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  1. juniornyc

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    Tbh i see where people might see the trolling and what not but they do RP properly. So idk i mess with it
  2. juniornyc

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    I'll disagree ive taken a 4 month break and so far enjoying the RP.
  3. juniornyc

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    Include me more often? :D
  4. @Cooksley eh no biggie, it’s a difference. While I was upset that with me being within the rules at all cost and everything I still get shit on. But every experience is a learning experience.
  5. @Cooksley Poor? May i bring back the "Great" RP you provided when we made you jump of a bridge? And oh im sorry i used a GAME MECHANIC just like anyone else does INCLUDING PD. So before you come at me with POOR RP think about your RP. Also i play with /vv 65 cause its hard as hell to hear most people at times so nah didnt hear it as a whisper. You get upset when you arent the winning side, sorry i played by the rules. I let you live and you even get invited to dinner and then you insult one of us :Hmmmmm: Nice!
  6. juniornyc

    refund for car

    dont got pics but its an osris, me and Joey were both just waiting for someone to help.
  7. juniornyc

    Map Suggestion

    the amount of shit needed to be loaded for this would not be ideal like oofff
  8. Character to be refunded: Rudy Vinziatti Date and time of incident: March 16 2018, at around 5:30pm EST Requested refund: A shotgun and 16 shells and $8000 Description of incident of resulting to loss: I was jailed wrongfully as i wasn't able to move due to being glitched then i get rammed by two officers and then they gain the advantage due to desync sending my car flying where i couldn't do anything.My jail was then voided because it was all due to desync. The server then restarted and i log off at the 1 minute mark. I am then free'd and i go to Mors to retrieve my Osiris, and then this is where i found out i had to pay when it wasn't destroyed. Evidence of loss: my plays.tv crashed so i dont have anything but Lewis was there and he was the one to inform me to make the refund.
  9. juniornyc

    Fix the Rapid GT Classic

    @Phil McGee you read right
  10. juniornyc


    I, [Vincenzo Vinziatti] ask for a loan at Total Bankers of [500k] and I will pay back within [7 weeks]. And I agree that failure to pay will result in a seizure of my assets, a [Osris]. [13/3/2018] (( by signing this contract you oocly agree to hand over the financial company ownership your agreed asset(s) if you don't pay back the loans.))
  11. juniornyc

    Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    all PD jail sentences should be bailable, but prison stuff shouldnt. 1+
  12. juniornyc

    Problem about PD with chases

    Ummm they are allowed to, and from watching police documentaries they do it very often. Also i would love to see you try to pit someone IRL with desync. I blame both parties partly for not RPing a crash and police using the cute Desync ram. But then i dont blame the cops for doing what they have to do to make a cheap RPer stop. Pitting is a common tactic used by the police i dont see how going great speeds can end in the police officer dying since they are the one manipulating the evading car. If you find this annoying then how about do some RP with cops and what not. I dont find it hard to just stop let the cops do their job and actually RP. Im sure not all cops just want to go on endless chases all day, a few evasions i can tell are fun but some proper RP would be better. JS.
  13. juniornyc

    Hey all

    Welcome to ECRP, hope you enjoy your stay and that i dont meet ya in game ;)
  14. juniornyc

    Problem about PD with chases

    Boi you telling me the world is running on GTMP?