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  1. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    You can make out the weapon now, while looking for just that. In that situation, while observing people, possible people hidden from my view and trying to assess the situation, I did not spot the weapon or else I would not have proceeded. It would not have made any sense for me whatsoever to continue onwards had I noticed the weapons. You assume I did, but I did not. When I did see the weapon I was already around and you can see the exact moment in my video when I noticed the AK which was when I accelerated to get out. You are making accusations that are clearly not true Jay. I did not ask to escalate anything. I was never given any demands. You want me off the bike? Then tell me. None of you ever said a word. As soon as I had seen the weapon, I did what anyone would do and booked it. At that point there were still not demands made. You can not expect me to know what you want if you don't tell me. You can't seriously demand that we all drop to our knees at the sight of a weapon. For all I know, you wanted me out of that lab. With no demands given, I had no information about you wanting me to get off the bike. I can just repeat myself, the second I spotted the weapon, I left. You should have said something had you wanted me to do something other than leaving. Your point entirely resides on your assumptions that I had seen the weapons as I pulled in, which is not true. I have no reason to start a shootout, I do not have a track record of anything alike, I have a clean admin record and no disciplinary actions either in PD or SD, ever. I am not looking for shootouts. You make the assumptions based on your own believes, which frankly are wrong. Maybe you should consider my PoV and having to keep a tab on multiple people and how I may have not seen the AK. Regardless, if I am found to be at fault that is fine, I will take the punishment for it. But I firmly believe that you and your friends should have given demands and not just assumed the situation was clear to me, then this would have gone a different way.
  2. flow

    ID 203 VDM

    You are not "far away" from the pursuit as you are right there, as seen in your video. Again, I don't believe I've done anything wrong. I'll let the admins handle it.
  3. flow

    ID 203 VDM

    ID 203 here. I mean, I don't know what to tell you dude. You insert yourself into a high speed chase with multiple cars while riding a bike. You swerve around cruisers and inbetween them while we are attempting a PIT on the suspect. You show no regard for your own safety, disregarding any FearRP. You, in this video you provide as evidence, get infront of me on your bike, trying to slow me down. You use your bike to try and slow down a cruiser going down the highway with high speeds. In this video you bump into the back of your friend multiple times, as well as our cruisers. Do you want to report yourself for that too? Desync is a thing you know. Nobody aimed to drop you, or else you wouldn't have been driving still.I did nothing wrong in this instance, you got yourself willfully into a situation that you should not have been in. If anything, it is you who broke multiple rules.
  4. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    A black Brawler drove up to me by Paul's Farm and said there were people at Catfish View that had weapons. Though there wasn't mention of heavy weapons but weapons still. Now, often times people will come up to us and try to get us to go to these labs in order to get one up on other gangs. So we take this info with a grain of salt and check up, if we don't encounter anything blatantly illegal, we let it be and ignore the lab. Generally speaking, we take this info and go to investigate. As you can see in my video, I drive in slowly, assessing the situation. From my POV I did not see any weapons and deemed the situation safe enough to approach further, I continue to approach slowly and make the turn after which I spot the AK and at this point I accelerate and leave. The mention of weapons was taken seriously, hence the slow approach to the area, trying to determine whether it was safe or not. But as I didn't see a threat, I continued further. As the threat was established by spotting the AK, I left.
  5. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    You are correct it did. And it did so by choice, by yours and your members. You are lamenting about how this didn't need to happen. And you are right, we went to get the guy with the heavy. It was entirely your choice to get your members, most of which drive drag bikes by the way, to intervene and start a shootout. You could've cut your losses, lost an AK, one guy spends some time in prison and the rest get away scot free. You did not however, you wanted a confrontation and you got it. You preach to me about a responsibility I have as a member of SD which is true, I do. But you fail to notice the very things you complain about are ever so present in your own faction, an official one none the less. You guys more so than any other started using drags as a means of not getting caught and outrunning everything there is. It is a tool you use comfortably and you believe it to be within reason. The server rules back you up, but they do so for me as well. You all want the priviledge of using these bike but not the consequence of them being used against you. That doesn't work. You bring things into this report that have nothing to do with what you are reporting. You believe I should have displayed FearRP because guns were drawn at me. I believe to have acted within the rules as I was never stationary, there were never any demands given and as proven, I had the means of getting away unharmed. You could have shot, you could have given demands, yet you didn't do any of this. All I have seen is being threatened with guns to leave the immediate area, which I did. Yet again, I am not sure why you keep dragging this out any more, you've made your point, I've made mine, let's wait and see what the conclusion is and then we'll have an answer. Please stop diverting this report into a direction that is not at all related to the rule breach you believe has happened.
  6. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    The average human doesn't run at 25 to 30 mph, that claim is outrageously wrong. Usain Bolts ever highest speed was 27,5mph and his average 23.35mph. Arguably the fastest human being. If you try to make a point with made up facts then reconsider your point. I was given information that there were people on this location with weapons. I went to check because it could've been bogus information. I drive in, see 3 people, I drive close notice the weapons, accelerate quickly and then once at a safe distance activate my panic alarm. That's the timeline of events. You want to make something out of nothing and I really dont have the time to refute your bogus claims. I wont be answering any more unless it's to an admin.
  7. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    I am not honking, as I see the weapons I accelerate to get away and press my panic button which is a bind with the honk key. I play by the same rules as you Jay, nothing more or less. And the definition of those rules will be up to the admins handling this report.
  8. flow

    ID 96 - Fear RP

    ID 96 here. At no point were any demands given. At no point was I ever stationary. At no point did you ever shoot at me. That rule you quote has nothing to do with this situation. I wasn't stationary, I was moving. You could've shot me, you could've given demands. That never happened. Going by your logic, you could stand by the highway and aim a weapon at every bike that drives past at close range and they'd be breaking FearRP. This is nonsense. https://streamable.com/evgrc
  9. Unfortunately I have decided against selling at this moment, thank you for the offers.
  10. Selling this beautiful 2G on Route 68 I am willing to take offers on this property. Interior photographs can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/YzbBhgq
  11. Please be patient while your ban appeal is being looked into. Pending @Lewis
  12. Please use the proper format
  13. Please be patient while your appeal is being reviewed. MusketDeezNuts is no longer part of the staff team and thus your appeal will be handled by a Senior Administrator. @Serthon @ChuckM @Archaeah
  14. flow

    Fear Rp

    Please use the correct format in order for your report to be processed. You can find all information including the proper format here
  15. Still looking, hit me up with offers.
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