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  1. - Updated relationships section with new alliances formed in game
  2. Hi I am Cyrus Saint ID 42 Thank you for your time. We were on our way to Braddock's farm to check out the area and saw this blue car (which is an opposing gang's color) pulling up there to so we pull up next to him and begin to give demands via VOIP to pull over and he begins to dive away. Then I began to give them again via text using the /s command to pull over or we'll shoot. The driver was also giving voip/text demands to stop and not all these were given at 50+ MPH which until recently I was not even aware was a rule as it is not explicitly stated anywhere that I found. I will keep it in mind for the future, however some commands were given around 10-30 KM/H. He was even told via text that he was on his last warning at almost a complete stop. As for the MG accusation I didn't meta anything I had seen a car stop and watch the current situation it then drove a short distance and stopped again (which can be seen in the video). I proceeded to walk over in front of the vehicle to see what he was doing where I then see in clear view from the front windshield him using the phone. I told him via VOIP to get off the phone and out of the car he then puts his phone away and begins to attempt to run me over.
  3. cyruss613


    Just wanted to say thank you for one of the best RP's I have experienced on this server. Not only was he organized but Gilberto was very professional and courteous not to mention patient when we were having some troubles gathering everyone for the funeral. I would recommend these guys and their service to anyone looking to have some good RP and fun. Or if you have a fallen comrade you wish to pay tribute to and lay to rest then these guys are who you are looking for. Awesome work guys keep it up and hope to see you around more in the community.
  4. The Los Santos Saints can be found all over but like to frequent places where new people to the city would go and try to help them settle in.
  5. OK while i agree that maybe the prison time and sentencing needs work+1.... but 8 hours (480mins) is WAY too extreme -1. I could see some people leaving town all together to avoid that stretch.
  6. No you are right I should have shot father away from them to give warning shots and I failed to do so resulting in them being hit(For the record I wasn't even aware they were hit until I was told and used a program to slow down the video on my screen it appeared I didn't even hit them). I am sorry for that and will exercise more caution and pay more attention to the situation at hand to ensure this does not happen again.
  7. I am ID 203 Cyrus Saint i heard on the radio there were people from an opposing faction here that were involved in a previous situation i came outside and they were told Via VOIP and /shout text to get out of the vehicle at witch point they started to back up and in non compliance shots stared to break our and I heard on the radio that they had back up incoming at witch point i saw jay pulling up in his super car at witch point i let off a couple shots that were meant as warnings to keep going and not stop i was not even aiming directly at him. I had only later learned about the misinformation from one of the other gangs with us shortly after.
  8. looks like overall a great update, but really hope cops dont metagame with pistols on people's hips.
  9. cyruss613


    I think the gangs should be allowed to ally whoever they want, -1
  10. Damn Just want to say playing with you guys is hella fun and brings some fun rp to the table. and give a shout out to Charles Johnston A.k.a CJ and Shawn Grove couldn't of done it without you boys
  11. Hey I am looking for a house on grove street any size please email me or call/text me at #5835076 your offers. Thanks
  12. In regards to recent events and overall distaste of the city, a few of the Pillars of The Los Santos Saints had decided that their time in Los Santos should come to an end. After saying their goodbyes, Pillars Lulu and Joker had departed. The remaining Pillars had decided that new leadership would be welcomed, and they brought Felicia BaeBae into their ranks, who showed the diligence and leadership qualities that the gang needed to succeed. After some discussion with the new member of the Pillars, it had been decided that Jamal should be moved down to Saint status, as he had to tend to more personal issues and couldn't dedicate his time to group gang activities. Now, there were two spots open in the 7 Pillars of the Los Santos Saints, and those that remained convened to discuss who should fill the ranks. It had been decided that Saints Vasily Fodorov and Joey Morningstar should fill the empty leadership spots of Los Santos Saints, and their introduction ceremony had begun. With both Vasily and Joey ready for what was to come next, the group headed to the local tattoo parlor where the branding equipment had been previously heated and set up. The two men were prepared for what was to come, but they could never anticipate the pain and burning sensation that was about to be inflicted upon them to prove they had what it takes to become a Pillar of The Los Santos Saints. First up was Vasily, who was to become the 5th Pillar. After seeing the pain and anguish that possibly the strongest man in the gang Vasily had experienced, 3rd Pillar Shawn Morningstar was worried for his brother Joey. They weren't blood, but they grew up together in school as friends and when Shawn's parents died Joey's family adopted him. Joey however had no fear in his eyes, and was prepared to become the 6th Pillar of The Saints. After the brands had healed, the group got together to discuss the future and structure of the gang on a well known rooftop of Los Santos. The family bond became even stronger, and the two men were ready to go where the journey of leading The Los Santos Saints would take them.
  13. Knowing that the oppressive gangs of the city have the numbers advantage and strong allies to boot, Los Santos Saints knew that they had to build some friendships to stand a chance against their horde of enemies. After spending some time around Los Santos, the Saints made a few friends. Dlugi McShea happened to be one of those friends, and he brought up the potential for an alliance to the higher ups of his crew, The Marcello Family. The Saints and The Marcellos would convene to discuss their interests. It turned out that they had quite a few common interests, and they formed a bond. After some time had passed, The Marcello Family became more and more prominent within the city. The groups decided to meet again to discuss further plans and goals involving the upcoming war with the bigger gangs of Los Santos. Shortly after, the leaders of both groups decided we should get some of the newer recruits together to meet each other to get to know their allies a bit better. At this meeting the groups also discussed plans moving forward with radio communications between the two. The Saints had also gained some friendships at Tequi-la-la through some old style drinking and gambling. After a situation with a psychotic postal delivery driver, 2 of The 7 Pillars Shawn and CJ had met Hunter Morgan. They discovered that he was like minded in restoring the city's criminal activities to their true potential, and they planned to meet his crew. The Saints decided to show off some of their heavy weaponry they got off of some Zetas to show the potential allies that they meant business. Both groups quickly realized that they were a good fit as partners in crime. During the war with Los Zetas, The Saints realized that in order to have a better chance they needed to make strong allies that could reciprocate their hatred for the Zetas into a driving force. 2nd Saint Shawn Morningstar, 5th Saint Vasily Fodorov and many members of The Marcello Family met with the leading members of a newer gang in Los Santos called Vespucci 13. They came to an immediate understanding that all groups wanted to eradicate Los Zetas from the city, and thus formed a mutual alliance. After careful deliberation, all three groups decided to head out and complete their first hunting party to make their alliance official. They headed out on the search for Los Zetas and their allies.
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