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  1. has anything been done about this i quit the server because of the stupid rules
  2. Notice how even in real life there’s second chances? People still get hired you may not be old enough to understand but with a rp situation there is forgiveness just like in real life again another cop commenting who’s gonna have a gun license no matter what
  3. You never really gave a example for anything here besides just saying you wrong. appealing doesn’t always work but thanks for the -1 with out putting some thinking into it
  4. I have talked to cops abount past things took 3 weeks to hear back and they told me they didnt have any proof or anything so not all the time i hte to inform you but sometimes people dont do there jobs
  5. If i did a crime along long time ago no one will have the fucking proof anymore. This can be a year or 2 ago. So unless you have proof constantly from when it happened then maybe you should think about your answer? Even if you say the cops should have it that did it . Well if hes no longer a cop and dosnt come into town? Im not gonna keep years worth of clips on a hard drive to take up more and more space. If you want to send me more hard drives let me know
  6. If we are going off of past things like /vnn and bleeting then anyone iwth a gun in the past should be allowed to keep there gun licnese and if its not a true governemtn job you shoul take that up with someone else, But as now it is a government job. When you move "into" the city its hard doing shit at first especially from a stand point of a new player and a gang picking you up trying to "help you out" You all have been around the city alot longer then anyone else and you are also cops so yes. It is gonna be a different stand point from a cop but maybe if the rule was implemented before you got introuble and were new to town then, I would completly under stand. But from being in the city and the rules completely changing in the middle there has to be a stand point of we changed the rules in the middle of everyone being intown. Instead of looking at it threw a point of i have been in the city for a long time and dont give a fuck take some time to acctually think about other people and new people. From a cop youll will have a gun no matter what. And you better have your ass in town 24/7 answer any call and everycall if you are going to -1 this. No cops are here to ever respond to calls. A call was at lsc about someone stealing a car they couldnt do anything about. 2 fucking hours later a cop finally shows up. so unless your "cops" are gonna step your game up then dont give me the no government jobs need a gun. Dosnt matter if you dont think it should be a government job. It is and that is that. Go voice your opinion in a suggestion and get it changed. not on my suggestion.
  7. That’s only one example ... either you support the post or not I don’t need comments explaining situations that everyone knows if your able to get a government job your able to get a gun license or no one will work period.
  8. If your good enough to get a government job you should be allowed a gun. Small arms no matter what a one time pardon if you mess up you loose it.
  9. Government jobs like taxi, mechanic, news, jobs you apply for.
  10. I understand needing to apply for a gun license but, with having a criminal record it’s impossible to get one. i think every government official should be allowed to get a gun license no matter what. You have problems with gangs and things when people do mechanic calls, news ads, or taxi drivers. You can’t protect your self because you do not have weapons to do it. Dont dare just say call the cops everyone know the response time to get there or if they have a gun to your head may not be able to use your phone. If you get a criminal record and still get a government job then yes you should be allowed to get a override and get a gun license. If you get caught miss using it then yes it can be taken. A lot of cops have also gave out false charges, before you say make a report and get it removed. Not everyone is able to record or has the internet to upload it. So if the cop messes up guess what? No license for anyone Pleae take this into deep consideration for government jobs.
  11. please post a reason why
  12. Also,if support staff is there to be support, if I wasn’t aware of some thing and did wrong and once I was made aware it was a no crime zone, I stopped completely. Which is why I don’t think a 7 day ban is necessary. If I would have got kicked or told to stop and continue going and punching people would be different and show I had no intent to stop or correct myself That’s if he’ll show you the video. the other thing above also was he said tried to contact bacon in support chat but also said he wasn’t on when it happened he said we was contacted threw discord. As there were “4 admins on and all were busy”
  13. Why is there a faction for the prison without prison guards?
  14. No you literally added the last 2 warnings to be petty because of the things I said you had no answer to when I was trying to get to the bottom of it and you ran out of answers you literally stopped replying as I will show the full chat if needed. another thing no he didn’t not call a admin as you told me in the discord chat you said he kicked me cause no admins were on then said I was kicked because the admins we’re busy then kicked because he called the admins after I was kicked. As you failed to provide the right story 3 times I should get to see the video 1 to make sure he provided the right evidence. With you personally giving me 3 different story’s. And no it wasn’t harassment if you give out the punishment you should be able to be helpful as a staff member and acctually go in a little more detail. Of why you think it was nessisary. also, getting into the other situation that you messaged me and said I had 24 hours to respond which is whatever but when I asked what happened if I didn’t reply within the time you acted dumbfounded and lack to give information and said well if you reply you can get a lesser charge, but as I brought more points up you couldn’t answer you started adding more and more time. Notice also that he mentioned that I resigned from my faction which he worked at is now a conflict of interest because it had nothing to do with this situation. But, simply as he got promoted and wants to be in charge to fire people, so as you can tell he has other things on a personal level then just administrator
  15. This is what is posted for the prison and why it is a no crime zone This one is a really obvious one as it would be a building full of guards and full of heavy weaponry, The Bolingbroke Penitentiary. This building we are all aware of as if you commit a serious crime or multiple crimes you would normally end up here this building is now an NCZ zone and is really obvious why this building holds some extremely bad criminals for example murders, rapists, and felony criminals so the guards are always armed and always aware of their surroundings, So it would be physically impossible to commit a crime here hence why its an NCZ zone. Reason it should be a crime zone: I understand rply there are guards but, Guards are not always around. If you pay attention and look things up. In cells people sell drugs and do probably more illegal things then out of jail. Yes, there should be limits but not a full no crime zone. I believe if you want to fight people in jail because they stole your food or stole your weights or basketball then fight it out. If a "guard" sees it add more jail time. Maybe for that reason make a different cop each day spend some time in the prison being a guard. I have never seen a prison where prisoners don't fight in front of the guards. Out in the yard is probably more dangerous then inside the prison. As it has to many people outside most the time to see whats going on. But maybe only make the enternce to the prison a no crime zone but once your in the prison or in the yard it shouldn't be.
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