anyway. I would also like to note that when @HDKSamurai jumped out of his car on his POV it looks like he had no intention to put his hands up or was going to comply with any demands making it FRP. My footage: https://streamable.com/uhkonp
  3. Apartments are basically worthless now I bought one in eclipse towers for 1.4m thinking it was rare ish and luxury and a few weeks later they added more and the price of mine will sell for less than 500k because there are way to many. It just makes me sad I grinded for one thinking it was good investment and it was rare ish just for devs to add more when the market for apartments was already bad. The other thing is where does it stop, will they just keep adding 50 when they sell out of them will there be some kind of cap.
  4. Great RP as always Lola
  5. Higher res images Before: https://ibb.co/x7dKZWd After: https://ibb.co/QmfqfXw
  6. Character to be refunded: Rajj_Ameen Date and time of incident: I logged on Monday morning and found out they were missing. Requested refund (what and how much): 8 Weed drug tables Description of incident resulting in loss: I have no idea what happened to them I logged in, and they were gone I had 14 in total and now I have 6 left the screenshot of the tables are is taken from a 2 days ago this was the latest picture of my tables. Other than that I can't really prove I had the tables. Evidence of loss: before: After: Comments: This also happened in 2 other apartments that my friends own we checked his place, and he's missing 10 coke tables and the other friend is missing 1 weed table and 1 vent.
  7. Character name: Rajj Ameen Issue/bug you are reporting: There is currently a bug that allows people to view people who are in an apartment when entering it, it will show them for a split second revealing that someone is in fact present which means they can camp the door and just wait for you to leave. Now that admins are making people remove airlocks it's not going to be possible to feel safe in apartments any more until this bug is fixed. Expected behavior: It should never show people who are currently in the house on the door when you walk in. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: This only happens 20% of the time when entering an apartment there will most likely be a way to get this to work 100% Video: https://streamable.com/fais2f
  8. To low sorry i want at least 550k for it
  9. Price updated to 580k on the door
  10. Selling 2G with boat access $580,000 Price on door Offers: TEXT ME @ 3301981 Pictures
  11. Intro The new UI is most likely sticking around but it needs a lot of work to be more efficient over the old system here are some points that I think would help out the new system and make it a lot better. Issues Main issue Current Binds -The current way the system works means that it uses next weapon and previous weapon binds on the scroll wheel so a lot of the time it will pull a gun out or the weapons wheel will pop up and be annoying while trying to interact with an object. This needs to change there must be another way to use the scroll wheel to scroll the menu maybe binding different keys or removing the weapons wheel when you scroll. Houses & Properties - The way we access houses now is slow and annoying mostly because we have to look at the floor find the area where we can scroll and unlock the door this is a lot of work just to access your house this also needs fixing. The menu should be placed above the middle of the door, so we don't have to move our cameras the bottom of our doors, or we go back to the old system for unlocking the doors. UI Itself - The UI looks good but the area where you can use the menu is way off for mostly everything you could be looking in the middle of a bag and it would not allow you to use the menu the access coordinates needs fixing or reworking so it's the same access points all around the menu. Other map interactions - At the moment most things like shops and ATM's have been moved to the new system but you leave things like parking out and dealerships are still on the old system I feel like everything should be on the same system to stop confusion. Bags & cases - The way the menu is set out on bags is not good we have to scroll 3 times just to search it this should be the other way around the options should be search - pickup - carry. Examples Current binds New door idea UI access box Old system Bag order If you can think of any other improvements please post them!
  12. Back in the day when the cap was 2h and you could afk those where the days.
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