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  1. Um, you pointed the gun at us which is threatening our lives so I can shoot you, I also missed you and hit the tank since from the angle i was at you were very close to it, you can see in chat how my friends gave demands and your other friends started shooting us so it was a start of an active shootout. I think we should wait on an admin to check this out.
  2. From your pov you can see you pointed the gun first and thats why I shot, and I just accidentally hit the tank. Also you told to save pov after the situation and my nvidia experience does not capture that long. I don't see where i DM'd you here as you pointed at me and threatened my life. Also by the time you came we have given demands to the people around us and you were a part of them. You can also see that in the chat.
  3. Hey so can we talk about something right now?

  4. @Aieos I thought all the evidence has to be provided here in forums unless there is personal information involved.
  5. Hey, 170 ID here, but noone said to me to save pov, or maybe i didn't see so if someone said Its ok it was not me, I was the one who hit the gas tank. Also please post the pov, because if you are the guy i killed by the gas tank, i shot the gas tank out of panic and it was very dark, the guy at the gas tank pointed a gun at me, and thats crime, threatening my life so I was allowed to shoot at him, but I missed and hit the tank since he was right next to it. I don't have POV saved but if the guy i shot has it, you should see in his POV he is a pointing gun. Would be great if you provided P
  6. Gustas2K

    ID 196 PG

    This has nothing to do with the report what I have to say. But I think we had a good chance at that fight if we didnt get VDM'd both of us
  7. Gustas2K

    ID 196 PG

    I was injured, I was hoping for a last chance of saving my life and calling someone, thought that would be realistic, and nobody was actively shooting next to me, as you can see we both just got ran over VDM'd mid of shootout.
  8. Gustas2K

    ID 196 PG

    @kitkatkait I am not sure, I did not know you could not lie in /do but the player that reported me informed me after, I am sorry for lying in /do. I did do that. I have no valid reason for why I did it, I don't think there is a valid reason.
  9. Gustas2K

    ID 196 PG

    Hello, I believe this is me in the video, The powergaming issue is false, I believe it does not show our demands in the video because this guy is driving far back, the people that were close to us, we slowed down until our bike was next to their car and shouted, "if you keep following us we will shoot", around 3-4 times, they did not show any sense of slowing down and kept chasing us so we started shooting. Edit: around 0:28-0:30 we are close to them shouting to stop chasing. It can not be heard since the guy thats recording is far back.
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