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    "What reason would you have to flee from me in the first place?" It's not like you said something at a party to me regarding you taking a closer look at that car if you see it, because you saw it circle around the party multiple times.
  2. Character to be refunded: Bryan Black Date and time of incident: 04/11/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): Shotgun with 30 Ammo .50 Pistol with around 90 Ammo Radio Description of incident resulting in loss: There was an accident which resulted in my car getting flipped, after we managed to flip it back with the help of James Carwyn, some random guy [ID 99 in the video], got into my car, just took a Shotgun and Radio out of it and after having guns pulled on him, he got out of the car and just shot three people, basically no RP happened. Said person already got punished by @Tobias van Dam You can clearly see in the footage that I had a .50 Pistol on me aswell, which got lost during this entire thing aswell. Evidence of loss: (Provided by other people involved) https://plays.tv/video/5bdf4cad0faac0fb4f/im-the-best-f-ck-you-what- Comments: -
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    Stranger 4417_5064 (Abusing NCZ to avoid RP)

    Hi! You can clearly see in the footage that he was not just "fleeing into a NCZ". He went in and out of it to avoid getting any trouble from us. I do not have any more footage of this entire situation, we waited there for a bit and even after we left the area, we did not see the guy back in the players list. I am pretty sure that this report wont result in anything tbh. I mean, It took over a week to get any reply on here. 😕
  4. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 4417_5064 and (Stranger 895_9172 partially) Date of rule breach: 24/09/2018 Time of rule breach: around 10:54pm Your characters name: Bryan Black Other players involved: Pete Wright, Brian Walky, Steven Black Specific rules broken: Abuse of the MD NCZ. "Combat Logging" inside MD with a stolen Shotgun (not recorded) How did the player break the rule?: I was refueling my car at a Gas station, I crashed a bit after I drove off from said gas station. After I logged back in, my car was stolen (Black Exemplar in video, was retrieved at that point) I instantly filed an ingame report and also told my faction members on the radio about my car being gone. 2 minutes later I saw the friend of Stranger 4417_5064 drive in my car and Stranger 4417_5064 in a white Warrener (or the other way around, can't remember) And I informed my fellow faction member again, saying that they might go chop the car up. I drove in a CityBee towards my friends to get picked up by them, the two people drove up to me then, not knowing that It is my car that they are currently driving, and offer me a ride, followed by an attempted robbery. I try to stretch out the process a bit but also comply, because they had also stolen my guns. I had easy access to my car though and locked it before they even realized what just happened, This was followed by me getting downed and getting told things like "Shit RP" in VOIP by Stranger 895_9172. After I got killed by them, they tried to lockpick my car again, I obviously got the notification ingame of my car's alarm system going off. Even though I got killed, I was totally allowed to get myself another radio and report that via radio. (ICly obviously not knowing that it was them) We then went on a good 30 minute hunt for them and one of our people (Pete Wright) finally found the car with both people near it. They managed to escape because he could not take on both of them in any way. After a while we found them at the Bank doing something and followed Stranger 895_9172 who now was driving the car after switching with Stranger 4417_5064 Pete Wright then managed to down him near the Money Transporter job. I got informed on the radio and then took my car. A bit later we found Stranger 4417_5064 and Stranger 895_9172 who got saved by a Medic. Thats were the video starts. You can clearly see them abusing the NCZ to not get confronted by us and potentially killed to retrieve the content of my car that my character obviously knew of before this entire thing happened. Evidence of rule breach: In that entire time frame of around 1,5 hours. My reports were not reviewed at all.
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    Gas can - refuelling tweaks

  6. I am looking to buy a house in a nice area with atleast two garage spots. The house should not be in areas like: The Hood, Near the Garbage Job, Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay. I know that there is no way to get a house in Vinewood with that budget but if there is somebody selling a two garage house up there then please let me know. A good looking house somewhere around Los Santos would be also awesome tho. A nice view would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at 5901130 or DrxgN#3870 -Bryan Daniels
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    a house was already purchased.