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  1. ItsPazz

    Remove /erp

    The only purpose it serves at this point in time is to push out an /ame stating "starts thinking about erp".
  2. ItsPazz

    Remove /erp

    I couldn't agree more, I thought it was an actual meme when it was brought up (that goes for both commands that were added really, I don't think /cuthair being something you can do to others willingly once their hands are up is all that good for the roleplay quality either, but I'll leave that aside for the sake of the thread's focus), up until the point that it was actually added to the server.
  3. Chapter IV Recurrence
  4. I'm not sure if an individual representing a vehicle dealership has shed light on how and what, but I don't believe one has. I can guarantee that I'm not only speaking for myself as the owner of the AutoRepairs dealership, but also for other dealership owners when I say that we try to pay a good and fair fee for the effort the truckers put into the deliveries of our vehicles, however, the amount we can offer is rather limited unless the vehicles are in the higher price ranges. Often, when ordering a vehicle such as a Warrener, I have no choice but to restrict my pay to truckers to a mere $1000, as the import price set by the state and the fee paid to the truck driver delivering the vehicle total up to my current asking price of $10400, give or take a few hundred dollars. Now, whilst admittedly dealerships in the city could most likely spare a few hundred dollars more, the dealerships which are in the outskirts of the city, or even in Sandy Shores or Paleto Bay spend that amount of money on the fuel getting to their dealership to place the order and back, meaning that there is no profit at all if the fee paid to the truckers is raised. The only time when we can offer a bigger fee to the truckers without cutting into the couple hundred dollars we make is when a high-priced vehicle is ordered, such as a vehicle in the sports class.
  5. So, with the most recent update, it's become extremely hard to move around items in a stash when you rely on the usage of bags, which we all have to in the end because the way the house inventory works, you are restricted to 24 inventory squares with a total of 500 volume - it'd be great that if not all volume is utilized, we could get an additional row of slots, but that's beside the point of this suggestion. Bags have become bigger due to items like pistols changing from 1 volume to 10 volume (without ammo), meaning that instead of one bag now you might need two. Then, to stash all of these bags you need to drop everything else you were holding to pick it up with "O" to move it into the inventory - whilst carrying it with "P" is also an option, though this option wouldn't allow you to place it in the house stash. What I would suggest is that when you are carrying an item like a bag, it would give you an additional inventory slot to the left (or the right, or wherever, developer discretion) with the bag you are carrying so you can place it into the stash. It doesn't make much sense to me that you can't stash a bag you hold with your hands but can stash one on your back. It'd look something like this: Now obviously my paint skills aren't the best, but I'm sure it gets the point across. It'd make it a lot easier to move bags around with the current volume of items. It'll still mean that you can't carry as much as you used to so it won't ruin the purpose of the most recent update, but it will help to bring back the smoothness the inventory initially had.
  6. I don't believe the direction of fired bullets will change, but with the next update, as far as I know, there will be recoil added for all weapons, which is one step closer to achieving what you've mentioned.
  7. Yes, this way it could even be a requirement to toggle /phone prior to being able to use any of the other text commands (except for turning the phone on/off), no longer relying on the UI phone.
  8. +1, we had them before the addition of this new phone as our old phone was fully text-based, but I still prefer the command over the UI and having a choice between the two never hurts.
  9. Hello, I would like to have a word with you on discord if that's possible.


    Thanks in advance.

  10. Chapter III Tous Les Jours
  11. Gloves would be cool, I don't believe it's too hard either because they're mere torsos which wouldn't affect a normal outfit too much unless a wrong torso is picked that doesn't have full arms. As for the badges, These have been implemented for our Detectives, actually. Though not as intended, because they can only be used in a uniform, which kind of defeats the purpose, but apparently, it's due to it having to change standard clothing. I made a bug report about it which was archived.
  12. I've just tried ALT + ENTER to go into fullscreen and then back into windowed, bars still stay in the same position. The first image is after initial ALT + ENTER, then the second image is returning to windowed.
  13. I've been in windowed mode for the last few months and haven't changed it at all, continues to stay the same after restarting the game as well.
  14. I play in windowed but I can't say I've resized the game window.
  15. Date and time (provide timezone): 19/MAY/2019, 9:50 PM UTC Character name: Elena_Blake Issue/bug you are reporting: Detectives badge ( /ib ) does not work when out of uniform as a Detective. Expected behavior: For the badge to be able to be utilized out of uniform ( CTRL + U ), as that is how Detectives conduct most of their duties and what the badge was intended for, I assume. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/h596v Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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