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  1. Angrez

    Ryan Cooper

    Then married georgia and now shes pregant what a great story :D
  2. Angrez


    +1 all the way, I've only ever seen rain once on this server in my time of playing it.
  3. Angrez

    Problem about PD with chases

    a pit is to touch the suspects back end and sort of spin them round to disable them, NOT driving infront of the suspect and killing yourself and the suspect at the same time.
  4. Angrez

    Problem about PD with chases

    Ok so when you get into a chase police act like the GTA AI police and abuse the game mechanics by driving infront of your car and letting the person being chased crash into the car. This is a total form of FailRP because in real life police in all country's would not drive in front of a car at all because it would simply just kill them, the force of the crash would kill them and the person being chased no matter what car it is apart from a bearcat / riot van in GTA. I think that the cops should not do this as this would simply kill them. I know that I am repeating myself but I just need to get the point across that this should not be done.
  5. Angrez

    Alba Bus (Shotgun)

    I can vouch that he did indeed have a shotgun.
  6. Angrez


    I, [Aaron Grump] ask for a loan at Total Bankers of [170k] and I will pay back within [2 weeks]. And I agree that failure to pay will result in a seizure of my assets, a [Sultan, Kuruma, BF400, Blista]. [23/01/2018] (( by signing this contract you oocly agree to hand over the financial company ownership your agreed asset(s) if you don't pay back the loans.))
  7. Angrez

    Voice Phone

    +1 this is a good suggestion as it adds more jobs/ factions into the game that you could apply for. It would make it fun and creative for the dispatchers
  8. Angrez

    PD Warehouse / Dynamic Event

  9. It is unrealistic on so many levels how the police department can have an 811 with a 1.25x speed booster attached to it making it faster than any car in the game infact its stupid how all the police vehicles go at absolutely un-realistic speeds and are able to catch up with nearly every car. In real life and on GTA itself there is never just one or two police vehicles in a pursuit as they are faster than the cars, realistically they should be faster that some cars but they shouldn't be faster than every car this is why in real life you get helicopters and 7-8 ground units pursuing the suspect but in Eclipse you get 1-2 cars chasing you that go at least 100km/ph faster than you. +1 if you think police cars should be slowed down and the police force should actually work together instead of separately and communicate to catch a car faster than them. -1 if you do not agree