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  1. I'm done posting on this, I'll summarize for you - my tactics are fully IC and no OOC rules were violated. 1.) We are chasing a Karuma for over 10 minutes 2.) Karuma arrived on scene, with multiple other people armed with firearms 3.) IN your own video, it shows the karuma driver getting out and firing a shot into my windshield 4.) I knew in-characterly what your intentions were, and if you posted the rest of your video - you'd show your intentions too. 5.) Also in your video you can see that you are armed, we saw that you were armed the first time we drove by you. 6.) a senior staff member was present during the entire situation and if rules were broken I'm sure he would have handled it - considering he was in my vehicle. 7.) I'm done posting on this Thank you for your report have a pleasant day. VDM is defined in the rules as Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. DM act of attacking other player or its property without any proper roleplay reason We had plenty of proper roleplay reasons, as listed above. Bye.
  2. ***Correction*** Was not a Schafter that began opening fire on us - it was the Karuma we were chasing, clearly in a defensive position with the black vehicle and the three armed suspects. You can see weapons clearly in hand. VDM is defined as: Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Again, there was no second attempt at trying to run them over it was 1 ram, and I immediately got out of the vehicle and began opening fire.
  3. As you can clearly see, we were in a pursuit with the tan colored Karuma - this pursuit had been going on for about 10 minutes and we had already suspected there would be an ambush awaiting... I at no point violated any VDM rules as we were focused on chasing the Karuma - I did not "circle around to run them over" I circled around because the Karuma we were chasing turned around - saw the weapons in hand, clearly an ambush to kill two officers. Their vehicle was used against them in a defensive situation, heavy weapons were drawn afterwards - a massive shots fired situation, two officers were killed and the situation was brought to a conclusion. In addition to that staff member Senior Moderator Varakai was present during the situation providing enhanced role-play. To bring everything to a close, VDM is defined as: Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. There was no second failed attempt - as also shown the white schafter next to them aimed and fired a weapon - I proceeded with my tactical ram of the vehicle - immediately stopped my vehicle, got out and began opening fire. This turned into very massive gunfight - with 6-8 people, several armed with heavy weapons opened on fire. If you also need evidence of cops doing stuff like this in real life. Do anything to make it home to the wife and kids at the end of the night, unfortunately - I failed and died during the gunfight.
  4. So I'm not an expert, nor did I ever claim to be. But there is no way that having 1000's of objects spawned on the ground inside stores and drugs labs can be good for rendering health or server health. What I suggest is that after an item is dropped - it be deleted after 30 minutes from the world - I've noticed significant issues with voip and other lag issues when entering an area with a significant amount of dropped items... or - when you drop multiple items on the ground, have it only create 1 object and then an inventory system (like a box) on the x y and z coordinates where the stack of items was dropped thoughts?
  5. [media] [/media] Thank you to everyone who made my time on Eclipse more enjoyable,
  6. Bruh, how 2 be cop

    1. AccidentalHuman


      I quit the PD, it's not worth it in my opinion

  7. It used to be an issue when they were working out the bugs in the teleport detection script, usually popped warnings when someone was desync'd or lagging - nothing to be concerned about.
  8. [media] [/media] New Video out! Don't forget to subscribe!
  9. Unlocked, locked by accident - didn't realize that Reevesy202 wasn't the original poster. If the OP wishes this thread to be closed they can request it as such.
  10. In Regards to Point #1 You understand that this isn't the real world and that not every law enforcement department in the world has access to a database of drivers license photographs - you need to understand that the police department is loosely basing it's roleplay off of the Los Angeles Police Department as that is what Los Santos is - it's based off of Los Angeles. In Regards to Point #2 Any officer that blatantly runs up to someone and arrests them without an attempt to identify them -is- in violation of the meta-gaming rule, they are expected to role-play looking at the person and recognizing them from the mobile data computer. You're referencing a complaint that has absolutely zero evidence in which the officers in question had no chance to defend themselves and was completely conjecture. In Regards to Point #3 That is simply an aspect of role-play, did said person role-play having cosmetic surgery who is role-playing doing the cosmetic surgery? Do we have doctors in San Andreas or do the medics just grab a scalpel and go to work... When someone gets shot and put on the ground does a doctor save them or does the script just miraculously revive them with no ill effects. General Commentary As previously mentioned this is a light roleplay community, the same thing that motivates people to evade from the police when in real life most people don't is the same reason why police pursue, because it's a game. You don't want to get arrested by police then don't run from the police, be a good law abiding citizen - but then that's "no fun" so take your chances with getting arrested. You also reference a Twitch streamer by the name of Lirik who is playing on a modification of Grand Theft Auto 5 called FiveM which has superior levels of bullet sync, vehicle sync and robust damage system. Right now we are limited to "oh he smashed into a wall - he turned his engine back on, aaaand he is running again" The general claim of taking away "advantages" from police is moot because guess what - the police don't always win, the police as it is right now speaking as a police officer are losing - quite frequently actually. In Regards to Point #1 We already role-playingly identify people - if an officer doesn't do this and just arrests a guy without any form of role-play identification either through a license plate or drivers license or through the MDC through wanted records that's meta-gaming... Get evidence of it and post a complaint on the forums. General Commentary As I'm writing this as I go, I just noted one point in the Lirik video - there is role-play fear of the police as seen in your last video you posted on here against us "SA:MP" guys. They actually stay away from the police if they can because they don't want to get arrested, there is role-play respect and fear something this community very inherently lacks as you've seen PLENTY of times watching my live stream. In Regards to Point #1 Pushing your CK system which is already extremely flawed doesn't change facts - yes if there was a character kill system in which fucking with the police would result in their characters getting killed off absolutely that would instill fear into the hearts of anyone that crosses a police officer but that's not the right way to go about it. In Regards to Point #2 I fully agree with this, rather than trying to increase the standard of role-play to what other players see fit why can't we reach a happy middle-ground for all of us, you don't want to get recognized go to a store and buy a mask for $5,000 or donate to the server and support your community. In Regards to Entire Post This already happens, people drive-by cops and what most players consider non-roleplay because police aren't feared. Just another officer reinforcing the fact that people almost never role-play with us unless they're running from us. In Regards to Point #1 Another officer stating that he doesn't meta-game name tags. In Regards to Point #2 Again I have no problem removing name tags if the role-play standard of the server was higher, as noted in the videos that have been linked and treated as "god" status people genuinely can get to know each-other, the name-tag is currently role-played as their face for role-play recognition purposes. That's the way the founders want it to be so that's the way we do it as for right now That's the start of my systematic disapproval of this suggestion, I'll continue when I have more time and more feedback has been posted
  11. Except how I like it? You mean how it's been done on SA:MP and MTA for years and through other role-play systems. Like I said - when I have time I'll systematically destroy this thread.
  12. Then you have no way of role-playingly identifying people at all, you'll never know who your friends are... Yo whats your name again? like wtf no. Guess what buddy police have advantages over civilians, its a part of the role-play police are meant to enforce the law. this thread is dumb as fuck imo ill write my rage story book later
  13. Unfortunately the evidence provided doesn't prove VDM, I see a car accident then immediate police involvement afterwards either he was previously evading police (as I've seen Bob Svennson do many times before) or it was a genuine accident - either way, it's a collision not VDM. Closed.
  14. The registered owner of the vehicle is assumed responsible for the vehicle until such time they're shown to not be in possession of it due to an illicit crime. This isn't the real world where you go home and sleep every night where the police would show up at your door and arrest you when you pulled into the driveway. There are game dynamics for a reason and this is how we were told to handle situations such as this by the founder Osvaldon. Evading the police should be useless, that's why sane people with well balanced minds don't run from the police when they pull up behind them (in the real world). Real world if you evade from the police, they get your license plate and wait at your house for you to get home - since we can't do that, we go to the next best thing issuing warrants for the arrest of the owner of the vehicle unless the vehicle is reported stolen as you're responsible for the vehicle and you'll be damn sure if they don't know who was driving the car the warrants will be issued on the owner of the car. Your argument of letting someone else drive the car is moot, this is how we were told to handle these situations that's how they'll be handled. There are no assumptions of "real life methods" because this isn't "real life" this isn't a "heavy role-play" server this is a "light" roleplay server - the same reason that compelled you to evade ("Hey I can do it, it'll be fun") is the same reason why we can turn around and arrest you as long as we issued charges on your plate and you didn't die while role-playing with us because in the real world if you knew you'd be facing 15 years in jail minimum for evading police you'd highly reconsider your actions but hey, we can only arrest you for 60 minutes so that's okay right? ALPR cameras exist in script and we use them as such. Anything else I can help you with today sir?
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