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  1. As i am involved in the video he posted , i would like to add the following . The situation where your character died happened 2 days ago , not 1 day ago meaning friday 4th for Sep. Second of all , you talking about breaching NRL but i would like to ask you the following question : Your character colt smith keeps harassing triads / irish , we killed you in a situation where you chose to give the same person 2 demerits in same 5 minutes time slot . I take this as harassament , and is a total IC decission of your character . Now my point is , we chose to kill you and we did , i was the one to kill you actually . My question i will try to make it as simple as it is , after you got killed for hunting triad members / irish , you still chose 2 days after to go for the same beef and camp the same faction ? Isnt your character suposed to forget the actions lead to his death , while you are still out here pushing for the same group of people under the pretext ( im doing my job ) My reasoning behind saying this is: Is one to see 7 cruisers or 7 different officers camping , following , investigating same group of people but is a different issue when the same guy that we killed 2 days prior for his ic harassament as an officer to do this . How come this is not a breach of NRL? Your character has been warned numerous time to stop this harassment , or it will end up with you dead , thing that happened on the 4th of Sep. Thank you
  2. Sounds like an ic issue . This system makes you take care of your cars , and when you lose one you feel the cost . As said above , own multiple vehicles . I never logged off cause my car was in moors , first time i hear this
  3. Epic Best of luck !
  4. Im not even complaining here, you can read all my above posts . I said several times i agree and respect the decisions made + i also agreed as collie and felcon said im down anytime for more criminal factions lol I pulled up here cause people start bringing council into this topic you bully for nothing
  5. So for the argument sake is it that bad for someone to say whats all about here ? Or if an faction leader does it how is that gonna end for him ? ooc wise of course , ic is a different story As @Felcon im not bothered about new factions coming into crime RP , transparency never hurt no one
  6. My english might be bad but i honestly dont know what you sayin ? “ same one big dog who barks ! “ You legit crying about an IC issues on a ooc topic , i cba with you GL
  7. Wait is 2 of them im stupid i thought is just one And silky i respect you and i respect whatever is being done here , but my question is simple and my english is bad Is to much to ask for transparency ?
  8. For everyone to understand and stop being haters here , Lucas - owner of this thread was the leader of an official faction (LEGAL) Stop talking about council , this is a separate problem that he adressed so lets respect his thread . Intervention of a moderator now would be welcome since this people are talking about a IC issue , and no connection whatsover with this topic
  9. What you on about honestly ? Just say council council council , when this topic aint about council . You talking about an ic isssue , make smart choices ic and you dont end up here You keep talking about great rp and things like that when your rp is so deep in the shadows that you cant post it on forums ? Afraid of people to MG it ? Then we are here when second in command of rooks got banned for MG I honestly dont understand a word you sayin
  10. I would like to add that the driver in the insurgent , has been reported in the past for the same problem by me personally breaking fearrp and ramming between 20 armed gang members . You claimed desync back then , and you got away with a warning , now you claiming desync again . Report Archive can be check , report is made by me . Thank you .
  11. Selling Luxury apartament at Tinsel Towers . ( AP 68) Apartament has the interior furnished like a 4G while the garage is 2G Best view in the tower , high floor . Take a look , door is open for visits . Reach out to #5714678 Thank you
  12. Character to be refunded: Tony Kwang Date and time of incident: 10:56 06-05-2020 Requested refund (what and how much): 1 Laptop (80.000 $ ) Description of incident resulting in loss: I wanted to drag the item in my inventory cause if you use drop you have a chance to MC and destroy the laptop . While i try to drag it i pressed destroy , due to the animation not having a timer laptop was instantly destroyed no way i could cancel it . Evidence of loss: I can send the evidence to the admin handling the request as it contains important info. Comments: I would like to add that majority of the items on the server have a timer when you destroy them . Laptop that is a very expensive item minim 80k in a shop has no timer Is impossibile for us to cancel the destroy animation because of a MC . This was a request i made a while ago but it got denied so i want to add this : I saw this recent refund request : I understand that time passed after i made mine , but is the same problem i had when i destroyed mine . As is no timer or option to cancel the destroy , it just instantly gets destroyed by a MC even. Also we using them on daily basis so is quite hard to replace them due to the cost .
  13. We need the bank system reworked due to the last changes indeed
  14. I mean if you dont rp is PG logic no ?
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