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Found 8 results

  1. Dxwnfalls

    RV Changes

    I think the 25 kph is way too slow. Yes I get it. Going 120 while having furniture and stacks of oil barrels or ores is not realistic. But driving halfway across the map going 25 is painful. I think 50 kph is doable. 25 is just way too low. Idk if it was nerfed because of realism or because they think it was too easy to make money. But if it was because of money. If you do mining with 9 safes you make about 30k in 2.5-3 hours in real life. That’s still a lot of time and tedious work for only 30k that you can blow off in less than a second at the mechanic. I understand and actually back the nerf for realism. But I just feel 25 is far too low
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 20 August 2019, 17:00 CEST Character name: David_Aceveda Issue/bug you are reporting: Outdoor Furniture is gone after the update from 19yh August Expected behavior: The furniture outside the door didn't broke any rule so it has to be where it was. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Every piece of my outdoor furniture (walls, door, plants, lights etc.) is gone. It didn't broke any rule to be removed by an admin, I heard that other players have the same issue too, so it has to be a bug.
  3. As it stands now, all inventories are the same. You pockets' size is the same as your car's and your house's. It's unrealistic, boring, and to be honest it could be so much deeper and better. My suggestion might require a lot of work to be implemented, but it would make inventories so much more fun to work and roleplay with. PS: The figures I'll be stating here are but suggestions, if my idea was to be accepted, they can be changed to whatever suits the server best. New items' size: Weapons: Handguns ought to be a 1 slot item SMGs ought to be a 2 slot item Rifles / Shotguns ought to be a 3 slot item Narcotics: Drugs' max stack size should be 10 items per stack I was thinking of making it so that each type of drug has its specific max stack size since not all drugs weigh the same, but I think that would make it far too complicated. New Inventory Sizes: Houses: Each house, depending on whether it's a small 1 garage-space house or a 4, should have an inventory that goes along with its size. 1 garage space should have a much smaller inventory than a 4 garage-space house. Or maybe make multiple possible stash locations in larger houses. Character: The character's max inventory size should be very limited, in my opinion not exceeding 4 slots. Vehicles: Cars inventory should be accessible from the outside next to the trunk, which after pressing the "O" button is physically opened and the player is given access the car's inventory. Motorcycles inventory can be accessed from anywhere close and off of the bike by pressing the same button. Players next to an open trunk may press the inventory button to access the vehicle's iventory view. Vehicle trunks have to be manually and physically closed again by the player by pressing the same button to open it. These actions ought to trigger an automatic /me describing whether the player opened or closed the trunk of their vehicle. Bikes: 4-8 slots Cars: 12-20 slots Vans: 35-50 slots Trucks: 100+ slots PS:All vehicles except for motorcycles ( this also excludes 3 wheelers and quads ) have a small, inside inventory ( People usually RP this by referring to it as the glovebox ) that can be accessed as per usual. But this inside inventory ought to be very small and limited. New Inventory-Related Item: Briefcase A portable, small briefcase that increases the player's inventory by 8 slots. This item will compensate for the old player's inventory being cut. It can be dropped and given to other players, making it enhance certain roleplay scenarios. The briefcase's size taken ( in inventories such as houses and cars ) has to be bigger than the player's inventory size, avoiding the possibility of players hiding their briefcases in their pockets. So when bought, it is directly put into the player's hand. Buying more than 1 makes the player carry the 2+ briefcases as they would carry a big box or the wheat bags, and they have to put them in a trunk or drop them in order to free their hands (In inventories, briefcases ought to be unstackable). Commands related to the briefcase could be: Pressing "O" while carrying a briefcase - Makes the player drop their briefcase Pressing "O" while next to a briefcase - Makes the player pickup the nearest briefcase Pressing "E" while next to a trunk - Stashes the briefcase into the vehicle's inventory. Vehicle's trunk needs to be open first. Pressing "E" while next to a stash spot - Stashes the briefcase. The player needs to have the briefcase equipped in order to check its content by pressing "I". While carrying a briefcase, the player may use one-handed weapons with a slight penalty to accuracy. 2 handed weapons cannot be selected when the briefcase is equipped. All of these actions related to the briefcase should trigger an automatic "/me" that describes the action. (Opens the briefcase/ stashes the briefcase/ drops, etc... ) The briefcase should be very cheap, and obtainable from any convenience store. Different and more expensive variants of the briefcase can be implemented with ones that either carry more than the regular one, or that are protected by a code. ( /lockbc XXXX ) New Cash Limit:(Not Necessary) The maximum amount of cash the player can carry should be limited, and if the player needs to make a transaction that requires more than the set cap, they need a briefcase to transport their money in. In order to fill a briefcase with cash, players need to have one in their hand before withdrawing money from ATMs. Once the money is transferred into the briefcase, pressing I with the briefcase equipped will tell the player how much money the briefcase has. Depositing the money that's in the briefcase requires the same steps as withdrawing it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone has suggestions that could improve the idea, feel free to comment it and, if it gathers enough upvotes, I'll add it in the "edit" section of the post :)
  4. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.1.0 Additions: Added arrest calculator to police MDC that allows officers to pick charges/tickets from a list and automatically add them to a player's criminal record Added /dice command that rolls a dice and gives a number back (make your own gambling games) Added penal code laws to database for searching in-game Added automatic payment of tickets when being jailed for criminal charges (not regular tickets only misdemeanor/felony ones) Added contact/phone number when receiving a call Added house sharing Added house management UI Added ability to buy cars from vehicle shops with hand money Added two-factor authentication Added ATM near DMV Added prison Added more animations Added poker won/loss counter (leaderboards) Added moving mouth when talking Added car rent to DMV Added poker (thanks to Guad for UI) Added masks (/masktoggle) Added radio VOIP (hold M) Added limit to how many houses you can own Added a bollard to the top of Downtown Mechanic stairs Added tyre walls to Downtown Mechanic entrance Added AK47's to warehouses Added MicroSMG to warehouses Added weapon attachments: Flashlight, Extended Mag, Grip, Scope to warehouses Added boats Changes: Changed criminal record charges entirely, now it will include time and fine amount for automatic jail time and prison time calculation (faster arrests! hooray! also clean criminal records for all) Charges will now be by name and not player data, so if you name change you will have a clean record Changed the way talking on the phone looks as it makes more sense to not include mask id or alias, now it will show contact name or phone number Changed phone /messages command with an extra parameter for contact name or number so players can filter out messages from numbers/contacts Health loss when downed is now not random Changed vehicle shop/general store marker types Engine must be turned off in order to refuel Reworked mors insurance UI Renamed Donator messages to Sponsored Bleet and VIP announcements to Bleet Changed authentication UI Changed character creation UI Changed plastic surgery UI Changed clothing store UI Changed tattoo store UI Changed ATM UI Some changes to account security Optimized speed limit performance (cruise control) Updated pricing on pistols to be cheaper Removals: Removed the old active MDC window, it will open the main MDC once numpad 5/0 is pressed Removed /park /unpark /sellhouse /unsellhouse /buyhouse commands Disabled vehicle controls when vehicle is upside down. Removed /skipmedic or /die Fixes: Fixed bug that didn't remove player's chargers when plugging it into a car/house Fixed bug that allowed players to /vehrevive far from Mors Fixed bug with houses where house owners couldn't park their vehicles Fixed bug with custom number plates Fixed tutorial music Fixed help menu exit button Fixed the client side error issue Fixed the vehicle customization price calculations Fixed stuck animation on downed people Fixed garbage collection Fixed A's not counting as straight in poker Fixed a bug with farming, where players could plant wheat without ploughing the soil Fixed pistols in warehouses (you will need to order again to acquire them) And more....
  5. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.8 Added /ame to display a text over the player every time he fails to start his engine due to stalling Added crate saving in vehicles once a player disconnects Added /crates to view the crates in player and vehicle inventories Added more illegal weapon shipment options, allowing factions to choose different sized shipments and made weapons more affordable Added drug potency Added a custom marker streamer to increase client performance Added wheel types and 600 new wheels (may be removed at any time if it starts crashing the players) Added more paint types or vehicles (classic, metallic and pearlescent, matte, metal and chrome) Added /911 call to store robberies Added wheel rim color customization Added tyre smoke color customization Added commands to toggle tyre smoke and neons (/neons, /tyresmoke) Added /salary requirements and progress for government faction employees Added tattoos and additional clothing variety Added over 15 new options for character creation (eyebrows, facial hair, facial features and more...) Added taco vendor's job (truck, headquarters, food an health restoration) Added a script that enables mechanics to use the flatbed truck to transport other vehicles Added ability to remove hat, glasses, top, shirt... Added a small welfare payment for players who are not employed by the government and who are not engaged in any other money grinding Added a scrapyard where players can sell their unused vehicles for an extremely low price Added custom taxi fares - the taxi driver can send his client an offer Changed store robberies to use /ame instead of /me when grabbing cash Changed /dropgun to work as /leavegun to leave a weapon on the ground Changed /putgun to /putpart, /putallgun to /putallpart, /takegun to /takepart, /takeallgun to /takeallpart, /dropgun to /droppart Changed all illegal item commands to require that a vehicle's engine is turned on Changed /givekey to allow the used of player IDs or partial names instead of full player name Changed warehouse shipment notifications and timers Changed cruise mode, so the minimum cruise speed cannot be lower than the player's current speed Changed store robbery blips to be displayed only to law enforcement officers once the silent alarm is triggered Changed ATM controls to allow players to enter a custom amount of money for deposits and withdrawals Changed the /modview user interface design Changed the location of the low-end vehicle market and vehicle market price limit thresholds Changed the license suspension command to suspend weapon permits rather than both suspend and revoke them Increased turf capture point health Increased maximum ATM capacity to $40.000 Increased engine stall timer by 5-10 seconds (based on circumstances) Decreased ammunition price by 20% from illegal shipments Decreased weapon permit cost from $30.000 to $10.000 Disabled the use of radio or /911 while handcuffed Disabled animation canceling while mining Removed storage capacity from and fuel consumption from bicycles Removed subtitle notifications when entering or exiting a turf Removed stranger's mask from general stores, because it caused confusion to new players Removed /vc - VIP chat command, because it's been causing OOC problems and taking players away from IC events Removed global police arrest messages to reduce metagaming Fixed a bug that allowed players to purchase weapon stores that were already owned Fixed a bug that allowed gangsters to capture turfs that were placed under cooldown Fixed a bug that did not cancel turf capture once a gangster had disconnected Fixed a warehouse bug that caused players to remain stuck in another dimension Fixed a bug where weapons were not being received by players under certain circumstances Fixed dragging injured people for medics when entering or exiting the hospital Fixed a bug that caused faction member rank label to hover in the air after disconnect Fixed a bug that caused turf health to be displayed incorrectly Fixed some structures in the mechanic code that were vulnerable and could cause crashing Fixed VIP automatic lock script that used to lock players out of their CityBee vehicles Fixed an animation exploit that can be used to slowly teleport through walls and gates Fixed a house lock bug that caused the doors to remain unlocked after a server restart Fixed a bug with /ame that caused text labels to hover in the air until a server restart Fixed an exploit that allowed truckers to unload cargo anywhere on the map Fixed an exploit that allowed players to fill their fuel tanks anywhere on the map Fixed weapon store labels with newbie instructions, they should be visible again Fixed an offshore money distribution bug that caused government factions to claim a significant part of that money Fixed a bug that prevented government faction members from toggling their uniforms Fixed mechanic workshop doors to be opened for everyone regardless of their savegame progress Fixed a bug that prevent players from quiting the garbage man job Fixed a bug with clothing that caused visual glitches (like seeing skin or other clothes through clothing)
  6. So, multiple issues regarding all this, I'm sure its been cut across potentially in other posts but I would have thought it would be more public knowledge so that we don't waste money or disabled, but anyways here goes. We just recently got access to warehouses and the like and ran in to the following issues and have lost (roughly) 140k into thin air. 1. Lost $75k because the server 'crashed/restarted' (I was present for this one) Ordered a 10x pump shotguns for $75k money taken, get a message about it being delivered 10 mins later or so and while on the way there the server 'crashed/restarted', returned to server went to the delivery spot anyway (We had previously collected something from the same spot) waited about half an hour nothing appeared. 2. Lost a further $61k on weapons and ammo (I was not present for this) Been informed that after I left that the other gang members attempted another purchase of weapons and ammo and this time there was no server crash/restart in between that all that happened was that the money was taken and no information was given regarding a delivery whatsoever, they waited again for about half an hour and got no information about that. 3. 100x Ammo purchases give you 5? bullets So A few videos here, one of me purchasing the bullets which clearly to me say 100x Pump Shotgun Ammo x10, which to me says 1000 in total right? Well, nope I only got 5 bullets. https://clips.twitch.tv/PolishedAcceptableShieldCclamChamp - Ordering the ammo https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianEvilSparrowKlappa - And the surprise. And finally finding out about the above ammo issue I went and purchased more ammo and the server 'crash/restart' thing happened again and so lost that shipment as well. So that was another I dunno like $2000 down the drain again. So so far, drug delivery and purchases have seemed to have been working fine, guns and ammo on the other hand..... just a waste of money. Hopefully, some of the others may have some info that I may have missed and will be filled in accordingly.
  7. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.2 Updates -Added medics to /911 calls. So now they can also respond -Disabled trucking trailer despawning -Freight fill rate increased -Fuel min units increased -Max unit for vehicles increased -Pay per mire for fuel slightly increased -Restrict commands while in jail -Added /cruise for limiting your vehicle speed -AFK script now looks at player position changes -Fixed all capitals surname bug -Lowered insurance cost to 100 -Fixed medics ambulance locked bug -Added missing commands to the help menu -Potentially fixed vehicle fuel calculations -Tweaked stability. FPS increase (15~ more) -Added CPR to police -Ban system improvements -Moved fuel, mph, eclipse roleplay UI -Decreased size of money and handmoney ui Factions -Added helipad for factions -Faction chat uses faction color -Added basic salaries for government factions -Added duty points in /stats for government factions -Added members online status to the factions UI -Added /fmembers to view online members -Faction creation costs $10.000 -Changed how equipment assignment works for government factions -Added faction last activity for inactive faction recycling -Medic duty status and uniforms now work the same way as the PD
  8. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 1.0.1 Jobs -Added taximeter that accumulates and takes money from a passenger -Added taxi request notification for the caller -Taxi requests are automatically canceled if the caller leaves the request zone -Medics can now heal players that are inside their ambulance -On player death, the number of medics is displayed to the victim -Suicide timer is increased by 120 seconds if there is at least one medic online -Trucker is using an experimental new trailer tracker. So trailers can only be deleted by the player that attached them to their truck. -Added a CB Radio to trucker. Uses /cb <message>. Can be toggled with /togglecb -Fuel tankers have had their max cargo increased to 45k, the fill rate is increased. -As a trucker, every 5 jobs you complete you will be awarded $50, capped at $1k. Every 50 jobs in a row you complete, you will receive $5k. So if you complete 150 jobs in a row, you will receive a $15k bonus. Balance Tweaks -Increased courier and money transporter pay by 50%. -Increased trucker pay by 25%. -Increased trucker distance modifier by 50% and decreased contracted units multiplier by 33%. -Increased bus driver and fishing pay by 20%. -Copper and iron ore are now worth ~40 per unit. CityBee Car Rental -Entering a rental vehicle displays a message explaining how to call a taxi if required -Fixed a bug when money was not taken for vehicle rental Administrator System -Removed synced data from administrator client-script (GTA:N client stability) -Administrator UI gets destroyed instead of being hidden (FPS stability) -Added a new rank "Support" which can use administrator chat commands and manage reports -Fixed a bug that prevented the administrator and report lists from updating -Fixed a bug that caused a client-script error when opening the UI -Added /jail /unjail Department of Motor Vehicles -DMV now accepts both hand money and bank payments -Players spawn next to the DMV building if they crash or disconnect during a practical exam Faction System -Removed synced data from faction client-script (GTA:N client stability) -Faction UI now loads after character selection (GTA:N client stability) -Added group name display to faction chat -Fixed a bug that prevented the faction list from updating VIP & Donators -Created a VIP system with expiration or permanent activation -Added VIP chat commands (inner VIP chat and free VIP personal messaging) -Donators have exclusive access to a donator global announcement command Scripts -Fixed AFK script -Added radio with frequencies /radioon /radiooff /radiofreq /rc -Fixed voice. (Removed directional sound due to GTANetwork instability) -You can only buy guns if you play for 2 hours -Added /givekey command. You can give other players your owned vehicle key (their key will disappear after relog) -Fixed money dropping when getting injured -Added take all/deposit all to the ATMs Server Stability -Replaced API.getAllPlayers with our own script (GTA:N function was crashing the server) -Replaced API.getAllPlayersInRadius with our own script (GTA:N function is not functional) Game Panel Added top 10 experienced players to leaderboards. Changed the highest earners to look at the total salary all time rather than current. Removed the type field and added pagination to factions page, also added search functionality. Removed the type field from vehicle dealerships and resized table. Added credits to the donation rewards scheme.
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