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  1. STOCK BF400 - 19K STOCK CONTENDER - 175K Contact me with offers on #5338109 Or Send your offers below!
  2. Frix


    bump, still looking to buy this car! Send me your offers
  3. Frix


    bump, still looking for a rapid gt!
  4. Frix


    Looking to buy a Rapid GT Post your offers bellow or text me! Phone: 5338109
  5. Frix


    ((Thank you for the heads up, didn't really saw that the rules regarding using discord as email on the forums had changed.))
  6. Frix


    Bought one! Thank you!
  7. Frix

    ID 22 Fear RP

    ID 22 here, unfortunately i don't have my POV because i wasn't recording at the time. I didn't really realize the reporting party had a gun to my back has i didn't hear any demands at all, and i was selling some meat from my bag so i wasn't even able to see him walking up to me. After that i get spooked out when he picks up my bag, i rolled to my front and we started shooting at each other. I already had my gun withdrawed while i was selling the meat, thats how i managed to already have it in hand. Secondly i believe the "holding the gun with 1 hand" is just a common visual bug as i was holding it normally in my POV. I would also like to mention that a while ago i made a report with a situation similiar to this one and it was denied, because the reporter (me), didn't have any voice audio on the video just like this one. Quoting from the player report requirements: I'll leave the report i'm talking about down below: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/27732-id-74-fearrp-nrp/
  8. The previous highest offers were retracted so this house is STILL FOR SALE Contact me!
  9. @DimaDan Congratulations! Send me a message to my email/phone so we can arrange an hour to make the deal.
  10. @tyson1904 Is on the lead. if there isn't a bigger offer in the next 24 hours the house will be sold to him!
  11. SELLING 1G Apartment - Meteor St. 8 Located at the Pink Cage Motel! This apartment includes 1 tool boxes with 500 VOL Storage. In total the apartment has a total of 700 VOL storage between all furnitures. Starting Price $150k Make your offers below or via Email/Phone! https://prnt.sc/qrj4sj https://prnt.sc/qrj4z7 https://prnt.sc/qrj51d Please do not respond to this ad if you genuinely do not wish to purchase. There is an offer of 2 crates inside the house! Thank you for taking the time to look at this offer. Phone Number: #5338109 Email: Frix#[email protected]
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