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  1. if you read i say you "skipped" behind me before explaining the lag, like i said gun out he rolled up i obviously expected you to rob me so there was no Fear RP, insufficient evidence
  2. Thought i had a recording on but i dont. as you can see i already had my weapon out because i heard him cruise in on the bike. as you can hear i said "whats up"? due to server lag he does skips behind me, you can even see me still talking straight forward because on my screen hes still in front of me im obvoiusly in direct roleplay and he took advantage of it. so of course i shoot him.. I dont think its FEAR RP because i had my gun out already. hes just lucky to get behind me due to server lag. now if i had my weapon holsterd yea it can be considered FEAR RP.
  3. Itsuki916

    FearRP ID 94

    https://plays.tv/s/MGlTQdhP5hhA There is two clips in one the first one is me obviously seeing himtry to rob my freinds and me pulling a gun before he sees me and its a 1v2 we have no reason to fear him. Also the second clip in the same video is his friend showing up and blasting a shotgun for no reason aka meta gaming and kill on sight. and from his clip you can tell he had 0 time to call for backup With that being said this just seems like a sad attempt to get some sort of satisfaction since the situation did not end the way him and his friend wanted it to.
  4. So recently ive been trying to log in with the same information that i use to log into my User CP. it always gives me the message "Server not responding." is that because i need to log in using my roleplay name that my character uses? or is it because of me not being able to ping to the server.?
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