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  1. [Appeal] Alex Murphy

    I can defend this aswell! While he was away i even asked who is he cause i never seen him online. He wasnt here during the attacks nor was he active that much on the discord.
  2. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    @chapster29 I love you brudda! hopefully ill see you soon gonna have to throw a party if and when i get back
  3. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    @mastersquinter Thanks babes idk who you are but thanks man! <3
  4. [Appeal] Sonny Lospecchio

    Yea same Sonny been one of the homies and one of most active players i know.
  5. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    Account name:Juniornyc Character name: Rudy Vinziatti Reason of Punishment: Savage? Administrator:@nobodayltu Why should this appeal be accepted? So from what i gathered i was banned for being in a faction. OOCly i don't really converse with many of them since we i'm always on discord with other friends who most of the time are playing something else. ICly I RP to the fullest extent, literately with nearly anyone i meet i attempt to RP. Some people in the faction i was in was hacking, how am i supposed to even know that? I know none of these people IRL or know what they have on their pc's and what not. i've been super active since i joined and yet to get a ban for anything. I don't see why people in my position have to take responsibility for what others did. It's obvious admins and stuff don't like the Savages but at least most of us attempt to stay within the rules and actually RP. I feel like this ban is unjustified and it's just so flawed as how everyone gets removed due to knowing someone on discord. I haven't hacked, ddos, doxxed any of that and when the server was ddosed or just being crap for like those two days I EVEN OFFERED TO HELP PAY to get the server better.
  6. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    How else am I going to check server status or check if something is up with the server? Also these people I “insulted” knew who I was it’s more of banter. But w.e if you don’t want to let me back in fine, can you atleast make some way of checking what’s going on with the server outside of discord if I’m going to remain banned.
  7. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    @Dashingly I miss you baby :cries:
  8. VDM and FearRP

    What you arent allowed to have discord whilst playing lol if thats a rule please show me as i overlooked it. as of now ill wait for an admin to review. Later
  9. VDM and FearRP

    No ill take a lost anyday thats no problem but you dont seem to know what VDM means. So just come back with a defense.
  10. VDM and FearRP

    Never said it was random DM. i said FearRP and VDM. Do you have something to argue those two points?
  11. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    Account name:Juniornyc, on discord is Defalt404 Character name:Rudy Vinziatti Reason of Punishment: Being a dumbass and getting butthurt Administrator:Ballinbynature Why should this appeal be accepted? Cause I feel like i learned my lesson and i miss the boys in general and taking over the serverbot when the server crashed and stuff. Just miss my babies thats all.
  12. Police FailRP and "Pausing" RP

    "I won't even begin to bring up the rp that some criminals provided in this situation as it is not what this report is about but i'll just say it was pretty bad. " Cant be talking about me, how many times ive been arrested and RPd correctly and even went out of my way to make it enjoyable for both parties for example Parker. Literally, everyone i RP with always loved it so cant be me, also i never even see anyone one agree to the pause RP or even resumed it.
  13. VDM and FearRP

    Your player name: Rudy Vinziatti Player you are reporting: 2528_953,2870_9526,9014_1025 Rule broken: VDM and FearRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: So me and a group of dudes i just met were going to farm. I see three people farming. I wanted to do the whole field so we went and ask them to get out of their tractors and hit the hay , that this is our farms. They refused so we drew our weapons and once decided to flee whilst three of use had guns drawn and one being pointed. At the point i could have unloaded but wanted to just get them off without anyone dying. They get upset and then start ramming us over till we all die. Time and date:Jan 14 2018 around 11:30pm EST Evidence:https://plays.tv/video/5a5c2e074246afcdbd/the-amount-of-vdm
  14. VDM

    So went to Donkey Punch with a group of guys. two-three dudes where there so we wanted to get them off. they refused more than a few times before we saw applicable on shooting. before we shoot all of us get VDM and yes i know my aim was shit lol i was laughing at how bad the VDM was. http://plays.tv/video/5a5c2e074246afcdbd/the-amount-of-vdm :D
  15. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    Account name:juniornyc Character name:Rudy VInziatti Reason of Punishment: Going off on discord cause the constant server lag and not being to do anything Administrator:ballin Why should this appeal be accepted? it was only joke literally just wanted to get kicked from the discord not perma :((