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Ghetto Block Killas

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The first step for the gang was to figure out and forge new connections with the oldest gangs in Los Santos. During the whole time they had been away, multiple generations of gangs had risen: Irish, Los Santos Royals, Los Santos Drift, Shenzhen Dragons.. some of them had survived the hard times and conflicts, some, unfortunately, did not. One of those mentioned would’ve been the first approach of the Ghetto Block Killas. 

Kris Davis had known his friend Jonathan Wellers for a while, making him the perfect contact point between each gang’s High Commands. 
Didn’t take long before Frank and DeAndre shook hands down in Grove Street, coming down to a mutual agreement. The Shenzhen Dragons could've used more revenue streams as they were focused on expanding their operations out of State, and their contacts in Los Santos needed to be kept satisfied. GBK would’ve provided them with the packed cash they needed in order to be laundered, gaining in return their trust, money, and favor.  


A couple of days later, the Ghetto Block Killas were slowly getting back the hang of how things were being done in Los Santos. Money was flowing into the members' pockets with flawless bank and store robberies. Not to mention, they were getting more skilled and faster each day in swiping up any valuable vehicle they could find in the streets, from the unremarkable sedan to the luxury SUVs and even racing cars. Voices in the streets were spreading with their name and more and more people were coming down to Grove Street to meet them.


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"Grove Street, home, at least it was until I fucked everything up."

No truer words have been spoken. Mistakes were made, the road not taken always over the horizon. However, today is a new day, a new chapter, and GBK is here, home.


Not everyone got the news of the arrival, but those that did came by to check out the hood. For the most part, everyone was happy to see the new arrivals there.


So many things had changed. The beloved LSD lab is a mere husk of its former self, home to petty criminals and nothing more than a quick check for any serious organizations. 


Not everyone in the neighborhood was as welcoming as others; select people needed convincing. They will come around eventually.


At the end of the day, Grove ain't green no more. It's black, and it's staying black.

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Mistakes were made, but they should not be repeated. DeAndre and Pops looked to the future, and choices to be made. 


A mutually beneficial agreement was reached with the Dragons. GBK has established its first formal relationship in the city.


Not all of their business deals will be as big or prestigious as the dragons, but a deal is a deal. The Cupids had a craving that was satiated after some work at Chilliad.


Grove Street is looking better and better by the day. 

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