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  1. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    -1 Armored Karuma is way to over-powered to be used in 99% of RP situations.
  2. American Arms - Grand Opening

    Event Sponsorship Limited Edition Holdings LLC are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring an upcoming community event where the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Emergency Services will face off in a competition to see which emergency service reigns supreme. We will be awarding the winner of the racing event with a $50,000 cash prize. Make sure to attend the event on December 2nd at 20:00 ((GMT)). Full details can be found on the official government website ((here)).
  3. Yes but that method is nearly entirely untraceable and requires someone to be there, or restrict it to a close circle of friends. If you're purchasing the stock legitimately, which is the only choice for stores at the moment, there would be a paper trail, and the gun would obviously be missing from stock. That would go through several government agencies and it would eventually be caught if not careful. Something more readily available, that can be traced and caught if you take the risk, would work better imo.
  4. It would also be nice to give gun store owners the option of selling to people without a license. Would be a black market under the counter kinda deal. Would let the more criminally centered players charge more for guns but be able to sell them to players without licenses. Would need some things in place to make it work but I think it would help drive up the gun store sales.
  5. +1 for the gun tints and stuff, that's a fantastic idea. I like the idea of adding new ranks and such but not sure about the discounts. 35% would make some stores lose money per purchase. I think a simple Employee rank with the ability to restock would be nice. Then gun shop owner can agree on payments or w/e. I love the idea of having a clerk or someone in the stores but a salary, idk. If it was very low, maybe 2k or something, it wouldn't be so bad.
  6. American Arms - Grand Opening

    Price Update We are happy to announce that we have further reduced our prices. We are now, officially, the cheapest weapons supply store in the entire city. You won't find a better deal anywhere. Check for yourself:
  7. American Arms - Grand Opening

    Limited Edition Holding LLC are proud to announce the opening of a brand new firearms outlet, American Arms Has your wife been unfaithful? Is your boss a massive jerk? Do you want your neighbors brand new BMW? Gang bangers stealing your garden gnomes? That pesky reporter won't leave you alone? Your bit on the side is getting friendly with the wife? Are you compensating for something? At American Arms we have a solution for all of your problems! We pride ourselves on a fast, discreet and friendly service with prices that will rival any supplier in the city. We guarantee the cheapest prices available and highest quality products on the market. How cheap? The cheapest. We WILL NOT be beaten on price. Don't just take our word for it. We hired a third-party marketing research team to gather data on our competition, and we blow them away. We are cheaper than Savage Nation, Eriksens Ammu-Nation and Guns 'R' Us. Gun Prices Price Comparison Live Price Comparison Prices correct at time of print. November 26th, 2017 Best of all? We're not way out in the sticks. We're in the heart of the city. American Arms occupies a prime real estate location close to central city hubs, public transport routes, and a stones throw away from vital amenities. Why not shoot by before work? Or during lunch? We've got everything you need just a few seconds away. We Give Back - Bleet Prize Draw If flooding the city with cheap, poorly regulated firearms isn't enough for you, we go the extra mile to give back to the community. Visit American Arms and buy the cheapest weapons in the city, share your experience on Bleeter and you'll be entered into a monthly prize draw to win $50,000 in unmarked, tax free, dye free cash. All you have to do is Bleet one of the following messages* after making a purchase at American Arms. Make sure you @ us in the Bleet so we can add your name to the prize draw** ((Take a screenshot of the bleet with the F1 screen up and send me a PM with it***)) How To Find Us? American Arms Would Love To Hear From You We love hearing from our customers. If you want to get in touch you can reach us on Bleet @AmericanArms or for business or private matters, email us at [email protected] ((Send me an IC PM on the forums. Click here)) *Customers are permitted to post their own Bleet but it must include "AMERICAN ARMS" and reflect positively on the outlets reputation. Management reserves the right to ignore Bleets that contain negative or otherwise damaging remarks towards AMERICAN ARMS **One entry per customer, per day. Bleet must be accompanied by a validated purchase at AMERICAN ARMS. Entry is invalid if proof of Bleet is not provided ***((There must be at least 30 people on the server when you Bleet the message)) Terms and Conditions apply. American Arms and Limited Edition Holdings LLC are registered trademarks in the United States & Internationally. Your purchase history and personal information is held securely and will not be sold, traded or provided to law enforcement agencies without the appropriate legal documentation. Guns are only available to sale or rent to those of legal age. Prices correct at time of print, although likely to fluctuate with import costs of firearms and ammunition. Limited Edition Holdings LLC are an overseas holding company, legally occupying international real estate to protect the identity of owners, investors and board members. Limited Edition Holdings LLC reserve the right to ban or otherwise prohibit customers from partaking in prize draws. Limited Edition LLC reserves the right to change the prize pool or terms and conditions of the prize draw without consent or notifying customers. Each month a minimum of 10 unique customer social interactions are required otherwise entrants will be carried over to the following month. By Bleeting or sending any correspondence to American Arms you authorize the use of said content for use in advertising, social media campaigns and the updating of our private records.
  8. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    A Ford Mustang GT is not your average street car. The vast majority of cars you will pass on your way to work, in an average working city, would not be able to trump a police car. For the record, the cruiser is NOT ABLE to compete with the top tier super cars. Not even close, so I'm not sure why you are making that comparison. Try to keep your suggestions to constructive in future. Bashing an entire faction does nothing but create hostility and derail the original suggestion.
  9. [Suggestion]Balancing everything

    1. Realistically a cop car will out perform 95% of cars on the street. They are designed to do so. If supercars ever become really realistic, as in not used in every other crime and chase, I'd be all for reducing the HSIU to something more realistic and taking the speed buff off the cruiser. Cops need to at least be able to match force, ideally top it. If criminals have AR's regularly, the police need the same. I would much rather the tazer, pistol, shotgun as you've suggested but not likely at the moment. 2,3 +1 :D
  10. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    You cannot force manipulation on prices without damaging the economy further. Fixing car sales will do nothing for the overall economic state of the server because it's not part of the problem, it's merely a symptom. The big problem is cash coming in vastly outweighs cash going out. This economy cannot be "fixed" without a huge wipe or a reworking of monetary value. The cost of a product is summed up in its most basic form as supply vs demand. If there is too much supply, as there is with vehicles, the demand drops. As demand continues to drop, prices follow. It's no different to an Auction House in an MMO game. People will always undercut to sell something faster but the base price of product remains the same, with minor fluctuations. Only way you can really fix the car market prices is to manage the supply and demand. You cannot do that without limiting the amount of each kind of car that is available or using diminishing returns and eventually forcing people to lose the vehicle and purchase another. Personally, I think Flow's suggestion is the best fix for this idea but nothing that's going to be done quickly.
  11. [1.1.1] [2017-09-12] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Shit feedback is shit ;)
  12. Your player name: James Forest Player you are reporting: Bubba Ice / Garyn Kelso Rule broken: Quit to avoid RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Got a 911 call about a shootout at the farm. Arrived, several guys down. Bubba and Garyn both got incapacitated and then quit. Going to explain the PM as I feel it's going to cause problems. I got a 911 call saying there was shots fired from a comet vehicle at San Chianski farm. The call was made at a nearby gas station. I was already heading to the farm but the individual PM'd me. Not sure who he is or how he knew I was responding but nout dodgy there. Time and date: 21:20 30/SEP Evidence:
  13. Legal name changes & illegal name changes

    I don't like how people change names, change characters yet they keep all of the same assets, run with the same people, stay in the same faction. -1 :D +1 to this suggestion. Makes no sense to have a name change in the PD that wipes your record. :D
  14. Community Update #1

    Still waiting on the future update but the "possible update" has already been done and dusted >.< Any ETA on this stuff yet?
  15. Bail System

    Wouldn't it make more sense for bond price to be relative to the crime committed? Have the MDC automatically apply a specific bail cost for each crime, the prisoner can go somewhere in the prison to pay the total bail for each crime committed?