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  1. I'm interested. I'll offer $190k. The paint is sun dried so I'll have to pay someone to repaint it myself. The interior looks fantastic except for the shoddy laminate work. I'll have to get that fixed as well. The yard is an decent condition, but that tree is a fire hazard and will need to be trimmed. Another thing I'll have to pay for. $190,000 is about the best I can do in this condition.
  2. Can you post some pictures? I'm somewhat interested.
  3. Ah, I am no longer in need of a vehicle.
  4. Could you post a pic of the house?
  5. I couldn't find any information about the Realtor or the home specs so I thought I'd ask around. I found 4 houses on Joshua road, but only 3 of them sparked my interest. If anyone has any info on these that'd be great. I can put $90,000 down payment currently, but I'd like to tour the houses first and see what their price will be. ((They just have an admin marker on them. Was wondering if they were going to be turned into houses, and for how much.))
  6. First person would be great for vehicles, as it would probably make players drive more realistically. I understand why nobody wants FPP though.
  7. Maxed Dominator at High End for $185,000 OBO
  8. Looks like speed cameras won't be implemented.
  9. Thats also a fair point. If I could recommend anything to PD, it would be to have more members/on-duty. I haven't been pulled over yet, and I've only seen 1 casual stop.
  10. I see your point and I agree with the traffic lights being treated like "yield" signs. I think this could cause accidents, but I've only come close to an accident once so far, and it was my fault. In regards to trucking, you get an hourly pay on top of delivery pay. I have 50k and a 16k car and I'm not at 3500 XP yet. Now that I have that 50k, I feel comfortable, and dont have to rush deliveries anymore. I have more time to roleplay while I work. CB radio is often dead though.
  11. Player(s) being reported: Mask 2775_1135 Date of rule breach: 12/31/2018 Time of rule breach: 5 pm PST Your characters name: John Fallon Other players involved: Specific rule broken: "6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay." How did the player break the rule?: Player sped through a police encounter at top speed, glancing a biker. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. I just want to say that today has been rather eventful for me (I have low standards). I got half the community to hate me, and the other half to praise me for my idea. As the title states, we are starting to reach an understanding of one another and have come to a middle ground: The driving in this community is bad. It's not anyone's fault. It's everyone's fault. The only way to fix it is if we all make an attempt. Here's what I propose: Instead of nitpicking everyone's driving, let's make it a goal to follow every law of the road while in Los Santos. If you've ever driven in real life, drive like that. If you ever want to drive like an animal, take it to the dirt track in Sandy Shores, or setup a dedicated street race and do it that way, I bet you could even use the horse track in Los Santos as a dirt track for organized events. Avoid using the streets (unless it is an organized race event) to drive unrealistically. Let's all go back to stopping at red lights and driving the speed limit and staying in our lanes. It sounds ridiculous, but if 90% of people are following 50% of the laws, the 10% will likely follow the same laws, or be more likely to get stopped by police. The police don't stop anyone anymore because everyone's breaking the law. Be a better driver. Tell your friends to be better drivers. It will take some time, but I want us all to be prepared for NPC drivers in the RAGE update. Thanks. EDIT: The admins are defending UNRP driving. All my reports got denied, even the one where a crime was committed in a NCZ. The admins are at the top of the food chain. The only way for driving to be more realistic is for them to enforce SOMETHING. Otherwise, people are going to drive batshit crazy and UNRPly. Actually you know what, It's not even worth trying to make this server more RP. I'll just join another server. Bye all.
  13. Not even the best, just a better experience than currently.
  14. Well if thats the standard for RP, the new dedicated RPers are going to look somewhere else for an RP server. EDIT: I'm not saying people can't RP bad drivers, I'm saying the bad driving is a meta issue.
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