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  1. David Fibonacci ban appeal

    Account name: David Johnson Character name(s): David Fibonacci / John Marley but I no longer will be playing on this account <-- Admin who issued punishment: @ItzPazz and @Eriksen? That's who @NoewUH tagged in my last appeal Date of punishment: 23/Apr/2018 12:14 Reason given for punishment: Constant rulebreaks (17 logs in a little over 2 weeks + alt) Your explanation of what happened: I have a lot of punishments for breaking a lot of rules Why should your appeal be accepted?: It's been 4 weeks since my ban, i know nothing has changed but honestly it's just worth a chance for me to keep showing my love to the server and for me to be regularly active on the forums. I am very active on the forums as a lot of people wouldn't be if they was perm banned, also when i was playing in game i played the server for roughly 22 days or something like that and i had 8 days playtime which I hope shows I like the server a lot and hoping for maybe a super last chance. I would like to apologize for my behaviour (which has changed now thanks to the drugs I take) I now take 10mg of procentra every few hours when my parents give it to me, which helps me act more calmly and I no longer splash my anger out at people. I hope you could maybe put me on my final final chance and I promise I won't break any rules at all. I hope you could maybe give me a chance to see I've changed and I hope I could come back and be a part of the community and get liked again. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Judicial System

    Seems like it's hugely unfair someone has to wait for a judge and someone doesn't because of time zones or just real life issues.
  3. Judicial System

    And what if a judge isn't online? Then it's not really fair on the criminal.
  4. Looking for a loan

    ((This is ic but use this link to get a loan https://discordapp.com/invite/jP2HfPF)) ((Sorry I shouldn't of commented on this))
  5. this guy threatened me on discord LOL

  6. I thought they was removed because he said it had disappeared and I heard they was being removed some time and i'm banned so I can't really tell, sorry about that.

  7. Poker game In prison

    how would you get the money in there in the first place? a guard or admin would have to rp it every time someone wants to get money, but if there is an easier method I think +1 but then again there's not normally a lot of people in prison.
  8. Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    I think you get the cost of the car like 5,000 for example but you don't get the in game money you used to upgrade performance, I also don't think you get the license plate money back but not sure
  9. So my ban will never be removed?

    1. david fibonacci

      david fibonacci

      And the perm ban on my other account was when I joined with a friend and was trying to control my self but I didn't understand any of the rules but I know when I spammed the admin that was strictly against the rules.

    2. david fibonacci
  10. Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    Super cars was removed
  11. Doesnt really connect

    Is your gta 5 a legit copy not a fake copy?
  12. New lady who loves lattes!

    What dog do you have?
  13. Back Street Doctors

    I think this would be an excellent idea but i'm not sure how the location marker would work. Maybe if you phoned a number and they had to meet you or they go to a certain spot and you have to meet them. +1
  14. eclipse quiz answers