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  1. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    You cannot force manipulation on prices without damaging the economy further. Fixing car sales will do nothing for the overall economic state of the server because it's not part of the problem, it's merely a symptom. The big problem is cash coming in vastly outweighs cash going out. This economy cannot be "fixed" without a huge wipe or a reworking of monetary value. The cost of a product is summed up in its most basic form as supply vs demand. If there is too much supply, as there is with vehicles, the demand drops. As demand continues to drop, prices follow. It's no different to an Auction House in an MMO game. People will always undercut to sell something faster but the base price of product remains the same, with minor fluctuations. Only way you can really fix the car market prices is to manage the supply and demand. You cannot do that without limiting the amount of each kind of car that is available or using diminishing returns and eventually forcing people to lose the vehicle and purchase another. Personally, I think Flow's suggestion is the best fix for this idea but nothing that's going to be done quickly.
  2. [1.1.1] [2017-09-12] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Shit feedback is shit ;)
  3. Your player name: James Forest Player you are reporting: Bubba Ice / Garyn Kelso Rule broken: Quit to avoid RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Got a 911 call about a shootout at the farm. Arrived, several guys down. Bubba and Garyn both got incapacitated and then quit. Going to explain the PM as I feel it's going to cause problems. I got a 911 call saying there was shots fired from a comet vehicle at San Chianski farm. The call was made at a nearby gas station. I was already heading to the farm but the individual PM'd me. Not sure who he is or how he knew I was responding but nout dodgy there. Time and date: 21:20 30/SEP Evidence:
  4. Legal name changes & illegal name changes

    I don't like how people change names, change characters yet they keep all of the same assets, run with the same people, stay in the same faction. -1 :D +1 to this suggestion. Makes no sense to have a name change in the PD that wipes your record. :D
  5. Community Update #1

    Still waiting on the future update but the "possible update" has already been done and dusted >.< Any ETA on this stuff yet?
  6. Bail System

    Wouldn't it make more sense for bond price to be relative to the crime committed? Have the MDC automatically apply a specific bail cost for each crime, the prisoner can go somewhere in the prison to pay the total bail for each crime committed?
  7. Change 6.4 - 6 in rules.

    Just wanted to post this here. I'm sure it's very frustrating when an officer cuffs and drags without roleplay. Given the chance, we'd love to RP it out fully but it's seldom the case. Check out the video below. This is an example of what happens when we try to RP those commands. I would say this situation happens in 7/10 arrests: This entire situation lasted close enough to 60 minutes. Even after the long chase, huge run, multiple tazer shots. We still attempted to properly RP the arrest.
  8. Police Speed Modes

    That summarizes everything. You shouldn't need incentive to RP on a RP server. As I said previously, this is not the solution to the problem.
  9. Coin Flip

    Taking the team away from other important updates? It's less than 5 minutes work.
  10. Police Speed Modes

    There is more than just the PD that uses an 811. Every time the HSIU is deployed there is a trail. Criminals have to deal with crashes too? lol Here's a big difference. When a criminal crashes during a chase the PD pauses RP. Back up units not on scene are told to stop and wait for the suspect to return. If you are being chased by a helicopter and the driver crashes, would you respond in kind? Nobody does.
  11. Coin Flip

    You could say the same thing about a dice. Just RP you were tossing a dice. It was implemented because certain members of the community were using it and wanted a bit of script support. This is not a hard thing to implement. Funny how people resist something so simple because of its source
  12. Police Speed Modes

    Proves my point as I'm talking about someone else entirely lol HSIU has been deployed 4-5 times in the last 7 days. That's less than 1 a day. I know what vehicles it was used to chase and what officers used it. Is it being used too often? Not at all. It is not used to patrol. It is only deployed to chase very specific vehicles or to provide urgent assistance to officers at risk in the Paleto Bay area. We have an entire division specifically targeting HSIU and HSU protocols and procedures. We stick to realism. We don't use a brickade to take out a panto and we don't use HSIU to chase a Warrener. If only criminal players paid us the same respect. Not using an 811 to avoid a speeding ticket. Not using a Zentorno to ram police cruisers. Not many criminals lobbying for that though eh? :D The helicopter tops out at 230. It struggles to keep up with even the shittier super cars. That and the crashes makes it impossible to rely on the helicopter to take complete control of a pursuit as once they crash, it's done.
  13. Police Speed Modes

    PD does not capture 99% of criminals, not even close. Plenty of suspects escape and evade, and in slower vehicles too. Yes it's a game, but it is RP. If you want crazy pursuits and minimal punishments, play GTA:O. This here is the problem. Why does winning/losing determine fun factor? Some of the best RP I've had, I've "lost". That's the problem here, the mentality of the average criminal player. Be smarter, more creative. Learn how the PD operates. Asking officers to restrict speed based on the vehicle their chasing makes no IC/RP sense whatsoever. Supercars are the problem. The solution is sorting that out, not implementing non RP ideas that make no logical sense. As Grove was mentioned - I have had many RP situations with them. On foot, with guns, in a car. Win or lose, everyone is having a fun time. Let me give you a perfect example. There is a very high profile, key figure, that has been dealing illegal weaponry for MONTHS. Do you know how many times he's been caught for it? None. Not even a suspicion. This is not directed at anyone in this thread or anyone particular. If you are doing 4 hours every time you're arrested. You're a bad criminal. Stop doing stupid crap in stupid places :D
  14. Police Speed Modes

    A button to lower a cruisers top speed to give criminals more chance to escape? Am I reading that right? lol How about this for a ground-breaking idea. STOP RUNNING. As soon as you evade police that's an additional 100 minutes of jail time. Stop getting caught, stop evading police, stop committing crimes in the heart of the city and stop committing crimes where there's 10 different witnesses to call 911. The police are meant to have an advantage - that is why real life works. Adding your suggestion would do no harm in terms of gameplay mechanics so doesn't bother me either way but it makes very little RP sense. All I can see this doing is causing more OOC arguments. "Did you use your speed boost against my Warrener? "No" "Omg yes you did (insert insult here)" Do suspects only use supercars on highways? We've tried roadblocks before, they are pointless when 90% of the community will just do an illegal u-turn to avoid a police officer asking to see some ID or just plough through to avoid having to go the long way around. I definitely agree that there needs to be a solution to the supercar problem. Asking officers to choose when they should and should not limit their speed is ridiculous imo.