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  1. The moment you got caught by PD you suddenly disconnected. I PMed you on discord and got no response. 10 people waited for 15 minutes for your return and you never came back, As a result of this I administered the punishment. Pending Senior Admin +
  2. Starting off I would like to mention the Non-RP/Cop Baiting punishment was not just given for the weapon as I understand why the weapon would be on your back, however it was a contributing factor. You were driving in a highly patrolled area by the police on a bicycle with a shotgun on your back with warrants out for your arrest. You clearly knew this was illegal and when you got pulled over you shouted "I have a permit for this shotgun", and proceeded to pedal away. You escaped police by driving up a staircase. About four minutes later you were spotted by police again in the same exact area and managed to evade by biking down into the subway. I then Admin-PMed you warning you it was non-rp and told you to stop, as you were returning to the area seemingly without RP reason and escaping in unrealistic ways. You then ignored what I said, went back to the original area, got spotted again, and pedaled right back down into the tunnels again. This is what led to me administering the punishment. As for me ignoring you in PM`s, I do not respond to PM`s involving rule breaches as they are supposed to be appealed on the forums. This video you provided does not include the multiple interactions you had with the police of you repeatedly returning to the area. I recommend the punishment remain in place as he was given a warning prior to the kick. Pending Senior Admin+
  3. No Punishments will be handed for this report. However I will say a few things. @Jbacon Although you were put in a rough situation in the future it is better to try to talk to people in those situations rather than drive off, although it was not a rule-breach and a fight or flight reaction sometimes /b can be the best route to go. As a result of this you ended up getting killed and being compliant would have likely made the entire situation end in your favor. @King Polo @KeedoW @Rycka40 In the future it is YOUR own responsibility to make sure that the demands you give are properly given. Although he should use /b it is not a rule breach to decide against it. In addition to this, to claim that holding up a cop at LSC and murdering someone else is providing good RP/Heavy RP is just false. With so many witnesses around, robbing anyone is borderline non-RP and something you would never do in real life. As you clearly saw it quickly resulted in a gunfight where you had to flee, which is realistic seeing how many witnesses were in the area the likelihood of a police altercation would be incredibly high. A gung ho attitude like this is bound to get you into more trouble in the future. Report locked and archived.
  4. Dingus0

    Body Behind

    Maybe not 2 days but at least 30 minutes until NLR is over just to prevent awkwardness. Really good idea though.
  5. Report will be locked for review, please be patient.
  6. A Player telling someone you look like a "Crackhead" from 20 feet away is not justification for you to run a group of people over with a bus. You have a very poor record after one quiz retake and several more offences with such a small amount of XP I suggest the ban remain in place Pending Senior Admin+
  7. Jay_Bacon running away after already being shot is not a breach of Fear_RP. In addition to that it is your responsibility to make sure the person you have at gunpoint can hear your demands. Hitting A Panic button is not a valid reason for KOS, especially after already being shot at as he was just trying to flee. If these are the only reasons you three have against him then it is DeathMatching.
  8. Hello @Jbacon and thank you for the report Players (57)Ryka White, (94)Amarali Cage, and (148)King Oni have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. They have all been notified ingame. What reason did you three have to initiate this and why did you shoot at him?
  9. Dingus0


    Thanks for the appeal You were about to be banned for a second toxicity offense as you were not responding to RP correctly as you were not allowed to RP death and you were flaming in /b. You then stated you you did not care if you were being kicked or banned and then you named the server you were planning to move to. Pending Senior Admin +
  10. I was the Previous owner of this gas station. I bought it in October and had it for around four months, in that amount of time I made about 230,000 total. Now that the government is no longer accepting unregistered businesses and imposing a new tax system, this will likely cost even more. When I put it up for 2.5 I honestly felt that it was overpriced, I only put the price so high as the property had sentimental value to me and I did not want to part with it. I am not here to screw over the new owner, I just want things to be sold at a fair price.
  11. I have the screenshot when I first informed him of what happened. Not every group was tagged so I personally did not get the email. I will add that the forum was very buggy at the time the email was sent, which have somehow resulted in the wrong parties being tagged.
  12. Due to no response Both players will receive a 30 minute jail for Power-Gaming. Report locked and archived
  13. Hello @DeanThompson and thank you for the report Players Max_Alikov and Calvin_Broadus have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story, both have been notified in game. -Dingus
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