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  1. Thank you for making an appeal @Corgoth. I'm at a loss with this punishment, I was spectating ID 33 at 1560798143 at this time I witnessed them driving directly into another vehicle with a postal van. The account online at that time was Jed_Bundy however after reviewing the logs that ID was only logged in for a minute before timing out. Why do the logs contradict your statement of not being online? Who else has access to your account while you are unable to play? On reflection I believe I was too hasty in issuing the punishment as the hit could have realistically been dsync but I'd like to hear your answers to the above questions before this appeal is concluded. Regards, Randul.
  2. The wait time was only a problem due to an extreme surge in numbers generated from twitch, the majority of rp servers either had the same issue or just completely closed their doors. However with the new system that Mike and Nobody created the app team is destroy that queue as it looks like the entire queue will disappear within a week or two. Onto your suggestion: the written quiz isn't hard to pass all it does is ensure players understand our rules and our terminology, there has been a huge number of first time roleplayers that have passed the quiz. Personally I don't want to go back to the time before the written quiz.
  3. Perhaps the ingredients can be collected similar to the way all other goods are. A gang can order a container of ingredient x which would have say 100? for a fee, that gang has to head to the location with a truck to tow it back to their HQ or get several vans to break the load down. It's going to look suspicious to onlookers a trailer pulling up to a house and then being unloaded, but a van not so much? Perhaps they have a nightclub which is just a front, a truck delivering stock wouldn't be unusual so they could have a central hub of their manufacturing. Same could work for guns/narcotics/alcohol it's simply a base system used to create a product.
  4. Please either send a message to a member of staff as soon if this behaviour continues again at any point or create a player report. We want every member of our community to feel safe and welcome on all of our platforms, and the behaviour described above is not welcome here.
  5. I love the suggestion, maybe as an addon you could have all dropable entities giving a varying dig timer aswell as increasing the timer to 3 hours until whatever you have bearied disappears, however the notification above ground only last for an hour. Change the command to /dig (Time) and it would create another inventory. Time would equal storage size. So /dig 30 you've now got 30 space to do as you please. Give three options 30/60/90. Got a body you want to dispose of, great dig for 60 seconds and it will disappear. Wanted by police and you have some valuable merchandise you don't want to lose? Great dig in a location you'll remember before you get convicted. Once you feel the refreshing breeze of freedom go dig up your valuables and carry on being a menace to society. You've just been tipped of by the police they are going to be raiding your entire gangs properties while you are incarcerated. Now they'll need to dig up your gardens as well. New mayor is favourite to win the upcoming election so the current one pays your gang to smear his campaign? You bery a body in his back garden and tip the police off.
  6. I urge you to make the guide, it will be edited by staff as they seem fit. The majority of the best guides I've seen are from someone who just wants to help, take the leap. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/51-faq-server-guides/ Just place WIP in the title and you should be good to go, just avoid in character information such as where are the drug labs / chop shops.
  7. Thank you for your suggestions and opinions, the majority of the information discussed will be released once we have finalised it, we appreciate your patience.
  8. The government income shouldn't a replacement for a steady job or criminal enterprise, I'd like to see numbers tweaked so that say 40% of your government paycheck is used on sustaining yourself, obviously as your wealth increases the amount you receive in your paycheck gets reduced so for the top tier bracket (players who own 1m+ worth of assets) the percentage used to sustain yourself increases to closer 80% of your paycheck.
  9. I understand your frustration but please refrain from insulting staff and / or other community members, all it does is harm your suggestion and stop the dialogue that could be a valid and reasoned discussion to help improve our server. Depending on the situation a moderator or above can review the recent logs of the players involved and determine what happened after discussing the situation with both players, however in certain scenarios it is extremely difficult to see whether a rule has been breached and would require proof for a punishment to be issued. Requesting you to place a report on the forums is a very useful tool as it allows for both parties to present evidence and their side of the story. If evidence wasn't required of some sort to pass punishment onto a player, what you suggest is just listening to hearsay, both parties would account completely different stories leading players just reporting each other because they weren't pleased with how a scenario played out. As suggested in your previous suggestion / rant by @xxxJustTimmy tools such as shadowplay and plays.tv are incredibly useful as they have such low system requirements and save the previous 5/10/15/20 minutes prior to you pressing a key, fortunately it will only save the footage you want limiting the need for excess storage for videos. As our rules state you need OOC evidence of a reason to kill another player, it's not too much to expect the majority of our playerbase to be recording. For further guides on setup and other related topics please review our setup guides very kindly made by members of the community. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/51-faq-server-guides/
  10. If you change the name of the roles and shift them slightly you are already describing our current plan. As the faction is already in game and being built upon a server suggestion seems slightly odd. If you want to be a part of helping to mold the government put in an application.
  11. It's an IC issue, as the laws of our city are purely in character.
  12. The server rules from my belief need to be broad in this regard, if you are too specific then players will use the excuse of its not written exactly in the rules. Hence why umbrella rules such as no exploits / non rp exist so players can still be held accountable as long as they fall within that range without needing to state every single offence that are covered under those headings. Adding more detail to the rulebook yes removes some room for interpretation however it also allows players to search for those gaps and exploit it. I've played on servers that have extreme rule books (30+ pages) which was far too difficult to enforce and a server rule that all they had listed was nonrp as the singular rule. Personally I favoured the latter, we found players were there to roleplay instead of game the system with less rules.
  13. Randul


    Reach out to me on discord: randul#8521 and we'll see what the issue is.
  14. Hello and thank you for appealing, The only part I'd like to mention is that: Yelling demands from the vehicle wasn't the issue, the issue was opening fire at his vehicle with a little more care on your part in future this shouldn't cause you any more issues. I recommend that the punishment stays on record, but the ban gets reduced. Kind Regards, Randul
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