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  1. Iam looking for offers to my Schlagen GT! It is a really fast car Minimum price i can do is 650k Contact : 4547399 Lets Gooooo
  2. Hello ID 113 here, before my friend killed this man i gave demands to this man leave the area because he came to a drug lab making noises with his car, i jumped from the roof and i gave demands to this man leave, once he cames back after i gave the demands my friend kill the man, he didnt have fear for his life(Breaking FearRP)
  3. Still a the HE only for 410k 65k less than stock price and fully maxed
  4. i want only the cash brothers
  5. Selling it for 400k 75 under stock!
  6. I am looking for offers to my maxed verlierer!! Contact:#4547399 Stock price: 475k
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