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  1. @Sozibro no,this works the way you want it
  2. Buildable property , with 2 floors, you can make whatever you want! Located in Chumash Plaza Starting bid: 600k buyout price: 1.5M Send offers!!
  3. ID 6 here, i was cooking, i did not hear any demands(voice bugged for me 100%), my friend Id 12 started firing and then when i saw a moment to pick up the gun , i started firing, there was no demands in writing, in my point of view, my part can not be seen fear rp, i did not listen to the demands and i just started shooting when i saw the right moment, Regards, Jonh Sierra
  4. Send offers for this apartment Real good location
  5. Send offers 1 Garage It is a motel near Taco´s
  6. iam I am ID 219 in the video, we were three of us in the chopshop, we saw an orange car, wich by the ways is our colour, we tried to find out if it was one of our cars, when we went to ask the guy, he left quickly, and we think he is escaping due to having a our car, after thinking that, we started to shoot, with the attitude that the guy gave to suppose that it was a car of our stolen, id 219 in the clip.
  7. Send offers 1 Garage It is a motel near Taco´s
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