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  1. @Cooksley eh no biggie, it’s a difference. While I was upset that with me being within the rules at all cost and everything I still get shit on. But every experience is a learning experience.
  2. @Cooksley Poor? May i bring back the "Great" RP you provided when we made you jump of a bridge? And oh im sorry i used a GAME MECHANIC just like anyone else does INCLUDING PD. So before you come at me with POOR RP think about your RP. Also i play with /vv 65 cause its hard as hell to hear most people at times so nah didnt hear it as a whisper. You get upset when you arent the winning side, sorry i played by the rules. I let you live and you even get invited to dinner and then you insult one of us :Hmmmmm: Nice!
  3. Rudy, Valerio (OOC Insults)

    I again stand by what i said. This was in no where near within ECRP. It's me judging YOU, as a person. I exercised my right of freedom of speech. i havent seen you IG, this came about the onslaught of spamming pictures of an old roster sheet which we dont use to much. Referring to you as toxic is not my opinion alone as well as anything else i've said. You constantly target people of the Exile non stop. You seem to have an obsession that just leads to you getting more and more punishments due to your lack of knowledge of the rules themselves. How about instead of using these 72hrs you got, you take the time and read the rules. Not just the ones you can attempt to abuse, all of them. I will not respond further unless told by a staff member. Thank you.
  4. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    Yes, of course you will. You just support my claim even further. @JackD248
  5. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    You earned that insult, also i'd like to point out You arent included the the several tags the staff member made. Me "insulting" you was me excising my right, this was not due to anything ECRP related. I'll stand by my words as you are extremely toxic to this community and deserves anything he earns. I will not retract my statements that i wrote to you as they are no where near in game related. Also to support my claim, just before you was spamming me with pictures of a roster sheet we made and dont even use often in a attempt to support my claim further. @JackD248
  6. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    @JackD248 First of all can you please refrain from commenting on a post that you are not apart of. Secondly as of yesterday the rule was made JUST BECAUSE OF THE CONSTANT BEHAVIOR. Never did i say that it's your guys strategy in this report, but we all know that they are known for doing so. Also the statement " If we were to initiate crimes at an NCZ then it would be a rule breech and honestly nobody in gut pushers purposely runs to an NCZ it's most likely just co incidence of been in a very high speed chase..." is false. As Deshawn and Leron both said yesterday they PURPOSELY ran to a NCZ to do just that. It's not a coincidence, since some chases start at LSC and end up being in MD or PD. Before you go off assumption ask your peers and then gather the statements. Also i do not know what you are referring to in " Also wasn't that last transmission about Deshawn going to PD in discord?" But never the less, refrain yourself from commenting as you are not one of the people who should even be commenting. Thanks
  7. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    Alright, so currently we are at war with the Gut Pusher. Who time and time again run to NCZ whilst they are being chased. This was just another instance of them abusing NCZ. Then I’m pretty sure right after where they took a swim. Which was “top notch”.
  8. Stranger 627_324 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

    @InfamousFelix I am one of the leaders of The Exile, we are currently in war due to Leron and Phil were extorting Daya Vinziatti (IG Daughter). They attempt to leave and we hold Phil in his car whilst Leron went to the roof and was shooting at us. Which the lead to a pursuit which ended up in us killing Phil with Leron as witness. We then spot Deshawn and held him up at gun point and then stole his bike.
  9. Alright, so I was told one of our own was getting pulled over and needed help. I rush to the scene and attempt to divert the officer. Due to lag I somehow when under him and caused him to flip? I’m not sure on that part. But none the less we have him held at gun point and he attempts to reach for his safety button which i don’t see how that’s possible when your hands are up and you have 3 people with large guns aiming at you. Then me and Tavi ask what was the person being pulled over for, and he said he is not a liberty of saying. Then I say well your life is at stake (or something along those lines) and he said he cannot remember. Then I ask tavi if our demands are anywhere near satisfied and he says no which is right he failed to please our demand so we finished him. Might I point out he did not show any fear for his life during this whole RP and made it very unrealistic.
  10. Rudy Vinziatiti (Punishment appeal)

    Yea for sure, thanks for the clear up!
  11. Rudy Vinziatiti (Punishment appeal)

    Oh .. welp i guess rip then i dont recall me breaking failrp other than mixxing but oh well then.
  12. Rudy Vinziatiti (Punishment appeal)

    alright then there we go, i never broke anything else but mixing and ooc insults.
  13. Rudy Vinziatiti (Punishment appeal)

    Ohhh so Failrp and mixing IC/OOC are different ? cause thats the only thing i did..
  14. Rudy Vinziatiti (Punishment appeal)

    Yea i was the one who was telling you what i did wrong. I said this would be my second Fail RP seeing as i had one way back not that i fail rped twice. I Mixed OOC/IC and whilst that i broke ooc insults, that's it.
  15. Account name: Juniornyc Character name: Rudy Vinziatti Admin who issued punishment: @InfamousFelix Date of Punishment: March 25 Reason of punishment: I was speaking OOCly in game. Your explanation of what happened: after being tilted that a cop couldnt follow his own protocol and went ballistic on me and never gave me a chance to follow his orders. So i was telling them to prison me from where we were cause it was total nonsense and didnt want to spend anymore time. I told Felix to issue both Non RP and OOC insults cause i called the officer " Bitch/fuckface" OOCly. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I told him it was my 2nd offence of failrp but i guess he thought it was that i did it twice in that instance. I should only have one Non rp. The (Kick) one can stay since that's correct, same with the OOC insults.