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  1. BananaJoe

    Get Rid of /report 3 and /report 4

    Usually admins ask you to report it in the forum anyways, because you call admins after something happend and from then on its word against word. Think report 3 and 4 are good for admins to evaluate which requests are urgent. (I dont know how many reports they get, but i could imagine they are quite busy)
  2. BananaJoe

    [Buying] 2 Garage House

    thanks for the offer but i already found a 2 garage house. topic can be closed.
  3. BananaJoe

    [Buying] 2 Garage House

    Hey guys, my garage is filling up and im currently looking for a house with 2 garages. I don't care that much about the location, but the price should be low as possible. If you got something for sale, post in here
  4. BananaJoe

    Leroy James ( x100 AK Rounds)

    Guess they were not stolen. They disappeared from my loadout, not from the inventory or stash. Also I was offline sleeping.
  5. BananaJoe

    Leroy James ( x100 AK Rounds)

    Unfortunatelly not, it was the first time I bought a gun and such kind of happening is very depressing. Despite the price of 8000$ for it equals over 1h playtime I made no screenshots with the guns or bullets. I mean who could expect this to happen. Btw I did not die or got arrested in that period of time
  6. BananaJoe

    Leroy James ( x100 AK Rounds)

    Character to be refunded: Leroy James Date and time of incident: 19/05/2018 - 20/05/2018 Requested refund (what and how much): x100 AK rounds Description of incident resulting in loss: I bought an AK with x200 rounds yesterday. I split the x200 rounds into 2x100, deposite x100 in my stash and used the other x100. I log in this morning and the x100 rounds from my inventory are gone. The x100 rounds from my stash are still around. Evidence of loss: Bought the AK and rounds from Tavi Patronus Comments:
  7. BananaJoe

    /givekey UPGRADE

    +1 here also Very good suggestions in general, not just in regards of your business. However, best of luck with your start up
  8. BananaJoe

    [BUYING] Mansion or 4-3 Garage House

    Got a 3 garage house up in Vinewood Hills, msg me under 4332773
  9. BananaJoe

    New in town - no place to sleep

    I got a free room which i could share in Vinewood Hills. Pm me on Discord (Leroy James)
  10. BananaJoe

    Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    Totally agree as long as NCZ includes no parking, sicne parking over there is also a crime.
  11. BananaJoe

    New location for the Car Market

    "There is no space in this market" ... i love it. Especially due to the reason I already placed my car on the market and had to pick it up at Mors.
  12. BananaJoe

    KM/H? Why though?

    Maybe you should write this in the first post of your topic, not on your fourth
  13. BananaJoe

    KM/H? Why though?

    Stop bitching and just change it in your GTA 5 settings. If you don't know how to change it, google is your friend.
  14. BananaJoe

    New location for the Car Market

    Should also be nice
  15. Hey guys, with the growing amount of players I got the feeling the small Car Market is not up to date anymore. What do you guys think about a new location with more car slots? Best regards