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  1. This situation is very unfortunate, I have provided my POV down below. This was a very chaotic situation where there was a lot of shots going off and so many people were talking over radio, I didn’t hear his demands in game due to the radio being so loud, I’m not using this as an excuse because when I rewatch my video I do slightly hear them. When I got on the bike no demands weren’t given they were aiming though as seen in both videos considering I didn’t hear them at first I thought I was never gave demands and not put under fear rp, I see in his video he was shooting but those were all desy
  2. ashwee7

    ID 51 VDM

    I never went Toxic on you oocly or told you to report I would have handled the situation IC because I know I have high ping and desync's usually happens and thats why I didn't get out and take your stuff, I knew it was an accident. If you would have Pm'd me directly we could have solved this IC and not on fourms.
  3. ashwee7

    ID 51 VDM

    I'm Id 51 in this video driving the kamacho. From my POV you were riding very close to me and I didn't even hit you in my eyes I only knew you were Injured because people in the kamacho told me. This was complete desync. I didn't take your stuff from your body so I'm not sure what you lost, This also this could have easily been handled IC. Here's my POV https://streamable.com/826gf
  4. From my perspective, I didn't break Fear RP because when i saw him coming to the door, I immediately started to pull my gun out before he had the chance to introduce Fear RP. I would also like to add I didn't have the best ping and from watching my video and watching his we saw different things https://youtu.be/NQ07NR3EArY
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