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  1. copscanttcatchme - Perm Ban

    Please try to answer the questions with a bit more detail, the lack of detail, time and effort you seem to have put in is rather worrying.
  2. Ana West ($260,000)

    Additionally, I also found these messages in the AutoRepairs Discord, roughly 24 hours before we had sent our first notice, with Hugo_Valdes responding to Brian_Oconner ( @Triple Seven ) informing him that he cannot order a vehicle from his dealership due to his outstanding loan with my loan company; with him responding, it was made obvious that he very well knew he still had a loan to pay back.
  3. [Buying] XA-21

    Hello again-, I've tried to reach out before and after getting my part of the paperwork sorted. Sadly you weren't in town at this time or had your phone turned off, but I've left you a voicemail. ~ Ana West
  4. [Buying] XA-21

    I'll get in contact with you shortly, I need to get the car fueled up and then she should be good to go. I'll be calling from the following number: 5697001 ~ Ana West
  5. David Fibonacci ban appeal

    This appeal was posted 2 weeks after your first rejected appeal, which is too soon. This is your second permanent ban and will not be treated lightly. Appeal rejected/archived
  6. Mask 5850_6377 Fear Rp

    Thank you for responding, and thank you @FatherOsbornHD for clarifying why I had tagged @Tucker Power. I'd like to quote rule 6.7 in our current rulebook, which is Fear Roleplay: In this video, it is clearly shown that player Tucker_Power broke the Fear Roleplay rule by simply pulling out his own weapon in a situation where it would have, and it did, resulted in his immediate death. In this situation the better response would have been to comply with the demands that would be made by the man with the pistol to get out of the situation unharmed and alive, as you cannot harm or kill someone that has complied with all demands given. Player Tucker_Power will be punished for his first offense of failing to properly roleplay fear. I hope you understand why you ( @Tucker Brown ) will receive the punishment for this and improve on this so situations like these can be avoided in the future. Report resolved/archived
  7. Ana West ($260,000)

    Character to be refunded: Ana West Date and time of incident: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 9:53 PM UTC+2 Requested refund (what and how much): $260,000 - Loan given out that was never returned Description of incident resulting in loss: On Wednesday, March 21st, I gave out a loan to player Hugo_Valdes through my loan company (Lombank). He failed to pay this loan back on the time we agreed upon. At the time of signing the contract, he claimed he would buy a vehicle and a house with the money, however we never found out what he actually purchased, so I'm looking to get the cash returned, rather than assets. We've reached out to the player on multiple occasions, four times so far, the most recent being a few hours before the writing of this refund request to see if we could solve this without making one, however the player has failed to respond to all of our attempts to get back in contact with him. Evidence of loss: Comments: The Google-document screenshot shows our contract that was signed in-game through RP, but also in Google docs. The log provided that an anonymous user (Hugo_Valdes) signed the areas that we asked them to, agreeing to our contract both ICly and OOCly. When I gave out the loan through the script, both @BrainDed and @Ryan_Ghosh were present.
  8. Mask 5850_6377 Fear Rp

    Hello and thank you for reporting, @Tucker Power has 24 hours to respond with his explanation.
  9. copscanttcatchme - Perm Ban

    Hello and thank you for appealing like I asked you to do, A few things that are missing from your appeal here are things such as your explanation, and your realization of what you did wrong. Please answer these questions for me: - What exactly do you think you did wrong? - What is the rule surrounding NCZs and how should and will you follow this rule? - How will you avoid situations like this in the future? Please take your time to read through the rules thoroughly to answer these questions.
  10. Clifford D. - Dean Fitz - 0BAN

    Closed upon request of the member. Punishment will remain. Appeal rejected & archived
  11. So my ban will never be removed?

    1. david fibonacci

      david fibonacci

      And the perm ban on my other account was when I joined with a friend and was trying to control my self but I didn't understand any of the rules but I know when I spammed the admin that was strictly against the rules.

    2. david fibonacci
  12. David Fibonacci (ban appeal)

    Hello, I'm happy for you that you've found a way for yourself to be more calm and that it's working out for you, however I hope you understand that the behavior you have shown on our server is unacceptable, racking up 17 admin logs in less than 2 weeks after returning from an initial permanent ban on your alt account. The ban will remain. Appeal rejected/archived
  13. Chris Pepper - The Serpents (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    Pending a response from @BallinByNature as he is the head of factions.
  14. Banned for FAIL TO RP

    Player will receive one final chance on our server. @Emilytha, please realize that this is your final chance and that your next ban, if you get one, will remain. Appeal accepted/archived
  15. Chris Pepper - The Serpents (5.3.4 Turf Wars)

    Please stop responding to reports you are not directly involved, you are not directly involved. You will receive a warning for this post.