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  1. Half the price and set a 10 minute minimum. my 2c 😄 You don't want to make it practically free either.
  2. Like all my suggestions, short and sweet. I think the server should add the ability for mechanics to be able to choose the modifications on a customers car. Wether this includes upgrades or just visual mods. (Paint, bumpers etc) is debatable. This allows for scenarios where a customer is not sold or convinced on what colour to spray their own car and would like a true second opinion. Allowing for more engagement between customer and mechanic. Of course this would be entirely optional, something that could be RP'd out though enabled with a script. ''Sir, if you would like I could help you choose your paintcolours and show you. That way we can come to a colour you like together.'' -- I already do this, but this would go a lot smoother if we were scriptly enabled to do so. In this instance say a customer agrees to this. The mechanic could send a request, something looking like. /Modrequest [ID] Let me know what y'all think 🙂
  3. 4200004 and a burger from the zeta shop
  4. Quite simple this one, cars should slowly on their own decay if they are out of their garage or parking lot. This shouldn't happen at a fast rate by any means, but at enough of a rate that you'd need to get your main drive a tune-up once every couple days or so to simulate normal wear and tear. If possible this should sync with engine damage since right now the vast majority of people favour dumping the car into their garage or the parking lot than actually RPly trying to get it fixed.
  5. 250k to turn a 1G into a 2G. 500k to turn a 2G into a 3G 1M to turn a 3G into a 4G 2M to turn a 4G into a 5G Cannot upgrade any given house past one higher tier, My 2c 🙂
  6. Levi208


    Your prices are unrealistic for an interior of it's size, + the value of furniture. I'll place 600k for this.
  7. As the title suggests this a simple little suggestion. It makes sense to me if you were to give someone a permanent key to your vehicle, effectively loaning or renting (As many do) your car out to them that they'd be able to go to a mechanic shop and pay to maintain those vehicles instead of waiting for the owner to come online everytime it breaks, which is currently how it works. Again, only for people who own permanent keys to the car and only repairs.
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