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  1. For everyone DM'ing me on discord to snap pictures.. I can't take those until you put your vote on this suggestion and get it approved. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/41477-allow-players-to-see-their-face-attributes-visible-on-ucp/
  2. Not at all, no. I never used the director or planning to in future
  3. For admins : The PICTURES are not OOC'ly taken IN SP. I first take them on the server with same actions, people and such. Then I will snap the actual pictures in SP! So, the roleplay is not skipped. Everything is rp'ed! Hello everyone! The pictures listed below are snapped by me! I am not using any character body that would make the character look good or whatever. Just good graphics and better angles for pictures! (Jessa helped me a lot with finding correct animations for the wedding pictures I snapped! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! @Jessa) I am thinking to start a IC company of photography where I will snap pictures of people for in-game cash! FAQ : How your character looks pretty/handsome? A : Well, just spend good time on creating your character. Don't go so rushy with it! Q2: Do you take pictures? Not right now, the owner of this server needs to approve my suggestion to allow face stats on UCP so I can make the character face that we use on ECRP! Q3: If you make your photography company, how much will you charge per photography shoot? The question is a bit tricky. It just depends on the work. I'd say around 5000$ to 10000$.
  4. The suggestion is very simple. When we create our characters.. We use the GTAO face creation system. Make the attributes / our face stats visible on UCP. The same exact values.
  5. My only concern is the play of criminals. Their play-style of playing the character is so weird. I understand they're 'criminals' but they don't go around rushing with pistols to cops and just jumping/dodging outta nowhere and such. Everyone should show FEAR in shootouts. You don't have to RP as Rambo. (It's retarded. It really is.)
  6. Hello, as the the title says.. The crosshair and should be removed and all fights should be fought in first person view. After reviewing shootout videos of ECRP, I will list some issues below. Gang fights are retarded. Everyone is just running around and rushing like retards, no tactic and such. It's a roleplay server, engaging your character in shootouts is risky. But.. yeah, no one really seems to show any fear in shootouts. All they want to do is just win. Players are using stretch res to get more FOV which is unfair. They can literally see people from corners. Stretch res should be banned / against the rules. Abuse of GTA physics to win in shootouts. No would would dodge around to avoid bullets IRL. (They would dodge if there's any object nearby to rush for cover, but not dodging around and avoiding bullets like you're in Matrix movie.) This is a roleplay server. Not any RPG server. Most of the gangs (95) are just acting so weird when it comes to shootouts. No one shows any fear. They just and call their gang on radios like it's 3030 year. Gangsters with Walkie-takies? No thank you. The suggestion would overall improve the gameplay of shootouts in the server. Cops would ACTUALLY have chance to play the situation smartly other than dealing with criminals who ROLEPLAY as Rambo and just rush you like they "show" no fear for their life. I guess cops will support me in this suggestion.. Maybe.. not the illegal role-players. (I'm not attacking/flaming any of you. Just after seeing the shootouts videos clipped on ECRP are just ridiculous. Everyone is just running around, dodging in the mid shooting to avoid bullets with no object nearby to cover. Dodging outta nowhere and such. I hope you guys will understand why I am suggesting this!) This change is needed to rid of the current play of shootouts. Thank you for reading!
  7. The night mares.. They never stop... Chapter of the arm-less lady!
  8. Well, it's part of body figure of girls irl. Not sure where you are from but there are girls with hourglass figure. I guess you need some more knowledge about figures, captain! Adjusted the thread name, that's what happened.
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