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  1. Wait a minute I remember your name... I cannot remember your IG name exactly from NGG, but you were quite known in the community. Will you please remind me what your IG name was? ((I was also subbed to your youtube channel, but cannot seem to find it in my sub box))

    1. Linden


      Richard Vane. Pretty sure he's banned atm.

    2. Slauki


      That's it. THanks Linden haha. I remember Richard's dumb vlogs 😂

  2. So it was fully IC - you running around in front of the prison in scrubs, still cuffed behind your back - the script should have auto-teleported you inside as soon as you left the vicinity of the prison, so my question - if it was fully IC and your prison break was already approved at that point, you clearly escaped - why would you hang out in the front of the prison for 3-5 minutes - even after you saw a cop car leave the prison. If you had full OOC permission from an admin to leave the prison - why would you stand out front instead of being /released by an admin? That sounds like cop-baiting to me, knowing your escaping the prison then messing around when you saw cops leaving the prison but whatever it's a moot point. Regardless, when I brought you inside - I was clearly OOCly talking to you, trying to verify if it was OOC or IC - to which you told me it was fine, I uncuffed you and left you in there - I turn my back to the door and while I'm 3 meters away at the door - then get "jumped on".
  3. Officer involved in situation - didn't shoot at you, but there was another black sports car behind your camera view behind those trailers that opened fire on us - an officer called a black car trying to evade, and they targeted you as you were the closest target. Trust me when I say this was a case of mistaken identity, just for future reference though - civilians run from gunfire, they don't pull their cars up to an active shots fired situation.
  4. Because there was no admin approval for a prison break, and the script automatically teleports people back into the interior - he was bugged. To your point that I should have role-played it, I was walking away - I wasn't even paying attention to the chat at that point and you didn't point it out to me on the stream until 10 minutes later. Again, me uncuffing Darden was an OOC matter as he should have been uncuffed when he was /prisoned automatically - which was a script issue. Furthermore, the prison break was not admin authorized - they just stormed DOC when the gate was open which includes the guys inside who had no authorization to attempt a prison break. To answer your question, when they have already opened fire on officers, officers are already outnumbered - I retreated to my vehicle for cover, got rammed by a black contender whilst in cover - yes, people are getting shot. They made the choice to try to break into a prison to break their friends out - they were willing participants - I pushed up out of cover, had one suspect engage me - we're not going to engage in a foot pursuit when at the next building there are people with AK-47's and Carbines shooting at us. They were not complaint - they were told multiple times to put their hands up, I saw the two on the right they were shot down and the one on the left was shot down - if they had no weapons on them after we secured the court yard they would have been treated for their injuries like any civilian would be and then charges with an attempted prison break. "Shoot a couple bullets as warning shots and wait for more people to arrive" that's exactly what I did when I was behind my car and I had units arrive to cover me which you couldn't see in the video, I had 4-5 officers behind me, I had a shotgun - of course I'm going to be up front. Go try to break into a prison with 20 armed people, see what happens to you in real life - you'll be coming home in a bag. Yes I took a 30 minute meal break, like what the fuck is your point? And police -do- get paid for their meal breaks and they're usually an hour, considering our salary system goes off of real life hours and not in-game hours again, still not getting your point bud. Now I'm done posting.
  5. First Video 1.) I was dealing with an OOC issue, Dardan Mayer got bugged out of the prison and was running around the parking lot, he was brought back inside and I was attempting to verify that he still had a jail timer and why he was still cuffed 2.) Secondly, I was at the door by the time the role-play of trying to tackle me and get the shotgun away from me was done 3.) Fear RP still applies in prison, a cop has a shotgun and you're going to try and tackle him down to the ground to steal the gun - what the clip doesn't show is the entire time I was walking in I was pointing the shotgun at Dardan - escorting him back into the prison - if I didn't have to type OOCly to verify that his issue was resolved I would have still been pointing it. Second Video: 1.) There was a role-play prison break with multiple armed suspects inside, again the clip is short - I circled into the prison, immediately began getting fired on and retreated to my cruiser for cover - where I was rammed by a vehicle and began returning fire on the suspects. 2.) The people in the prison were actively engaging in an attempted prison break - you don't take chances, they're hiding in bushes and as you can see one suspect came out and opened fire on me. Anyone trespassing inside that prison that wasn't correctional staff or law enforcement was an immediate target - there was no DM commited. Third "Claim" Yes, I was AFK - clearly eating on my stream, and we are allowed to take RP meal breaks - like what merit is there in that claim I'm done posting on this, if an admin has any more questions feel free to let me know.
  6. Streaming right now will post when I'm done
  7. (( I was just letting you know it's an IC section man, next time use brackets bud. ))
  8. (( You know this is an IC section right. ))
  9. You - really don't know how to read... Do you? I don't mean to flame but I don't appreciate you quoting me then editing out the important bits. I'll highlight those again for you just so you can realize your mistake. Is that clear enough for you? Have a fantastic day.
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID 52 (Dmitry_Zack) ID 279 Date of interaction reported: 03/28/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 79|1553744902 Your characters name: Richard Vane Other player(s) involved: Leah Miller, Chris Carwyn, Walt Kozak, Jason Steel Specific rule(s) broken: 8. No Crime Zones (NCZ) ● A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. ● Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to flee. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) ● Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 11. Powergaming (PG) ● Roleplay of unrealistic actions like super strength is another form of power-gaming. How did the player break the rule(s)? For Reference, I'm an Off-Duty Officer - I identified myself to ID 52 that I was an Off-Duty Officer - Presented him my badge with /badge 52 as well as read him his rights - we were waiting for an on-duty unit to respond to my 911-call So I was sitting at the bank, a Zeta member walks up to me and tells me that the guy down the street in the black warrener has heavy weapons - I immediately called 911 indicating I was an off duty officer and that there was a civilian with heavy weapons at the bank. I proceeded towards the vehicle, made contact with the man and identified myself as off-duty law enforcement, telling him to stop what he's doing and to come and talk to me - he complied, I noticed an SMG on the mans back - clearly an illegal weapon. I told him to go to his car, put his hands on the roof and I cuffed him - zip-tying his wrists, calling 911 again waiting for a marked unit to arrive when his friend showed up on a dirt-bike to help him escape. Note: He was already cuffed at this point and he was fully compliant. He then proceeded to jump on the back of the dirt-bike and Evades (rule breach #1) Dirt bikes stand at about 3 feet tall and do not have passenger "sissy-bars", yes it is possible to ride as a passenger on them but mounting one and holding on while your hands are zip tied behind your back would be absolutely impossible which if the guy tried to role-play evading I would have explained that to him - he just decided to press G So I'm sitting there, already pissed off at this point - I call for another LSPD unit as we were still waiting for a response, the units arrive and they begin to search his car as when I originally made contact with the man he had a bag on his back that had been stored in the vehicle. As officers are lock-picking the vehicle, ID 52 (who has now changed his clothing - clearly pre meditated), walks up while ID 279 rams the officers standing next to his car on his dirt-bike. (rule breach #2) All of this occurring in a NCZ ID 52 then proceeds to get in his vehicle and evade. Evidence of rule breach: Identifying myself as Law Enforcement: Non-RP Jumping on to the Bike: Car Ram:
  11. We broke no rules, and your last statement has no baring on the complaint - the question is if sever rules were broken. I didn't tell anyone to issue the charge of firearms trafficking - that was Logan Cross. -- Pending Admin
  12. @ChuckM Absolutely I can confirm what happened. 1.) Chief got kidnapped, tense situation already - we had already let Sabrina go at this point so we had no way of ensuring we were going to get him back alive or at all. 2.) We were sitting near the gate of SADOC, just outside of reasonable viewing distance (it was also night time) 3.) Talking with Sergeant Travis Palmer he made the statement "if they start pointing weapons at me I'm going to shoot them" 4.) I saw that weapons were being pointed in our direction - as viewable in the video. 5.) Apparently, someone got out of a car with a weapon in their hand with the vehicle still in motion - causing them to ragdoll - the problem with this is apparently there is a bug (i didn't know about until this incident) that when you ragdoll with a gun in your hand - it'll go off) - so I heard a shot (did not see him ragdoll at all) and began pushing forward opening fire on them using the security booth at the gate as cover. 6.) Travis responded to my act of pushing and opening fire using his vehicle as a weapon as we were severely outnumbered. We all know what the definition of VDM is - clearly this wasn't it. That's the summary of it.
  13. That's an absolute lie - the LSPD's dispute process is for you to file a complaint with IA - and 90% is a gross exaggeration of officers that are going to -tell- you about IA lol. All the vehicles that were there - were searched... You need to have a reasonable explanation of why you have literally a bag, filled with 16 pistols stored in your car - be a normal person, don't store a bag of guns in your car - and I'm sure that if we continued the role-play those weapons would not have all been purchased by you over at Samuel Osborne's Gun Store or etc.
  14. Why in the world am I pending a response in this, and why is this complaint coming nearly a week and a half after it happened... Like what? 1) Claude Speed is a known criminal, at the time the most wanted - who had 63 charges for reckless operation of a motor vehicle. 2) You're a known gang affiliate, of which since this incident you've been arrested multiple times by myself - explains why the police might be interested in searching your vehicle. 3) We conducted a full IC raid - we even parked our cars and snuck up on you guys after a Detective was tracing one of your cell phones - on top of that we had an informant in your group of friends (I'm guessing you're going to go meta-gaming the shit out of that now relaying your radio communications) 4) Why the am I tagged in this again?
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