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Fake Licenses - NPC update.

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Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to suggest some things that will help improve criminal roleplay of the server but also assist users!

If you like it throw up a +1.


Fake Licenses.



With the update revealing your firearm on your person, it really limits criminals that want to socialise but also have a weapon on them.

 Since you are ready to defend yourself or commit crime, you know that when officers see the firearm, they will ask for your licenses.

Purchase all licenses

For the system to work, the group that has turf influence over the specific NPC must select one person with all licenses to submit their licenses.

Once the member submits their license, it's then available to be duplicated for the rest of the world.

So, let's say that I have a specific set of licenses, Trucker, Drivers, Heavy Pistol, Medical license. 

Whoever buys my license, can only show it without having the benefits of the fake license, for example. If I have a Medical license but the pair of licenses submited for sale

don't have the medical license, I'll be able to provide BLS.  If I don't have a medical license but the pair of licenses submited for sale have BLS, i won't be able to perform BLS.

Same goes with the ammunations, just because you have a fake license to buy a gun, you won't be able to. But, if you show your licenses

to someone, it will appear as normal.


If the person that submits a license for sale has revoked Weapon or Drivers license, it will appear as so, this way members of the controlled turf need to make sure that  the one submiting the license for duplication and sale, has no revoked licenses.



Counter RP.

The NPC may snitch on the person who submited the licenses (same as drop location reveal) if Police officers extract intel.

And of course if you have felonies on record, LSPD will be able to perform an MDC check on you and and they can /revokefakelicense ID (as long as you are near them, same with the normal process)


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All in all I do like the idea of fake licenses, however, it needs to be way more sophisticated than what is proposed. Being able to do BLS because you have a fake license makes no sense whatsoever, as you still lack the knowledge ICly to perform actual BLS, a fake license will not provide you the necesarry training. Furthermore, fake licenses don't actually work in any other setting than dealing with civilians. As soon as you need to do anything government related with that license, you are found out. Licenses have unique identifiers and serial numbers that are checked when for example dealing the police and other government entities. There not being any way to check whether a presented license is fake or real other than some RNG with an NPC make little sense. Licenses should have serial numbers and those need to be traceable like the weapon serials to be able to actually see if a license is fake or real.

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Counterfeit licenses can and should be a risky and high reward item; I would prefer a more in-depth approach (which seems to be pretty standard for the more recent ecrp system implementations).

If player identification is re-designed, I think a few important changes would be:
1) Make Licenses actual items which can be stored on the player (perhaps a separate inventory row)
2) Deterministic player identification is removed from License objects
3) Alternate, but much more difficult way of guaranteed player identification (Birth certificate items, not sure. There would need to be some script support for players to create licenses of their own ID)
4) PC skills (BLS, etc.) are not tied to License(s)

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Basically what flow said. Fake licenses should be nothing more than a social engineering aid as they are IRL. If an officer says to show them your license, you can show them. If it were to be further looked at by scanning or something of the like, then you'd be goofed. Could be a great addition if implemented correctly and I overall like the idea. We'll need a license rework as a whole which would display actual license information including a license # and character info such as birthdays at the very least.

tl;dr, +1 alongside a full license rework

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