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  1. ItsPazz

    Taxes are way to high

    I'd find the tax system more acceptable if there was actually something they went to rather than making it disappear into thin air. I would be much more positive towards having to pay taxes if it went to a government and in turn, was reinvested into implementing more apartments, or opening up other buildings/businesses or such.
  2. ItsPazz

    Business Leasing

    I think leasing business in general, not necessarily limited to leasing from other players, would be a neat thing. Imagine being able to lease a property and turn it into a bar once City Hall is up and running.
  3. ItsPazz

    Bayview fence issue + suggestion

    I don't think you're getting the point of this suggestion or what actual constructive criticism is at all, rather than an attempt at being funny or trolling. These fences are an issue, and it's clear as day. Even the fences that are already re-enforced are still being ramped over, and it's just incredibly annoying. Whilst it plays a big role in the creation of this post I bet, this isn't a suggestion just for the sake of Bayview or it's customers, but for the quality of roleplay in general. Either this needs to be cracked down upon, or a fix for this has to be implemented.
  4. ItsPazz

    Question regarding long-leaves

    Additionally, you won't lose any of your characters.
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 23rd of October, 2018. 5:05 PM UTC+2. Character name: Elena_Blake Issue/bug you are reporting: Currently, when members of the LSPD receive a server message notifying them of someone waiting for assistance at the impound lot it says "assitance" instead of "assistance". Very very game breaking, yes. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  6. ItsPazz

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    $1,250,000 - Ana West, #5697001
  7. ItsPazz

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    $1,100,000 - Ana West, #5697001
  8. ItsPazz

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    $1,000,000 - Ana West, #5697001
  9. ItsPazz

    Messages on your phone

    It does still happen, yes.
  10. ItsPazz

    [Auction] [Fuel Station] Route68 Fuel Station

    2.125.000 - Ana West
  11. ItsPazz

    [Auction] [Fuel Station] Route68 Fuel Station

    1.875.000 - Ana West
  12. ItsPazz

    [Auction] [Fuel Station] Route68 Fuel Station

    1.700.000 - Ana West
  13. ItsPazz

    Red Lights (LAW)

    * Elena Blake would place down a folder reading "City of Los Santos Penal Code 2018". She would then open the folder, going to the section of "Citations (VC/GC)" and places her finger on citation VC06 specifically. *