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  1. Oh yeah definetly. Duoanim over jailcell bars is really unrealistic in any case and can be concidered as an exploit because it might clip a person to the other side. Thats why it can be concidered as NonRP action same as Glitch or Exploit abuse.
  2. Would definetly not offend rules. I mean check my admin record its quite clean for the time i spent on the server honestly. Also i will think a bit more before trying to pull off something stupid as this. Thats the thing i didnt think over what i did honestly. I would honestly just keep on going how i am besides breaking the rules part.
  3. Account name: balcas Character name(s): Bob Burger Admin who issued punishment: YuSoHelpful Date of punishment: 11/16/2019 Punishment received: Glitch/Bug abuse Reason given for punishment: Because i baited someone to pick up a person over the cell bars to get him in to Cell and Back out. Your explanation of what happened: Basicly i told one dude to pick up a person over prison cell bars and back again while he was injured. And that counted as a bug abuse. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i have no prior punishments of any kind. We did have fun that caused no actual harm. Im actually sorry for telling a person to do that. i didnt think over my actions properly. I did appolagise to YuSoHelpful over discord also. Was hopping just to have a warning or something. Post any evidence or further details:
  4. +1 Would be interesting to see house raids by police for sure.
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