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  1. david fibonacci

    Why are the fines so hefty when going to prison?

    I agree it's bull shit but think about in real life when you are going 150 miles per hour and drifting around corners to evade the police you're gonna get like 5 years irl
  2. david fibonacci

    How hardcore RP is this server?

    Very hardcore people drive around in 1million dollar super cars using them as ramming tools
  3. david fibonacci

    New member

    yeah ur forums email is different to in game u have to make 2x accounts
  4. david fibonacci

    New member

    u take the quiz by going in game
  5. david fibonacci

    Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    Probably saw angry bikers in sons of anarchy
  6. david fibonacci

    [SELLING] Bati for 80k Fully modded!

    not everyone knows how to wheelie
  7. david fibonacci

    [SELLING] Bati for 80k Fully modded!

    The bike goes 211 kmph
  8. david fibonacci

    Skipper Istan (Money & More )

  9. david fibonacci

    Judicial System

    Seems like it's hugely unfair someone has to wait for a judge and someone doesn't because of time zones or just real life issues.
  10. david fibonacci

    Judicial System

    And what if a judge isn't online? Then it's not really fair on the criminal.
  11. david fibonacci

    Looking for a loan

    ((This is ic but use this link to get a loan https://discordapp.com/invite/jP2HfPF)) ((Sorry I shouldn't of commented on this))
  12. this guy threatened me on discord LOL

  13. I thought they was removed because he said it had disappeared and I heard they was being removed some time and i'm banned so I can't really tell, sorry about that.

  14. david fibonacci

    Nicholas Gomez [ETR1 Import Vehicle]

    I think you get the cost of the car like 5,000 for example but you don't get the in game money you used to upgrade performance, I also don't think you get the license plate money back but not sure
  15. So my ban will never be removed?

    1. david fibonacci

      david fibonacci

      And the perm ban on my other account was when I joined with a friend and was trying to control my self but I didn't understand any of the rules but I know when I spammed the admin that was strictly against the rules.

    2. david fibonacci