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Found 4 results

  1. Christopher Bridge, the now Leader of the Brotherhood, was born in the slums of Chicago and grew up very poor and with his mother struggling to pay bills. When Christopher was 20 years old and almost finished with college he was faced with the traumatic event of losing his mother. After struggling with the passing of his mother for 2 years Christopher decided it was time for a change. This is when he boarded a flight to Los Santos. Shortly after arriving Christopher knew life in this city was ruthless and there was only one way to live by “Get it how you live.” With this mindset Christopher was set out to do whatever it took to be successful and would stop at nothing to do so. After mining some oil and hunting animals, Christopher realized he needed to do something different. This is where he discovered the art of cooking and manufacturing narcotics. The job was daunting and often boring sitting in his apartment assuring his lab was cool and stable but the payout was good. One day Christopher was out moving product and came across a stranger who seemed to have good potential. This is when he met his closest friend Swarles Barkley. Swarles taught him the art of picklocking and petty theft, which when done efficiently can bring a pretty penny in on a daily basis. “As long as people have shit to do, there will be cars to steal.” Shortly after cooking mixed with stealing cars Christopher bought his 3rd house. This house wasn’t just a property he would be using to hold his product for the time being, this place felt like home. So with that feeling Christopher made it just that. Putting tons of hours into decorating and furnishing the interior as well as exterior this house now held a deep place in Christopher's heart. After a year of being with the Organization known as La Nostra Famiglia, Christopher decided it was time for him to move onto bigger and better things. Not only for himself, but everyone who he considered family at that point. The Bridge Street Brotherhood is an organization built on Love, Trust, Respect, and most importantly Family. Christopher Bridge and Swarles “Barker” Barkley built The Bridge Street Brotherhood in hopes to make something that had felt more like a family rather than a gang. So that's exactly what they did. Convincing their closest friends and brothers that this was the right move Christopher acted on the opportunity to make something of his own, something he would be proud of, his family. So Christopher and Barker got to work, recruiting, making phone calls, building bridges that would be necessary for the gang's success. The first person Christopher called was his best friend from the past Joey Scadaducci, Joey was in LNF with Chris at the very beginning but had to leave the city to deal with complications back home. Once Joey was ready to return Christopher came to him with the opportunity of running BSB with him. Joey was at first skeptical knowing the task of running a gang was a lot of work but with the support of Christopher he knew everything was going to work out. Another person who played a big part in helping Christopher secure connections was Jay Valentino, who had tight knit connections in the Rooks organization. It started by getting in contact with a man named Suken who was able to put Christopher and Jay into contact with the rest of his organization and begin forming the connection between the two organizations. Whilst working on these relations the brotherhood continues to build their presence around the city and Bridge Street. Byrese Randle, another member of command, helps the organization run smoothly and on track by keeping the members' heads in check. Potential for the organization seems limitless, only the length of time will tell the tale. BSB is a Crime Syndicate with street gang qualities. The majority of the groups members were born and raised in low income areas but their paths in life had led them towards a higher class lifestyle all with the common goal of "Making it out the hood." Being located in Mirror Park they have achieved that goal but in no way are they near their peak. A classy group of individuals who also aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, that's what they were and they promised to stick to that. The Brotherhood resides on the eastern side of the city primarily on Bridge Street in Mirror Park. Everything BSB does has a purpose and is not for nothing. BSB’s primary interests are conducting professional business with solid benefits whilst trying to stay out of unnecessary drama and beef. Members of BSB indulge in all sorts of business that ranges from chopping cars and other petty theft, manufacturing narcotics, and hitting banks on occasion. -Maintain a presence on Bridge Street and in Mirror Park -Build solid business connections with like minded organizations and become integral to their success -Expand their criminal enterprise into other parts of the eastern side of the city. -Defend their turf and Bridge Street at all costs. -Avoid Unnecessary heat from PD. -Must have 20,000 Experience Points In Game -All members of the Faction must know and strictly abide by the servers rules. -All members must display a high level of roleplay at all times. -There is Zero Tolerance for OOC Toxicity
  2. Fake ID What: Criminals are able to gather materials to make fake ID's for people. It involves luck and chance to be able to create good/bad quality ID's. This will require ID's to be a physical item. I think it would be great to create a slot similar to earrings so that it doesnt take space. This will mean other ID's (Real ones) Will have to be physical Criminals can make fake ID's and sell them for whatever price they wish. How: Materials are needed for this task, you will need a crafting table that DOESNT require ventilation. You will require card, lamination sheets, holographic paper and HD printing ink. You will stand at the table, load the ingredients and every 30 minutes 1 fake ID is created. Buffers: To make it fair, you have a 50/50 chance of making excellent quality ID's. So the options are Excellent/Good - Sub-par Bad. Excellent/Good ID's will have realistic names and ages which you can /inspectID Subpar/Bad ID's will have strange names that are silly with strange ages which again you can check. Fake ID's last for 24 hours, BECAUSE when ran through the MDC, it will bring up a temporary FAKE record (So that officers aren't suspicious). At the moment you have to /time stamp RP to drop your license, i propose that you can right click /drop your License, but it will re-appear in your inventory after 4 hours. How does this affect /prison Realistically you cannot prison someone who you cannot adequately identify so here is what i propose for this. You cannot prison someone without ID, it would give you a prompt if you try to do it: "You cannot prison this person, they don't have any ID!" The only way you can now prison someone is if you know their full first and lastname. This is so that you can ascertain their identity realistically and this will also allow for the fake ID system to be put into play. Examples: Ben gets the tools to create fake ID. He crafts the ID, and it is of excellent quality. Upon crafting completion, a temporary fake rapsheet is created based on name availability Ben /inspectID's his new item. It would show: This ID is of Excellent Quality and reads: Eleanor Wheatsheef Ben sells the ID to Amy. Amy is a hardened criminal. Amy hangs around her criminal friends when a drive-by happens. Amy is questioned by the police after the fact. They take her ID, inspecting it. They would see: This ID is of Excellent Quality and reads: Eleanor Wheatsheef They would look up this person and see they don't have a record. Amy is set free. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ben gets the tools to create fake ID. He crafts the ID, and it is of excellent quality. Upon crafting completion, a temporary fake rapsheet is created based on name availability Ben /inspectID's his new item. It would show: This ID is of Excellent Quality and reads: Brian Jensen Ben sells the ID to John, John steals a car and is caught. Police check the ID and it would show: This ID is of Excellent Quality and reads: Brian Jensen When officers look up his rapsheet, he has no priors so Brian is given a lesser sentence.
  3. License plate theft What: Criminals are able to steal license plates from other peoples vehicles then either sell them to other players or place them onto a car How: With a drill in their inventory, they stand behind a car, type /stealplate. A timer would activate that is quite long (To make it fair). Once complete the plate becomes a physical item in the inventory and the vehicle that now has a stolen plate would be replaced with 0000000 (So that officers/civilians are able to distinguish a stolen plate vs scrap vehicle). Now players have a physical plate, as mentioned prior they can either sell it for whatever price they wish, or go to another vehicle, with drill in hand and type /attachplate to put the plate onto the car. This now means when the plate is scanned, it will show the OTHER vehicle. (Great for crimes where they want to use their own vehicle) Buffers: To make it fair for ALL parties, the plates are only viable/useable for 4 hours (The same as mors), when the 4 hours runs out, the plate will return to the original car giving the thief a notification: "The plate you lifted has been retrieved by government officials and returned to the owner!" You cannot steal faction plates There is a proximity in effect to make it so you have to be directly behind the REAR plate only to make it work.
  4. So I was having one of many conversations about what could help improve the current state of ECRP and a few ideas came up that I wanted to share. Don't get me wrong, I think ECRP is awesome, but no matter how awesome you are, there's always room for improvement. One should always aim high and never get settled in. Keep building, keep improving and keep moving forward. I'll list them without too much detail, just to see what people think about these and perhaps we could start some type of conversation surrounding this. Civilian Roleplay I truly believe that civilian RP is life's blood of Eclipse. We'll always have people who want to RP as Crim and law enforcement but widespread focus on civilian RP is what's going to balance the player base and provide more interactions and RP at a much bigger scale, and I do believe giving those new players a more simple place to belong would serve as the best decision eclipse could ever make. See right now, new players rush Crim because they quickly start to realize, the side jobs don't pay much and the government jobs take almost a week to get a payout, while criminals get that cash immediately along with some proper fun to boot. Here's something I think we'll all enjoy. - Raise the payout on side jobs such as Postal, Money truck, wheat farming, bus driving, etc. Give a base pay for trucking, allowing the owners of businesses to make orders still, but the extra money becomes labor fee. Example, say I make an order for 2500 liters of gas. I may set the payment at $1300, but their base pay could be 500, filling in that rental fee and allowing them more motivation to even do truckers to begin with, without taking too much profit from business owners. See with a lot of businesses, we get hit with a 35% tax and I'll expand on this more. In order to fill 20k liters into a station, it costs 100k flat at $5 stock. Now if I want to make reasonable profit on that, I'd put it at $8, which would then give me a 60k profit every time I sell out. Yet, I have to pay truckers to fill these orders as well, so on top of the 60k, I'm making, $49,600 every sell out if I pay the truckers $1300 per order of 2500 liters. That's only at a $1300 payout to the truckers, minus their own rental fee and tax, they make much less than the $1300 I'm paying them. TL;Dr, it's chump change and I would love to pay them more, but I'm not going to dig too deep into my minimal profits to do so because keep in mind, if it takes me a month to get $1.5m in my business, 35% tax will give me $975k and that will be much less if I dig deeper into paying out truckers even more. Back on topic completely: These side jobs should pay more in order to give these new players and current civilians something to do, knowing it's worth it at the end of the day. The economy isn't being ruined by higher payments, it's being ruined by people who have way too much while everyone else has so little. When new business locations open, who gets them? Mostly older players from an older economy that are already set, buying them up before the price decrease even kicks in on the business. When I sell a vehicle and take a 5% hit, it doesn't hurt me because I know that money will come back to me in a full circle. It hurts the Average Joe who does not have a passive income. - Give government jobs their labor back. When I used to work at LSC, there would be a base fee and a labor fee and every paycheck, I would head over to the poker table and spend my hard earned cash, losing most of the time but winning from the enjoyment I received from being a gambling addict. It got so bad, that LSC threatened to fire me and/or not promote me if I kept gambling; it was a great time. I would be hype to see someone fully maxing their car, because I knew I would take a percentage of that labor into my own salary, immediately. It wasn't too much, but it wasn't too little and the payments were enough to keep me working. I'm a strong believer in "if something isn't broken, don't fix it" I hate to pull the "It's still a video game" statement, but that doesn't make me wrong about it either. I get why payments are almost weekly now, it promotes more realism. Yet ask yourself, "does it promote a more entertaining environment?" if the answer is no, or neutral, then something is wrong. I think automatic salaries were awesome and these should revert back to how they used to be. It didn't hurt the economy and it didn't make you rich. In order to see real money from it, you had to REALLY put time and effort in, but you also didn't sit there starving broke until next week either. It was a great balance and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. - State Government needs work, asap. I think there's so much room to build upon the current State Government. When it was first opened, I was excited and I filled out an application and joined up immediately, but I feel I was mislead. I got bored, stopped working and eventually got fired for it, which is fair. Now is a greater time than ever to give ourselves more realism and fun. Lawyers, judges and business licenses. Currently, PD handles their own IA department and while some people would argue that it's fine, I don't think it is for multiple reasons. I'm not here to debate with you people, I'm here to give you an idea that promotes better RP and see if you'll bite. I think the state government should completely handle IA reports in the future. I'm not saying this because I think PD is incapable of it, I'm saying it because we have a 'state government' that's almost dead and it could be something they're in charge of, in order to give them more to do. Although I wouldn't recommend it, you could take the same people doing IA reports now, place them into a different faction that handles it and boom, nothing changes if that's what you really want. If an officer has an IA report against him, what better time to have a judge, jury and lawyers? If PD is going to house raid someone, what better time to get a warrant from said people? There's so much room for State gov, I can't touch on all of them but I can raise the idea and let you all think. Social security numbers, physical ID's, warrants, bounty hunting offers for contracted bounty hunters, for high value wanted targets. (not a Dead or Alive thing, mainly just alive lol), gun licenses, etc. There's too much lmao Misc suggestions - Organize the clothing options around the stores of LS, create a jeweler and mask shop. You want more realism? Bet, say less. Let's take a lesson from GTA story mode and section out these stores. You want urban clothes? Go to an urban spot. You want luxury clothing? Go to a suburban spot to get them. You want jewels? Head over to the jeweler. You want a mask? head over the mask shop near Vespucci. I think this would promote more realism in itself. You could even add scripts to remove certain clothing items without going to the store in order to press "remove". For example, /takeoffchain. If I'm robbing someone and he has a chain on or a watch, shit maybe both. "Yo ima need all that shit, take that chain off" or /me attempts to snatch his chain. The options are almost endless. Should I take my shirt off for some spicey ERP? /takeoffshirt Ya'll get the idea, I won't go too deep. Minor Crim suggestion (I know some things are probably already in the works, but I thought I'd add this for safe keeping really) - Please give us more ammo on the laptop. Waiting for 50 minutes to get 30 micro Ammo is not the wave, point blank. At least separate the ammo count per official gang, we should have our own stock from our own plugs. There's no reason ALL of us have to share the same overseas connect, that just isn't realistic. Fighting with other gangs to get 30 ammo around the clock isn't fun, it's the absolute opposite. Beyond anything criminal related, this is a genuine issue I feel should be fixed asap. If Irish were around, why would Zetas (Cartel) and Irish (IRA) share the same ammo count? This basically forces friction between official gangs, disallowing us from actually selling guns to people because we get to the point where we HAVE to share all of it with our members for personal use, because it's so very limited, it can't be wasted on anyone else. That's reason enough for official gangs to war with each other, because if they die off, we get more ammo. That should not be a reason to go to war and we've refrained from doing that, but for how long can that mentality be kept up? For the love of all official gangs, please fix this laptop system. Before any criminal updates, this needs to be #1 in my opinion and I'm sure we can agree on this one without too much trouble. I'm not saying there should be 300-400 ammo up at one time, you could separate each gangs ammo reserve to 100 or so and raise the refresh rate. We don't care, as long as we're not battling for ammo with other gangs. To all the PD and unofficial gangs reading this. Keep in mind, this also effects you. Ya'll want more guns at a reasonable price? Think about it. PD, do you want to see less large scale fighting in the city? Think about it. Official gangs should have the opportunity to be more passive for the sake of the community. No one wants us roaming around like terrorists, so please provide us with some content. Selling guns is part of that, would you shoot and rob a loyal customer? We want the ability to sell high grade drugs, imported from the laptop. We want to sell guns, we want to provide much more to Eclipse, but there's only so much we can do without some help along the way. We've reached the point where we're official and we want to be the symbol of organized crime. There's no reason we should have to rob drug labs and do petty stuff like robbing stores and cooking drugs, when we could be the plug for everyone else. You want some high end, potent coke for parties? Come to Zetas and buy it. You want some high end, wild ass heroin straight from China? Go hit up Triads. You get the point, I'm sure we can all agree on something. Allow us official gangs to stay out of the way and oversee others in our lane, like we're supposed to. We could do so much more and take away so much less.
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