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  1. LSPD Job Interview

    Hello, For starters: the LSPD is not a criminal faction so you're in the wrong section of the forums there. Secondly, if you scroll down a bit further you can see all government factions, including the police department. Clicking on the police department's link will guide you to the government website. On this website you can create an account and then find the application format and correct section to post it in.
  2. Stranger 1831_5498 - DM in front of bank

    Hello again, After reviewing the evidence it is clear to see that, regardless of not seeing the part of you being shot at, this is indeed death matching. If he was the one that had initially shot you, he broke the rule of no crime zones; and if he wasn't, him showing up for no reason and finishing you off is definitely deathmatching. Therefore player Stranger 1831_5498/Bob_Neville will be punished for deathmatching. Report resolved/archived
  3. Stranger 1831_5498 - DM in front of bank

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Do you have any video evidence of him initially injuring you?
  4. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Hello again, Due to client stability there is not much that can be done against the first person issue other than advising people to not use first person while driving on a bike or in a vehicle. Of course saying "idgaf" when informed about a bug is not an appropriate way to deal with it so I'd request Jeff_Zed to be a bit more considerate towards situations like these in the future. Other than that there is not much we can do so that would conclude the report. Report rejected/archived
  5. Jeff_Zed Bug abusing.

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Pending @BigJeff to give his side of the story within 24 hours.
  6. FailRP officer report

    Hello again, After taking a good look at the video provided by Eletrix I was able to come to a final decision. I'll be summing up everything that I've seen from both players in this situation, combined with the time stamps of the video (please take these with a grain of salt, vidme was messing up the times for me). 2:51 - Officer learns of your name because of your friend At this point in the video, the police officer asks your friend (who you later in the video confirm to be your firend) for your name, and he gives him your name. Therefore, nothing has been metagamed because this information was obtained through an in-character way. 4:04 - Officer accidentally punches, pulls out a tazer and fires, proceeds to run away after getting shot Not exactly sure how this happened; but it could've been reflexes or a misclick. The officer accidentally punched the air, therefore was not able to pull out a gun. He then pulled out a taser and shot. I would like to point out that if you press right mouse button and switch weapons through your bind, there might be a minor lock-on, which could be what happened in this situation. This, however, is still a dodgy situation and will be looked at further and the officer in question, if need be, will be punished for this if it is decided that this was breaking FearRP. What he did afterwards was completely fine, as nobody would wait to stand out in the open to be shot at. 7:19 - Attempted /takegun while stabilized (thus injured) This is where things begin to go wrong. You (Jeff_Zed) attempted to take a gun while you were injured on the ground. You being stabilized does not mean you are back on your legs yet, as you should know that they always roleplay (server-forced too, by the way) putting you on a stretcher to help you back on your feet at the hospital. Abusing the fact that you're standing up and can do other things while stabilized (still injured) is considered FailRP. 7:22 - Punching medic while stabilized (thus injured) This could be a misclick and an accident, which is why I won't go into further detail explaining this, but to you this should have been a sign to be more careful about what you press as you are able to do things/harm others while injured. 7:30 - First sign of having a gun out while stabilized (thus injured) This too, could have been an accident, but should have been another opportunity for you to see that you can in fact pull out weapons in an injured state (yes, being stabilized means you're still injured) and to not use this. 7:34 - Shooting while stabilized (thus injured) This is where the entire situation escalates to something even worse. For this, I'd like to refer you to a report that happened a while back. In this report, the player also pulled out their weapon in an injured/stabilized state and shot an officer; and I'm not sugarcoating it, as it is considered FailRP AND bug exploiting and should be, but at least he showed a proper /me where as you did nothing, and simply shot the officer whilst fully knowing what you were doing. Therefore player Jeff_Zed has been punished for bug exploiting. Report resolved/archived
  7. FailRP officer report

    As you claimed to have said something, I would like to hear what was said to confirm. The base of the video that was needed is here, but I just want to hear what was said.
  8. FailRP officer report

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Is there any chance you can provide us with a video that has sound?
  9. 1124_2804 - FailRP & Deathmatching

    Hello and thank you for reporting, In the evidence it's clear to see that this individual is shooting at people for no reason what so ever in the station. This breaks both deathmatching rules and the no crime zones, as the police department is a no crime zone. Their reason might have been a recent discharge from the PD, however this reason is not sufficient to start shooting without engaging in RP; let alone in a NCZ and at people that were not involved in this discharge. Player Stranger 1124_2804/Damian_Taylor will be punished for deathmatching. Report resolved/archived.
  10. [EVENT] Halloween Night Poker Tournament

    My mom wants me to go outside and trick and treat to socialize though.. not sure if I can come with my bedtime.
  11. The Crispy News Agency RESIGNATION.

    (( I think you misunderstood the fact that he commented on your post ICly, as it is in the Roleplay section ))
  12. 2404_7726 - Fail RP and logging to avoid RP

    Hello again, Thank you for responding. Even if you crashed and had issues returning to the game, you could have still reached out to the two officers to continue the roleplay, which you did not do. I'd like to refer you to the combat logging rule, once again; Then the next thing that I noticed was you jumping off the bridge, which is considered fail roleplay as it is a (stunt-)jump that would result in your immediate death. Please make sure to read through rule for future reference; Player Roman_Stewart/Mask 2404_7726 will receive both a punishment for fail roleplay and an admin jail for his second offense of combat logging including his in-character time. Report resolved/archived
  13. 2404_7726 - Fail RP and logging to avoid RP

    Hello and thank you for reporting, With the evidence provided and @SoloSmith's statement in Discord I have enough reasons to believe that player Roman_Stewart/Mask 2404_7726 combat logged as he did not return. However before making my final decision I do want the individual to give us an explanation as to why he did not return. Pending @Roman_Stewart to respond to this report within 24 hours.
  14. 3217_2766 - Fail RP & Fear RP

    Hello again, Thank you for providing the evidence. Due to the only two weapons being pulled being tasers the specific rule does not come into play as these weapons are non-lethal, so no official punishment will be given for that. However, if you look at our Fail Roleplay rule, specifically, it perfectly describes the situation that happened here. This jump would be considered unrealistic to most, and however this might not have caused your immediate death, it would've hurt you enough to not be able to run away anymore; especially after jumping out/flying out of the vehicle in question after the impact. Player Alissa_Sweets/Mask 3217_2766 will be punished for their first offense of fail roleplay. Report resolved/archived
  15. 3217_2766 - Fail RP & Fear RP

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Please provide us with the evidence that you have so that we can go from there.