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  1. 3G2G Hi, I'm looking to buy a beautiful villa in Mirror Park area, if you are interested please send me your offers. Thank you so much 3372668 Pablo
  2. Dear YuSoHelpful Hi! hi, I just want to notice that sasanmohamade translates the conversation correctly and it was definitely related to ic and in-game conversation. it's clearly one example of the metagaming. to be honest with you I'm a Persian/English translator as my second job in real life (i can send you proof if you want to see : I'll translate the conversations for you one more time here: the language used in the video is Persian or Farsi: His friend told him: someone is coming!!! Jacob said who? where? (can't see anybody) . his friend told him: he heard a vehicle noise around. after that, they said Nrp and report him now and video end. I just write this post because Jacob told that.:"Its crystal clear this account is fake! Cause you dont have any post or something.and it seems like a new account" my account is not fake and I'm an old player of the eclipse, you can check my account if you want. we all want to make Eclipse RP a better place to play so we should all respect the server rules. I personally want to see justice in the case. thank you so much for all the help and support and wish you all the best. peace.
  3. tell me the price for 3 garage and send me the location and its interior
  4. Character to be refunded: Pablo_Da Date and time of incident: not sure maybe after the last server restart Requested refund (what and how much): i lost more than 7 crates which were stored inside my home stash + other stuff (more than 35 k) Description of incident resulting in loss: i put 7 crates one inside another and put my stuff inside the last one, imaging 7 or even more layers of crates, crate number 1 inside number 2 and 2 inside 3 and so on. it works great and it opens my stash space but today when i logged into the game i saw i lost all of my crate and i only have the one which contain all other. is it possible for you to check the log and give my crates and items back ? thank you so much Evidence of loss: i dont have anything to proof. is it possible for you to check the home stash log? Comments: i think its a bug or something
  5. can someone please give me a good answer? i need to connect to TS.server without vpn
  6. yeah it doesn't work i think we need to open ip range on Ts server
  7. Hi, i recently join the LSEMS but unfortunately i'm not able to connect TS properly,i think the eclipse TS server filtered our ip addresses. is it possible for you to open the ip range for us? i cant use betternet to connect to ts because when i use betternet it stops me connecting to game. thank you
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 5 Date of interaction reported: 07/20/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 38 | 1563618702 Your characters name: Pablo Da Other player(s) involved: ID 5 - Jacob Jordan Specific rule(s) broken: 8. No Crime Zones (NCZ) A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 5 told me he will sell his bike to me for 260000 i transfer him the money and he run away immediately. that was NCZ and that means it is fully guarded by police officers and heavy armed swats as it is central bank. his name is : Jacob Jordan. i attach his license with other attached documents. his phone number in game is: 5512316 Evidence of rule breach: iv attached a video of what happen and photos: image1 image2 image3 image4 [*][url=https://imgur.com/ig92hXs]image5[/url] please give me a refund or the bike, that was all of my money and i worked for it near 1 month
  9. hmmm, a priceless gamer girl with a dual monitor setup that's awesome :) the world needs more girl like you. cheers
  10. I don't say fishing should have more income than a government job. maybe it's a need to increase both of them. fishing is not that easy that is look like. you should pay attention to it every single minute and all the time it is a chance to someone come to rob you and get all of your fishes and your inventory + your car ^^ some gov jobs is all about just being on duty. someone said that watch Netflix and fishing at the same time :)) how this is even possible?
  11. let me calculate it for you one more time. each fish take at least 2:10 mins to 2:30 because of catch animation and other things. if you get every single fish in one hour you will take 3600s/150s= which is exactly 24 fish in an hour equal to that much a person can carry. it has tolerance by 1 or 2 fish. you can sell each fish for 200$ so 200 x24 = 4800$ then you should pay tax for it because it will not be added to your pocket money and it goes to your salary. as you see, it's not about paying attention it's about the fishing mechanics. I think you added your government salary on top of your fishing money to reach 8 k.
  12. btw jasmine you can have your job and fishing in your leisure time. increasing fishing income can help everybody in the city. ^^
  13. actually, I'm not new to the city and don't wanna everything fast, I have most of the things I want but all I say is this : in my opinion, the fishing income is very low and it's not an easy job and you have to highly focus on the game or you will miss your catch, the lack of income become bolder when compare it with living expenses of the city ( water, burger, GPS, fuel and so on ). increasing the selling cost of a fish for instance to 250$ or 300$ not make that much difference in the total money added to the game but it can persuade more people to do legal jobs such as fishing :)
  14. Hello Is it possible for you to increase the fishing income? it's very low at the moment and it takes almost 1 hour to catch 24 kg of fish and which is only worth near 4700 $ :/ on the other hand what is the differences between little fishes and big ones ? for example when you get a shark? it should be very, for instance, a shark should weight at least 5 kg or even more because they are very rare. thank you so much in advance
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