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  1. I think a lot would concur that we need to add more custom cars to the server and if possible more add-on parts I've seen them in other servers so I imagine it is possible
  2. Same thing with me they just rolled up ran my buddy over without saying anything shot and killed me no use of /me's or /do's no RP what so ever they should be banned and go back to GTA online
  3. cyruss613

    id 23

    Hi I am ID 23 Cyrus Lambertt after getting a radio call from fellow gang member Jamal Turner ID(66) that he was just in a confrontation with a player at san chenski pier who had drew a gun and threatened him. So I arrive with a buddy to find Anatoly Leggio at the crafting station catching him off guard I tell him to put his hands up and to get down on his knees at this point I had sent my request for a frisk right after i do that he begins to stall the situation by ignoring the request and saying threats like its not going to end well for you boys, witch is also IMO breaking the fear RP rule by making threats while being at gunpoint by 2 different people. Even after i told him that he was stalling the situation he still did by asking me what i meant. then began using OOC to tell me he would see me on the forums. Even after not accepting the frisk and ignoring it i told asked him if he was going to and he said no by not meeting my demands i then open fire and begin to loot his body picking up my buddy and leaving the area.
  4. Looking for a house on grove st budget up to $400K message me with your offers or what you have thanks
  5. Looking for a house on grove st budget up to $400K message me with your offers or what you have thanks
  6. I will take it tried texting number but says invalid i will give you the asking $325k
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