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  1. @Grisa @WoogeTV @Jbacon Does one of you three have a recording that shows the entire situation, from before approaching the MD?
  2. [Kick Apeal] Left Sharkie

    As discussed with other staff members the conclusion has been made that this is not considered a stunt jump due to the type of vehicle that is being driven. Punishment will be voided. Please send me a PM when you are online and on Emily_Dagaslov. Appeal accepted/resolved
  3. @Spergburger, since the video shows only what seems to be the ending of this situation and you said you only started recording at this point, do you know anyone that might have the full scenario on video?
  4. Pending investigation of evidence and statements given by reporting and reported party. From now on, please only post when you are tagged and asked a question.
  5. Rajj Sikyhar (Deathmatch and VDM)

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Player Rajj_Sikyhar has been punished for vehicle deathmatching in another report, therefore will not receive a punishment in this report. I would, however, like to clear a few things up. If you accidentally hit someone, please make sure to inform them of this action and it being an out-of-character accident. From that point on you can then decide to either roleplay the incident or not take it in-character, was we do know that missclicks happen from time to time. If Chloe_Bailey had decided to continue on shooting, it could have still been resolved with an admin, which was actually present on the scene. As for the driving away, Rajj_Sikyhar had only hit Chloe_Bailey once with the means which is allowed within our rules if it is with the means of getting away from danger, and getting shot at is usually a reason to do this to attempt to get away, however she was not actively shooting at you and had only shot at you once, meaning you could have simply driven past her and not hit her at all. Please be more careful in making decisions during situations like these in the future as they could result in a forums report like this. Lastly, @Rajj Sikyhar, I would like to request from you that if you do respond to a report, that you do it in a more mature and serious manner, rather than unnecessary images. This goes for all reports that you might be involved in, not just this one. Thank you kindly. Report resolved/archived
  6. Rajj Sikyhar (VDM and NCZ)

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Player Rajj_Sikyhar will be punished for his second offense of minor vehicle death matching as well as a punishment for ignoring no crime zones. For future reference, @Rajj Sikyhar, if you're aware of your behaviour in the game changing due to being under influence in real life, please reconsider actually staying off or hopping off as it might influence another's time on the server, and sometimes for the worse. Report resolved/archived
  7. Rajj Sikyhar (VDM and NCZ)

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Pending @Rajj Sikyhar for his explanation within 24 hours.
  8. Hello again, I would like to start this off by stating this, @JackD248, please stop demanding proof from players. You are the reporting party, therefore you, and you only are the person that has to provide proof to back up your claims in the report. Any other proof will be requested by the administrator that is handling the report or provided by the reported party to defend themselves, this is not your task so please refrain from doing so in such a manner as you did. Now, as for the rest of the report. The BayView staff did not metagame. Lewis_Smith only switched up his accent after a while of talking in his normal accent, so Felipe_Barrichello could have easily recognized your voice during the situation. Then, the word of a supervisor affects the decision of a company to hire or not to hire a person. On top of that, as @Hellequin explained, you have been hanging around with the same people talking to different people in the same clothing, simply changing your jacket and hat isn't going to change who you are, therefore no metagaming has happened here. If you have solid proof that metagaming did happen, feel free to make another report and provide us with the evidence. As for both players Lewis_Smith / @JackD248 and Nihil_Snow / @Nihil Genus, these two players will both receive a punishment for Fail Roleplay as they ignored the kidnapping rule, because Felipe_Barrichello was indeed moved to a significantly new location, even moving him several times when on that location and then demanded information from. I'd like to quote one of the previous reports that was ruled as fail roleplay due to the moving of a person: On top of that punishment, player Lewis_Smith / @JackD248 will also receive a warning as his first offense of powergaming, for installing a seemingly undetectable app on a phone without any interactive RP, essentially forcing it upon player Felipe_Barrichello. Players Brian_Oconner, Felipe_Barrichello & Tavi_Patronus will not receive any punishment. Player Nihil_Snow will receive a punishment for their first offense of Fail Roleplay. Player Lewis_Smith will receive a punishment for their second offense of Fail Roleplay & first offense of powergaming. Report resolved/archived.
  9. @Hellequin How exactly did you recognize Lewis Smith at the time? What gave it away?
  10. @xicoloco14 Since this part of the video is yours, could you please post the full video? @Spergburger Please refrain from posting on reports that you are not involved in. You have received a warning point.
  11. Hello and thank you for reporting, Pending @Triple Seven, @xicoloco14 and @Hellequin for their side of the story within 24 hours.
  12. Lewis Smith (Metagaming)

    Hello and thank you for reporting, Please make a report using the correct format & title, which can be found here: Locked & Archived
  13. Discord ban apple

    Hello again, Due to the events leading up to your Discord ban being so long ago and being but a vague memory, and on top of that your claim that you will make sure an event such as this will not occur again I have come to the conclusion to lift your ban on Discord. What I would like to request from you however, is that you do indeed read through the announcements carefully for new rules that were implemented during your time being banned, and refrain from saying things that you have said in the past, even if it's not with the intention of insulting another it can still be picked up as such. Discord ban will be lifted. Appeal approved/archived
  14. Discord ban apple

    Hello, I don't personally remember banning you for saying something regarding the old Carter, but I can't say I remember much of the described event as a whole. However, you said you would make sure an incident such as this will not occur again. How are you planning on doing that? What are you doing against it or changing?