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  1. SoloSmith

    Quit To Avoid RP - Mask 7037_6906

    Felony Evasion, Reckless Endangerment, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a firearm without a valid license, resisting arrest. Full sentence.
  2. SoloSmith

    Quit To Avoid RP - Mask 7037_6906

    Your player name: James Forest Player you are reporting: Mask 7037_6906 Rule broken: Quit to avoid RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Short pursuit. Suspects vehicle was disabled. Was at gun point standing next to his car, didn't respond to any RP for some time. Finally responded before timing out just before he was to be arrested. He returned about 15 minutes later, did not attempt to resume RP, instead just tried to flee straight away. He was shot, frisked and cuffed. As he was being dragged back to a cruiser, he timed out again. I waited until nearly 7am server time and he still hadn't returned. I've attached a new screenshot to show how long I waited. Time and date: 23/JAN/18 16:15-16:40 Evidence:
  3. SoloSmith

    Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    I'm not sure people understand the gravity of the problem. Maybe they do and I just don't understand the connection with in-game assets, I don't know. An economy wipe has to happen, alongside a revamped economy. It is nearly impossible to get around this. It doesn't have to happen now, but it will have to happen to secure the future of this server. ECRP has yet to be live for 1 year, it's still in its infancy, yet people have already "completed" all content in terms of financial assets. In another 6 months when the next wave of players reaches the same financial level, it will just amplify the problems we see today. What happens when they release aircraft? They want it expensive so not everyone can have one but even making it $10 million, there's a good number of people that can come together to buy a few of those, and to new players that's so far down the road it's nearly pointless. Government pay checks were hugely inflated when I first got here, and the lack of rules restricting transferring of assets to criminal characters outside PD means the vast majority of wealth has been obtained in unrealistic terms. Adding anything to balance the economy without a wipe will be hugely unfair for new players. Potential solutions to increase spending and money sinks on the server, such as insurance based on vehicle or house price, medical insurance, criminal fees etc, will not work if 40% of the server starts these new systems with huge financial support from a backlog of government paychecks. If you want ECRP to thrive, the economy needs to change. Of course there are different ways to do this but without a wipe, I can't see it being possible. I don't understand the argument of "I've put all the hours in I don't want to lose everything I worked so hard for". You don't want to lose the hours of fun you've had so you can have more hours of fun? A reimbursement as Triple suggested isn't a bad idea but it still has a similar list of potential problems. Rich people that didn't really do anything to become super rich, will still be super rich. Police officers, mechanics, news reporters, these people should not be running around with $5 million in assets, that's insane. That level of financials should be reserved for highly successful criminal organizations, not every random dude you see on the street. For an RP server in this kind of game to last years over months, it needs a highly realistic economy. Without it, fear, risk, none of it comes into play and you end up with 80% of people pissing around in supercars baiting the police because they are bored. They no longer have to worry about money because they just switch characters. If criminals had to put in constant effort to create income, we would see a lot more criminal RP. I say this as a police officer with multiple houses, multiple cars and a $3.5 million weapon shop, I'd be gutted to lose American Arms, the forum post alone took me hours but if it's what's best for the server, that's what I'd have to lose. TL:DR Wipe the economy, rebalance the economy, sort out government pay checks. Start afresh
  4. SoloSmith

    Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    +1 IF there was a rebalance of the economy. A wipe is a great idea but without changes to the economic systems, the same issues will occur in 6-12 months time. I don't think there is enough time between now and Rage's release to have a wipe & balance the economy, and I can't see the developers doing it after Rage due to the influx of new players. Most people that are against the wipe are too concerned over their own invested time, which is understandable, and not the overall economic health of the server. This will become a huge problem at one point or another, it's just whether it's addressed now or later :D
  5. SoloSmith

    Easy Criminal Content/Jobs

    It's no secret that there is minimal activities for criminal players at the moment. A new player joining the server has very little choice other than to run legal jobs until they have enough money to buy a couple cars and some weapons, after that the choices are even less. There are some very easy jobs that could be added using script that is already implemented, just with a couple of minor changes. All of these jobs would pay slightly higher than legal jobs because of the risk of getting caught. I would imagine the Courier job and other jobs' code could be changed just a little to make it easy and fast to implement. Drug Dealer Basically the Courier job now. You would get checkpoints at houses around the city, could even use the exact same ones that Courier uses. You drop off a new item "Illegal Package" for some money. As it's criminal activity, the cash will go into pocket - not into the bank. The item could be hidden in a car or carried on your person. Would pay more than the Courier job as there's a chance of getting arrested or robbed if not discreet enough. Meth Chef Using the old mining code. Use an interior in a barn somewhere, the Meth Lab, the person sits inside using a command until they are full of Illegal Packages. Then they must take the packages somewhere to drop off, exactly like the mining job. As before, money goes into pocket on delivery. Smuggler Identical to the trucking job except using different vehicles. You would take the job and get assigned a random vehicle from a list of realistic vehicles. You are then tasked with delivering the Illegal Package to one of the warehouses. Choices could include Gun Smuggling, Human Trafficking etc. Again, just using a variation of Illegal Package. This is just a few ideas that, from a lamens perspective, should be fairly easy to implement and be a quick way to give new players coming with Rage criminal activities to help build their characters.
  6. SoloSmith

    New Government Faction

    See it from a developers perspective. They've got a lot to work on with criminal improvements, Rage transition, economy etc etc. What I'm saying is, why would they put in the effort to script the entire thing when you could try it for a week and quit playing? If you're that passionate about the idea, flesh it out fully and then approach the developers for script support. Saying you'll do it if it's approve isn't likely going to get it the correct attention.
  7. SoloSmith

    New Government Faction

    It would take a lot of scripting work to get it functional. Don't take this personally but it may be a good idea to get the documentation and work done as a show of good will, that you're willing to put the time and effort in to run the faction.
  8. SoloSmith

    New Government Faction

    You can do that now. You don't need a government paycheck to do any of the stuff you've mentioned.
  9. SoloSmith

    New Government Faction

    Doesn't need to be a government faction. Everything you've described is possible right now. Nobody is using it so go ahead and try your thing. This server needs less government funded jobs, not more. Makes no sense that the government would openly fund a strip club. -1
  10. SoloSmith

    Weapon diversity

    +1 All for more weapons and diversity. PD will be dropping the AR's soon so makes even more sense to have more lesser guns available for the criminal playerbase.
  11. SoloSmith

    Automatic Fine Deduction

    If it's not automatically paid, people won't pay them. -1
  12. SoloSmith


    Welcome :D Eclipse RP is still in its infancy so we're not without problems but it's constantly improving. The Fail RP is in the minority so hopefully you'll have some fun :D Be sure to join us on Discord if you have any questions. Plenty of helpful folk on there.
  13. SoloSmith

    American Arms - Cheapest In The City

    Massive Sales Event This is typically where we would place details on a fantastic new sales event designed to entice new customers to buy the finest quality French guns in all of Los Santos. Never fired, only dropped once. That's what any other weapon retail establishment would do but American Arms? That's not how we roll because our prices are already so damn low we're the cheapest guns this side of your local favela - and those are not sale prices. So what are you waiting for? Head to American Arms today for the best quality at the cheapest price
  14. SoloSmith

    All name tags to be white

    My thoughts exactly. Gonna have to sit on the fence for this one :D
  15. SoloSmith

    Is the server dead?

    If you haven't already, be sure to check out Discord - https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg Plenty of people more than happy to help :D