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  1. +1 to all of the above suggestions. My 2 cents to chuck ontop of these would be, manager positions and a treasury like every other business has. (One would think this one of the few this would be made for!)
  2. Been a while since I made a suggestion but I thought this one out a little bit so here goes; It struck me cheb had great ideas for mobile drug-labs and brought forth some key issues with the labs, this doesn't as much relate to that as it might be considered an addition. What if you were to make the current, server-based drug drop offs, player owned instead. The way I envision it, you were to buy one of these illegal properties and you now get to buy from players through your ''business'' setting your own prices. The ''business'' owners profit lies in the fact that he may sell it back to the server ''The cartels'' using the very same fluctuating price system the server currently uses for everyone. The trick here would be fluctuating different prices at different times for different player-owned drug dropoffs (I do not know if this is currently the case) Aswell as possibly adding a small amount more drop-offs. This might allow some enterprising crims to increase their profit, this could potentially increase RP between grower/runner and drug importer as they figure out a deal that suits each best. Most importantly they had best figure out a way to do this quietly. This is because the way I personally envision this, these ''businesses'' are not something one eternally keeps like a Gas station or any other business. This is a business you buy to hold onto as long as possible before the cops finally find out and raid it & take it from you & put it back on market. To reflect this, I think the prices of these ''Hold onto them as long as you can'' businesses should be in goal with that. Ballparking 500k-1M here for now. The intent is for it to be a gamble, after all you're investing raw money into an oppertunity to make gains in profit margins while if you get caught too early, you will be losing money. But for the right organized group of guys, they might pull plenty of profit out of it before PD finally finds out. So the idea is for the businesses to cycle between owners as it is an ''unsafe'' business to own. Give me your opinions!
  3. Confirming what Jabar said, I am stuck in a traffic jam. Jabar will be bidding for for me
  4. -1 coming from someone @ bayview. It's part of crim RP to steal cars, NCZ's litteraly take avenues of that away from them. Watch your cars better or only store those you don't mind getting chopped. Wether to add a proper gate, to the other factions on the other hand, that's a decent discussion to be had.
  5. ''Yeah, let's keep removing everything that's worth-while having. Elegy retro's are too fast, REE!!! Remove! Bikes turn faster than cars? REE!! Remove!!'' Unbelievable. It's starting to feel like PD wants us all on faggio's while they chase us down in their overpowered cop cars. May I point out that the last car added was almost a year ago now and at this point we're simply losing content. Just drive better as a cop. Giant -1 to removing any more vehicles just because PD thinks they're not balanced. Drive better, if you can't catch people perhaps there's an IC way to solve this. If you're all dead-set on removing vehicles like this though, it might be a worthwhile idea getting a car ready for release to replace removed vehicles with to soften the blow. Even if it's a crappy one.
  6. +1 all fairly balanced cars in here.
  7. So when it happens to PD it's resolved like this. If it happens to bayview we all get to eat shit and sit around for months right?
  8. Didn't know this was a thing. But +1 makes sense
  9. This is becoming an actual joke now, let's have it with the new cars already. Y'all are out of excuses.
  10. Half the price and set a 10 minute minimum. my 2c You don't want to make it practically free either.
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