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  1. yea i typed POV saved in ooc to know where at in the recording i need to to clip but like i said when i went to check the POV my recording software was not recording after i restarted the client after server restart.
  2. unfortunately my pov wasnt saved this was just after a server restart and i though my streamlabs was still recording but it was not. because i relaunched my game it had stopped recording and i didnt restart it. i was in jail before the server restart and i only had about 2 mins left in jail when i got back on and was like im just going to grab my stuff from DOC and get a ride to town. well it took me a good 30 minutes or so waiting for the DOC officer to answer the /ringprison before i got my stuff back and then we headed out and i was like lets swing by sealabs and see if we can get some weed
  3. you can clearly see here in this clip that his gun was not fully drawn on me and i ran behind the big tree to lose vision so i could draw my weapon and defend myself. i previously watched another player do the same thing in a report and they were clear. had his gun have been fully drawn i would have had to listen to the demands, but as you can see it was not and i was fully covered by the tree by the time he got it out and i had my gun out. as for this claim we drove up on the bike and seen it was stalled as always we always check for a body around for when a bike is stalled, lo
  4. i am now aware of the server rules. like i stated above this rule is new to me and i didnt know it was a thing until today. as back when i played 2 years ago this wasnt a thing. you used to be able to run up and rob anyone anywhere except for NCZ. i do think that the gas station was ok for a car jacking with the way that i did it. as you see in the video i rolled up and got out before the car was even at a complete stop. then i immediately pulled out my gun and told them hands up and off the bike. and then i proceeded to get on the bike and drive away. i dont think there is anything wrong in t
  5. to me this was not a High risk situation i got out of the car told you hands up and get your friend off the bike and i got on and i was gone it happened in under less then 10 seconds and to me in a Real life situation this type of stuff happens very frequently here in America especially where i live there have been news reports of car jacking just like this i would be more then happy to show you local news reports of this happening on a daily. i did not attempt to frisk you or take anything off your person which would have made this a high risk situation but in the time it took me to pull my
  6. My name is Beau Brooks and I was born and raised in Savanna Georgia. When I was a young mud slinging rascal one of my favorite games was cops and robbers. I would play that game like no other, I would put in the effort to be a cop and think like a cop. And if I ever got to play a robber, I would do my darnest best to be a better robber than what other kids would normally try to be. I knew that back then just as I know now about something called contradictions, you see? Then came the times of growing up, and I surely wasn’t expecting paradise but to see violence rear its ugly head on my front
  7. Can we please make the police Impound like mors im really tired of sitting and waiting for several hours before a cop actually comes and get the cars out if they even do. i play late at night like 2 am EST and its just a negative experience and a waste of our time. and takes us away from being able to actually do RP in the city
  8. i agree that the release of the stores being wiped and the hunger/thirst bars being released on the same update was not a good choice. to remove hunger.thirst temporally until stocks can be stocked up would be the best route, also the amount of water and food needed to replenish a bar should be only one. in real likfe your not drinking 5 bottels of water or eating 2 burgers the food is pretty on par but thirst really needs to be reworked and at the rate at which it decays and the amount they are sold at makes it very hard to een worry about water but start planing your death and making sure yo
  9. i do and thank you for understanding and will be willing to set up a RP situation to replay this outcome so it isnt void if that would be something that would be ok maybe not in that location but set it up and get on the ground and continue from there
  10. i dotn believe i have the VOD anymore as i hate to get rid of most of them becuase there was a strike on my account with twitch and needed to remove them as i wasnt sure which one had the Strike. but this was all the evidence from the video
  11. i was up on the roof you dont even see me here in this picture
  12. noone was getting robbed. i have video of everything and your friend almost certian never said they were getting robbed even if they did they would have been lying and you didnt have KOS nor did you RP anything before you started activly shooting
  13. you did not have KOS or a reason to shoot as you were not apart of the engagement nor di i fir my weapon or give reason for violence there
  14. fair enough i am a bit tainted by robberys as they never have good rp and honestly sad that i missed out on that cause its always zetas and just rob and hoot you to begin with i would be willing honestly to set that back up and rp it out with you if you are going to actually RP
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