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  1. Locked to prevent further immaturity until a final decision has been made.
  2. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    It'd be more considerable for me personally if half of the post wasn't false, though it's mostly written through your own perspective so I can see how and why. The police take out vehicles appropriate for the vehicle they are currently in a pursuit with. More often than not, if there is a truck being chased they use Brickades if people certified to use said Brickades are available, if not they use the SWAT transport vehicles as a counter measure. With the amount of super cars there are ramming police cruisers, which should be considered either fail RP or fear RP in my honest opinion, I don't believe we need yet another vehicle, let alone an armored vehicle, that is easy to take out just to ram cruisers. Of course I do understand that not everyone does this, however the amount of super cars I've seen just ramming police cruisers to then come back and ram them again rather than trying to make an escape is stupid insane. I personally don't see how adding an armored vehicle (since the police barely ever use armored vehicles unless there's a cadet transporting someone or SWAT transporting is happening) would help improve the roleplay as a whole, as I feel like it'd only increase the feeling of it being a cops versus robbers gamemode.
  3. [APPEAL] Ray Sweets

    If you feel like this player has broken rules, feel free to make a player report with sufficient evidence to support your claims. As for this appeal, the punishment will remain. Appeal rejected/archived
  4. [APPEAL] Ray Sweets

    Pending @Chief Pupui's response
  5. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    Hello again, Yes, it is true that only administrators have the authority in the game to pause RP, however if it's mutually agreed upon players can pause RP too; which we encourage to do if someone crashes. In this case, the officer crashed who was a vital part of this scenario, and therefore you technically abused the fact that he had crashed by shooting Brian and leaving. It is easy to say that you would've done differently if the officer was there, but there is no way to prove that that would've actually happened as you took it upon yourself to shoot Brian here after the officer had crashed (NOTE: Timemarks in chat show this happened 17 seconds after the officer crashed). Since it is obvious you used this crash to your advantage, you will receive a punishment for fail roleplay. Player Jeff_Zed will be punished for an offense of fail roleplay. Report resolved/archived
  6. Phone tracking

    As essentially, not yet of rank but with access to the commands, a detective, I can confirm that the command to track is rarely ever used, and if it’s used it is not spammed or such as there have been faction regulations set in place in the faction itself to prevent this from happening. Only a select few (currently the number is 4 I believe) people in the force are able and allowed to use this function, and even then; we don’t use it unless absolutely necessary, or if no proper investigation has lead to the moment of the tracking function being used. Phones being turned off or smashed also prevents one from being tracked, if the function is used. When I was introduced to the system, I tried the tracking function on an OOC-level with our support staff, and it showed up as a big circle covering nearly the entire block where Savage Nation and Motorsports are located, so essentially it’s already displaying a radius, however I do agree that it could be made a bigger radius that is shown.
  7. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Do you, by any chance, have a video of this?
  8. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    He is not involved in this situation, therefore he cannot post here.
  9. Stefanie Huth - FearRP

    Please stop responding to this thread. You have been issued a warning.
  10. Prison/Jail

    Prison time is only two hours at most, when in prison you're allowed to stand AFK for those 2 hours. If this were to be implemented, the prison times should be way longer aswell.
  11. Hello and thank you for reporting, This situation was resolved in-game shortly after the vehicle transporting the prisoner had left. I contacted them through Discord to get the situation sorted through PMs to avoid any forum drama, without success I suppose, may I add. The player had missed and not seen the /me from Alex_Donnelly kicking away the gun at the time, and therefore did not adjust to this RP. Player Jens_Winckler was convinced that this had not happened and it was until after I showed him the logs of Donnelly kicking away the gun that he realised what had happened, and the player was put in IC prison. Now that I have the attention, I would like to point out that the driving that player Jens_Winckler ( @3Bot ) had shown during this chase (driving in circles around police cars just to ram them, rather than taking the exits offered to escape repeatedly) has been discussed between the administration team and has been marked down as fail roleplay. Please refrain from doing this in the future. A pursuit is fine, not a ramming fest. Same goes for the officers that participated in this ramming fest. Thank you for your time, player Jens_Winckler will not be punished. Report rejected/archived
  12. Add all vehicles to normal import

    This suggestion needs to be looked at again.
  13. Metagaming

    Hello again, In the evidence it's clear to see that player Arnold_Williams had a chance to, as your accusations state, metagame your presence in the bush but drove past you instead. He then turned around as driving off the cliff for no reason was no option (more on this later on), and turned around. Before he even initiated anything with you, you drove off saying "bullshit, you're not supposed to see me.", no metagaming happened here as he had not initiated ANY roleplay when he drove towards that bush so for all he knew in-character wise, you weren't there. As for the driving, both players Jeff_Zed and Arnold_Williams will be receiving a verbal warning for stunt driving. Driving up and down a steep hill like that repeatedly is anything but realistic, especially with the vehicles used. Player Jeff_Zed will receive a verbal warning for speaking OOC through VOIP for saying "metagame" when hit off his motorcycle. Player Collin_Fox is seen doing nothing wrong in this situation and will not receive any punishments. Report resolved/archived
  14. [APPEAL] Andy, McCarty

    Hello and thank you for your patience, Sadly at this time after discussing I will be denying your appeal. Cheating is not something we tolerate and therefore will not be treated lightly. Appeal rejected/archived
  15. Metagaming

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Please change the players you are reporting section to their stranger IDs as opposed to their session ID, as well as uploading the evidence. Thank you in advance.