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  1. JET SKIS, a few locations.

    That's why they have the ability to take out a boat.
  2. The Best TV Show(s)

    Definitely this. The Blacklist is good aswell.
  3. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    If it also shows you that your vehicle has been impounded as soon as it happens while you're online you get a message just like tickets do, then I'm completely fine with it.
  4. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    I again don't disagree, however I feel like the registered owner of the vehicle and apprehended suspect are two entirely different cases because of the ability to find the registered owner with a simple MDC and license check. If the suspect gets placed under arrest (in my opinion) he/she should receive the regular grand theft auto charge, the owner of the vehicle should be notified about the vehicle being impounded and the price, because let's be honest.. yes there's been petty crimes done for low, low amounts of cash, but I don't think anyone is going to risk 60 minutes of your time wasted for $300. As mentioned previously I'd say a notification system for this should be in place. My apologies if I misunderstood anything, I couldn't really figure out what you meant with the first line.
  5. [SUGGESTION] Police Impound Lot

    I don't disagree with this suggestion as a whole, just with the only written down way of retrieving your car being paying the fee. There's numerous counts (more than I could imagine probably) of times that a vehicle has been stolen and retrieved from the impound lot without paying the fee, simple as. If it's implemented with a script there could be an alert going out (similar to the CCTV calls from general stores the PD gets) notifying them about a car leaving the lot before the fee has been paid or the time has been served (I feel like there should be a time system on it aswell, however not limited to 60 minutes like jail). Maybe with a chance system in place, giving the criminals a small (less than the chance of alerting the police) chance of successfully retrieving the car Here's an article to act as an example of a person being caught in the act. I've looked up several articles and all of them would say yes it's possible but it's too much of a risk, because the PD does in fact have your license plate, name, address and everything when they impound your vehicle. Several charges could be placed on people stealing their cars back from the lot.
  6. Suggestion: Amend the FearRP Rule.

    I feel like the FearRP rule and the powergaming rule don't go well together. The rule against powergaming as put in place to prevent people from doing things for others, and so that people actually have a chance to do something rather than having a one-sided RP scenario. FearRP does the exact opposite, the second you're held at gunpoint or have someone at gunpoint the scenario turns into a one-sided scenario.
  7. /radiolow /phonelow

    Don't really know, that was more meant for the use of a radio anyway
  8. /radiolow /phonelow

    +1 So far the only thing we can do to attempt to keep things low are to put (whisper) in the message, but people won't hesitate to metagame it.
  9. Illegal Tuning

    Nowhere did I say that they have access to every website, I said that it's digitally stored somewhere which grants the police access, whether that's by legal means or gray-area means.
  10. Illegal Tuning

    I mean even if it doesn't directly show every component and part in a car, you yourself said you RP either a catalog or a tablet, meaning that if it's a tablet it's digitally stored somewhere which would grant the police access to see what mods have been installed on the car.
  11. Illegal Tuning

    So why wouldn't the police be able to do so? Using a tablet to check for illegal modifications?
  12. Illegal Tuning

    Odd argument, in real life mechanics wouldn't get a menu with what modifications someone would want and make them all appear in a time period of less than 5 minutes, but hey, realism right?
  13. Add all vehicles to normal import

    The latter, given the fact that there's a reason as to why the import of vehicles with credits got removed.
  14. Add all vehicles to normal import

    He means that all vehicles should become importable, not in stock.