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  1. Gloves would be cool, I don't believe it's too hard either because they're mere torsos which wouldn't affect a normal outfit too much unless a wrong torso is picked that doesn't have full arms. As for the badges, These have been implemented for our Detectives, actually. Though not as intended, because they can only be used in a uniform, which kind of defeats the purpose, but apparently, it's due to it having to change standard clothing. I made a bug report about it which was archived.
  2. I've just tried ALT + ENTER to go into fullscreen and then back into windowed, bars still stay in the same position. The first image is after initial ALT + ENTER, then the second image is returning to windowed.
  3. I've been in windowed mode for the last few months and haven't changed it at all, continues to stay the same after restarting the game as well.
  4. I play in windowed but I can't say I've resized the game window.
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): 19/MAY/2019, 9:50 PM UTC Character name: Elena_Blake Issue/bug you are reporting: Detectives badge ( /ib ) does not work when out of uniform as a Detective. Expected behavior: For the badge to be able to be utilized out of uniform ( CTRL + U ), as that is how Detectives conduct most of their duties and what the badge was intended for, I assume. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/h596v Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): 19/MAY/2019, 9:50 PM UTC Character name: Elena_Blake Issue/bug you are reporting: Hunger and thirst bar are misplaced, not aligned properly underneath my health and armor bar. Expected behavior: For the two bars to be aligned properly with the two native GTA bars for health and armor. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Monitor resolution of 2560x1440. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  7. Sounds like an idea that couldn't hurt, but if implemented I'd like to see it implemented in such a way that it has to be requested, and then if approved if it makes sense to have a backdoor in the location where it is requested, placed by an admin.
  8. I agree, I'd love to see things like divboxes on the main Eclipse forums. +1
  9. Hello, I'm sure Ballin or Osborn are able to go into either archived #senior-administrators or #administrators chat-rooms to find conversations regarding this ban being issued. From what I recall, Kaku Karlis at the time was a frequent rulebreaker and was often caught, eventually being permanently banned by myself, senior-administrator at the time. and Toony, a head-administrator at the time. They were then unbanned by Ballin two weeks later and given another, most likely last chance. I believe I then caught them breaking rules once again after being placed on "probation", where we kept a close watch on this player to ensure that they no longer broke any rules to provide a better roleplay experience, and issued another permanent ban. Both this situation and my departing from the staff team has been a while, so some of the things I've said might be a bit inaccurate as I do not remember everything and it is rather vague. Thanks!
  10. I'm fairly sure payments are issued through the F4 faction menu by the press of a button, not with a command, so it might be hard to add a comment to that.
  11. Even with the fact that new clothing might not be supported by RAGE, there's still an extreme lack in undershirts (we're nowhere close to the number of undershirts that are actually usable in RAGE) which can and should be added, as a lot of the tops that are available when it comes to shirts and such are usable as undershirts in the base game too. Even the addition of all the other undershirts alone (and making sure they actually work for all tops and not just a majority) can make a big difference when it comes to the options available.
  12. As written in the original post, I had to make up the backstory for it to make sense to transfer the aforementioned assets, as there was/is no real reason for them to be on the character in the first place, other than saving vehicle slots due to the housing limitations at the time before I purchased two extra house slots. This means that I do not have any IC evidence of an agreement/lease dating back to when I first transferred the vehicles. Whilst I can draft up a lease agreement, I don't think it'll be sufficient as it will have been drafted post-transfer request. I've made the transfer request so that the vehicles do not go to waste, and hope you can discuss this somehow - but I fully understand if it'll be denied. Thanks!
  13. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Hayley Queen Character to Transfer To: Ana West Requested Transfer: XA-21 Vagner Reason for Transfer: I've tried to come up with a way to make the request make sense, as the reasoning behind the vehicles being on Hayley_Queen is purely out-of-character to save vehicle slots at the time due to the limited availability of housing, as she's merely an individual who was employed by the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services after graduating high school, she was never meant to have "riches", so to say. I completely and fully understand if one, my backstory does not get accepted and/or is not sufficient enough for a transfer, and two if the request gets denied due to the price tag on these two assets, even if they only have an estimated price and no set in stone price anymore. Hayley Queen was, through her friendship and connections with, at the time, Chief of LSEMS Maria Kalić and Maria's connections, made the branch manager of the weapon store on the corner in front of Weazel News. This gun store was a subsidiary of Lombank Finances, the finance company ran by Ana West which had previously claimed ownership over various other subsidiaries such as the well-known gas station Xero24 and the vehicle dealership in Sandy Shores going by the name of AutoRepairs. Due to the reputation of Lombank and Ana herself, two vehicles were given to Hayley on a lease basis, counting as "company vehicles", with the agreement stating that if she were to leave the partnership or breach the agreement the vehicles would be returned. She used these vehicles up until the point where the management behind Lombank Finances made the executive decision to sell off the gun store to a more aspiring owner and businessman who sought to venture into the business of firearms. This means that the partnership had ended, and the agreement subsequently came to an end as well, resulting in the two vehicles having to be returned. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With the assistance of a trusted friend making use of the /transfervehicle command. Will record the transfer as well.
  14. Chapter II Police Commander
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